[ one-shots ]

Under the Moonlight
(A Coffee House Fanfic)
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Twisted Fate
(A Coffee House Fanfic)
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(A Reply 1994 Fanfic)
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그녀가 떠나다
(A Reply 1994 Fanfic)
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[ series ]

The Three Bears
(A Coffee House Fanfic)
Chapter One: Teenage Boys
Chapter Two: Good Boy, Bad Boy

Well… I’m sad/sorry to say this, but, I’ll probably not end up continuing this series. It’s just that it’s been quite a while since I last updated and I’ve kinda lost any motivation I had for continuing this story. So I’m really sorry to anyone who was reading&enjoying it. (Next time I should really just stick to writing one-shots xP)

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I love your CH fanfics and am dying to read Chapter 2. Great job! Please keep it up.

Comment by cometoget

thank you!
glad you enjoyed them ! :)

CH2 will be up shortly!
(maybe tomorrow or the day after)

Comment by xitsyou

Thanks for “keeping your promise”. I love the “pervy” JS. I think EY should be “pervy” too since JS is so darn hot! ahaha….Besides, I like the idea of JW in the next chapters. He and JS make a “comic” couple ;)

Comment by cometoget

hahaha !
i dunno why, but i feel like JS would kind of be the more pervy one in the marriage xD!
he just “needs” EY =P

yes, as cheesy/corny as he was, i actually liked him and JW & JS were just hilarious during the first parts of the drama!
and i’m still actually trying to decide which scenario to go with for the next chapter — i have too many ideas on how i should introduce his character xP

Comment by xitsyou

I admire your creativity and your ability to make it into a story (which I am incapable of…^^). About JS being dominantly pervy in the marriage, I totally have no “complaints”. Haha….the more the better!

If some hot guy falls for EY, it would be some funny jealous scenes from JS. He is still such a baby ;D

I will keep “haunting” your page for the next chapters.

Comment by cometoget

haha! thanks for the compliments ^^
glad you’re enjoying the fic !

i just love how everyone loves a pervy JS xD! lol.
and haha! i just might end up writing a scene like that!
i would expect that if EY knew that JS knows about the guy, then she’d end up playing with JS and pretend like she enjoys the attention from the other guy =P
which would just lead to a whole lot of whining from JS ! haha

Comment by xitsyou

Thanks for great update!

I laughed when JS held EY like the scene in ep. 8..I tried to guess what happened next. Suddenly your story ended up by the cutting of EY…Haha..

You have very good immagination & creative !

EY should have more kids with him.. One is not enough..

I enjoyed a lot. Thanks.

Comment by Thuc

haha thanks ! ^^
i just sit and go wherever my imagination takes me and i just write down whatever i picture in my mind. =P

and lol. i know right? i don’t even know how they ended up with only one kid in my story xD!
i just happened to start writing and ended up creating only one child ~
(although EunSoo would definitely have had way more than 1 kid xD)

Comment by xitsyou

I am still waiting for your next chapters …*very patient*

Comment by cometoget

ah! thank you for your patience! ^^
i’ve been meaning to get the next chapter up asap … i’ve started writing it already…
but! i’ve just been encountering some writer’s block ><

Comment by xitsyou

Take your time …;D I will continue to support your fanfic of Coffee House….

Comment by cometoget

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