We Got Married Season 4 — Thoughts
January 10, 2013, 2:34 am
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SO! I’ve recently gotten back on to the WGM train since I last got off after YongSeo left the show. The reason I’ve been drawn back in?

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[100731] Sebaqui + Star King + Infinite Challenge Audition Cut + We Got Married
August 4, 2010, 6:07 pm
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one two three four five six seven
(reuploadshow @ youtube)

Wanted to watch this cuz of Suju (Donghae, Kyuhyun, Yesung) xD! But then I really wanted to watch it more when I found out that Infinite (Sungyeol, Sungjong) was on the show as well =P Double the fun! keke.

Infinite is really making its way up my favourite group list xD! And Sungjong is becoming one of my favourites lol. He’s just such a “diva magnae” ! haha. This can be seen from his attitude during his dance part =P

And suju of course is gonna be entertaining! I love how they all go around imitating Donghae crying & telling Teukie’s bath house story a lot these days! Funny stuff xD! Donghae seems so innocent & pure — like a child ! He’s very adorable ^^

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[100306] Star King + We Got Married
March 6, 2010, 12:36 pm
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Star King
(ELFZONE2 @ youtube)

Didn’t watch the whole thing yet — only saw part of the Irish dancing part. LOL @ Brian and U-Kiss though =P And Tae Jinah xD!


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[100227] We Got Married (Yonghwa&Seohyun)
February 27, 2010, 12:37 pm
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(GPSelections @ youtube)

Haven’t really watched WGM since Yongjoon & Jungeum left xP! (Dunno why … but I never really got into the Gain/Jokwon couple O-o … does that make me weird? Cuz like everyone loves this couple, I love 2AM & BEG, they’re both funny&cute people … but I just never got into them …. ! =S)

Anyways! They seem cute together! A bit awkward at times, but I guess they gotta meet up more ot grow closer ! And Seohyun has a bit of a unique personality (as stated by Yonghwa a few times in the epi already xD)! It also seems as if Yonghwa is trying to get closer to Seohyun, but she’s kinda having some difficulties … although, she did seem to loosen up more near the end — well, they both did!

(Just a random little note: When I first heard that they were going to be the new couple on WGM, for some reason I had a thought that she’d match more with Minhyuk than with Yonghwa — I dunno why =P)

요옹~ 혀언~ (오옹~ & 우운~ or 지인~ (?) lol if it was for the two AM boys xD) And aww… everyone was slightly teasing Jinwoon cuz of his like for Seohyun =P!

And lol @ the random Shindong & Shinyoung appearances ^^v

Video of the Week ! #10

credit: silvaesedai @ youtube

I find this video amusing for many reasons xD!

  1. Jo Kwon’s dancing is always fun to watch (especially cuz of his facial expressions xD)
  2. Hwang Jungeum’s dancing is just so … lulzy & cute !
  3. Just for the fact that Seulong just keeps appearing on the show randomly all the time =P
  4. And after being a ballad singer for 6 years, “Yong-Dragon” makes an appearance !!!~

I’m sad that they’ve ended their fake marriage on the show cuz I really enjoyed watching their segments !
But now they can get back to dating without all the cameras and people watching them, which would be more comfortable for them ~~~

[090926] We Got Married
December 19, 2009, 11:05 pm
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No YT upload … xP!

I know this is from a long time ago, but I just ended up watching it today xP!

And (just mentioning that I only watched the Yongjoon&Jungeum parts =P) Jungeum’s events for Yongjoon’s birthday were sooo touching and sweet ^^~

Especially the elevator event ! It must have been so tiring for her, but she kept going cuz of her love for Yongjoon :) That part of the show like really touched me ~ ♥

And my heart was just like “awwwww~~” when it showed how he was so worried for her and how he was gonna start crying in the elevator … I just really like watching them together ^^ I like the fact that they’re actually a real couple ~~!

Just watching that part made me feel like “*sigh* this makes me feel like falling in love right now & having a relationship like these two >.<!” Well … ’tis the season lol … it’s like … it’s Christmas time, and how nice would it be to have a boyfriend right now ! lol =P A guy like Yongjoon would be really nice ^^

My ideal type of guy keeps changing like so often xD! I’d be like, “I like Sungmin’s style”, then it’d become “a guy like tablo would be really nice”, which then changes to “maybe someone like Taecyeon ~” and then “Mir would be fun to be with !” and “Yongjoon is just really nice & sweet” etc etc etc…. lol!


김용준 황정음


[090809] We Got Married (Kangin Cuts)
August 12, 2009, 11:15 pm
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credit: randomRinnie @ youtube

So Kangin comes as a houseguest to Yongjoon & Jungeun’s Jungeum’s (meant to fix that a while ago lol) house … and geez… when does couple never fight? I swear they always argue about something all the time >.< !

So because of this, Kangin ends up doing all the cooking for their meal, AND he ends up cleaning the table and cleaning the bathroom just to avoid the arguing ! LOL!

He also makes a call to Yoonji, and she still calls him “husband” like before ! xD!~

I kinda stopped watching WGM like a few weeks ago, but I was bored so I ended up watching this episode and it seemed kinda more interesting, especially with the new couple of UEE (After School) and Park Jaejung (he’s an actor and one of the MCs on Sang Sang Plus). Although I wonder what happened to the concept of getting real couples on the show O.o…

Introducing Star’s Friend Survival Cancelled, We Got Married takes over timeslot !!! >.>
August 4, 2009, 11:38 am
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Well you remember how I said that I hope no news will ever just randomly pop out at me ever again (from the DBSK news) …. Well, it did. But not as bad a news as that one… but still…

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Some Random Stuff from over the Weekend~

just a bunch of stuff squished into one post lol ^^

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