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the list is getting kinda long so i decided to put it all under the cut !~ lol
(the only people i can really find on YT are members from DBSK, SJ, 2PM, SHINee and Big Bang … can’t really find that many other people >.<)

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[090626] Music Bank — Series of Accidents … >.<
June 27, 2009, 12:31 pm
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Super Junior SungMin has injured his knee.

He had fell down during the rehearsal for KBS 2TV Music Bank on 26th June and had hurt his knees.

A staff revealed that SungMin was helped offstage after the accident. A SM representative also added, “He was sent to the hospital for stitching after the accident.”

But even though he is injured, SungMin will still be performing on stage tonight on Music Bank. The SM representative said, “SungMin wanted very much to perform. So he will still be performing tonight as planned.”

Meanwhile, there will be loads of special and combeack staged lined up tonight for KBS Music Bank.

original articles; newsen
translated article; sookyeong@kbites

Bizarre incidents continue on Music Bank. Apparently at the end of the broadcast where all the performers gathered on stage for the award, one of the light fixtures fell. The unfortunate person standing right below was Onew. Luckily, Super Junior members Shiwon and Kyuhyun were able to grab it before it hit him, but Onew was so shocked by the incident that he fainted and was carried backstage on one of the managers’ backs. In order to make sure everything was ok, he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. Earlier that day during rehearsals, Super Junior Sungmin sipped over a stage prop (because of 2ne1 water still on the floor), fell, and cut his knee which required stitches. Music Bank needs to take a serious look into their safety measures.

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Also, Onew also injured his leg during his performance and you can see him limping in the 2nd fancam =( and more people like Taecyeon and Junsu of 2PM also slipped and fell down as well…

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