Video of the Week ! #10

credit: silvaesedai @ youtube

I find this video amusing for many reasons xD!

  1. Jo Kwon’s dancing is always fun to watch (especially cuz of his facial expressions xD)
  2. Hwang Jungeum’s dancing is just so … lulzy & cute !
  3. Just for the fact that Seulong just keeps appearing on the show randomly all the time =P
  4. And after being a ballad singer for 6 years, “Yong-Dragon” makes an appearance !!!~

I’m sad that they’ve ended their fake marriage on the show cuz I really enjoyed watching their segments !
But now they can get back to dating without all the cameras and people watching them, which would be more comfortable for them ~~~

Mnet Super 100 You’re My Boyfriend


the list is getting kinda long so i decided to put it all under the cut !~ lol
(the only people i can really find on YT are members from DBSK, SJ, 2PM, SHINee and Big Bang … can’t really find that many other people >.<)

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