Personal KPOP Artists Rankings!

Just wondering who are the most popular members of your favourite KPOP groups!~ (As you can see … I’m just pretty bored right now xD) Just another one of my random posts that I make when I’m bored out of my mind! =P

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People and Their V-signs ! (45pics)

Just an idea I got from someone’s blog where they were doing a V-sign post for the CNB members … which got me thinking … why do so many people do the v-sign when they take pictures and stuff? Which just got me thinking again about how sooooo many people actually make the v-sign and then it made me wanna do a post compiling pics of like any and all Korean celebs that have taken a picture with a v-sign!

And there is the creation of my “People and Their V-signs” post ! xD

(I’ll keep adding more pics as I get more and you guys can give me any links to any pics and I’ll add them here!~)

So let’s begin, shall we? ^^v

(everybody ^^v ~ …)

[100212] Music Bank Lunar New Year Special — Performances
February 12, 2010, 6:00 pm
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I dunno if I’ll be able to get all of them cuz I actually haven’t watched it yet and I dunno everyone who’s performing today, so I’m just posting up whatever I find when I search for the show in YT =P

Some of them are not the best quality … but yea… too lazy to go and search for any better ones xD ! haha…

(lots of embedded videos under the cut)

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