[091216] Melon Music Awards Opening Stage — Digital Generation Band (DG Band)
December 17, 2009, 6:11 pm
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I haven’t gotten to watching this awards show yet … and I dunno when I’m gonna get to it … but it’ll probably be like sometime next week !

credit: bluprincez @ youtube

I love the song !!! And I had NO idea that this song was originally in english and that the korean one was a remake o.o! Although I had felt like I had heard the song somewhere else before xP! lol.

I thought it was a good performance ^^ Minnie & guitar = <3333


Oppa Band — Long Term Project?
June 25, 2009, 6:06 pm
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MBC Ilbam’s new corner “Oppa band” has become a long-term project.

One person from the show’s production team said “Firstly, they’ll have to improve their instruments playing skill and write songs that attract people. We’ve planned to make an album with those songs, also let them appear on Music core and other music shows, as well as there might be a national tour”

He also said “Although there is Yoo Youngseok who is capable of writing songs and mainly do it but every members of the band will have their own chance to show their ability of working to make songs”

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the first episode of “Oppa band” has brought the record of rating to MBC Ilbam part 2 with 3.5% (MBC Ilbam part 1 “We got married” was rated 3.6%) but it’s nothing in compared with the 2 shows that aired at the same time which are KBS Happy Sunday “2 days 1 nights” with 20.1% and SBS Good Sunday part 1 “Family outing” with 23.2% & part 2 “Gold Miss” with 9.3%.

So i guess we shouldn’t have our hopes set up too high for this happening cuz of the low ratings…. I actually enjoyed watching this show… and i could hope that this would happen, so i better pray for more viewers to tune in to “Oppa Band”