Video of the Week ! #36
November 11, 2010, 12:00 am
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credit: xxojuicy @ youtube

LOLOL. Oh my god. After watching that for some reason I have the urge to just facepalm, be all “tsk tsk kids these days” (although they’re older than me xD) and laugh out loud all at the same time!!! =P

[100731] Sebaqui + Star King + Infinite Challenge Audition Cut + We Got Married
August 4, 2010, 6:07 pm
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one two three four five six seven
(reuploadshow @ youtube)

Wanted to watch this cuz of Suju (Donghae, Kyuhyun, Yesung) xD! But then I really wanted to watch it more when I found out that Infinite (Sungyeol, Sungjong) was on the show as well =P Double the fun! keke.

Infinite is really making its way up my favourite group list xD! And Sungjong is becoming one of my favourites lol. He’s just such a “diva magnae” ! haha. This can be seen from his attitude during his dance part =P

And suju of course is gonna be entertaining! I love how they all go around imitating Donghae crying & telling Teukie’s bath house story a lot these days! Funny stuff xD! Donghae seems so innocent & pure — like a child ! He’s very adorable ^^

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Video of the Week ! #23
April 8, 2010, 12:00 am
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credit: UnknownCarrot300 @ youtube


There’s the Almighty Key for you! :)

[100306] Star King + We Got Married
March 6, 2010, 12:36 pm
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Star King
(ELFZONE2 @ youtube)

Didn’t watch the whole thing yet — only saw part of the Irish dancing part. LOL @ Brian and U-Kiss though =P And Tae Jinah xD!


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[100130] Idol Magnae Rebellion Ep 13 + Star Golden Bell + Star King

(5minniemink @ youtube)

So the purpose of the game was to see which team could finish eating more food than the other.

They had to pick a random ball out of the container, and each ball had a different letter on it. The person who picks it out has to name a food item that starts with that letter within 5 seconds or else they must receive some kind of punishment. They have to go out and find a place that will have the food item that they named, and they must go there and say to the employees, “give us __(whatever food they named)__.” The employee then must give them whatever amount they think they need and the team must finish all the food items on the table.

Ha~ I totally get like those boys when under pressure — you can’t think of anything right away, so you end up saying something random xP! Like Taemin and his wasabi >.<! (I hate wasabi …)

So Taemin’s wasabi as an example: They went to the restaurant and asked for wasabi, but the employee told them that they have to order something in order to receive the wasabi. The SHINee members cannot tell him what they want to order, and the employee must bring them whatever food. Then whatever he brings them, they must eat it ALL! So they avoid sitting at tables where there are a lot of condiments (pepper, ketchup, etc…) already on there.

Anyways… some explaining just in case anyone didn’t get the concept of the game !

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[090718] ISF + Star King + Star Golden Bell
July 19, 2009, 2:06 pm
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ISFone two three four five six

OMG! I was really getting attached to the TeukHye (?) couple …. How could you ditch her for someone else teukie !!! >.< I really like Eunhye <3 She seems really down to earth and nice xD LOL I loved her in that rock paper scissors toy hammer game =P

And finally at the end someone who’s actually an Eunhyuk fan came on the show (she’s some new trot artist that debuted. you might have seen her on music shows and on star golden bell too). Oh! and Seulong came and the CGs they made for his revealing were so jks!

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[090704] Infinity Challenge + Star Golden Bell + Star King + Introducing Stars Friends Survival

Infinity Challenge (one of my fav shows xD): Part ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT (aznpryde1919 @ youtube)

Epik High ROCKS !!! and all I have to say for now is that I laughed crazily at hyungdon as a camel eating a cactus for reasons unknown xD

Star Golden Bell (2PM: Jaebum, Taecyeon, Junsu, Wooyoung): Part ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN (koreangirl123456 @ youtube)

Moon Heejun was there too !~ and I’m kinda getting into him now too =P (I like watching him on Jeolchin Notes + his new song is really good <3) OH! and there was also a phone call to Lee Junki ~ (just saying, for the fans out there lol)

Star King (2PM): Part ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN (SStarrKKingg @ youtube)

Wooyoung is soo flexible (just his pants were a bit tight to show all his flexibility xD). I loved that flexible girl from Japan … can’t remember her name atm ^^;;
and LOL at the Again & Again + I Hate You dance shown as they were waiting to go to the washroom (just showing a joke way as how the dances were formed =P).

ISF Survival (SJ: Eunhyuk, Eeteuk + 2PM: Chansung, Nichkhun + Kyuhwan (?) forgot his name again -.-): Part ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX (peluchitosobrevivie2 @ youtube)

The rollercoaster parts are hilarious !!! xD and teukie during the pillowfight part =P

[090627/090628] Oppa Band Track 2 + Introducing Stars Friends Survival + Star King + Fantasy Couple (Eunhyuk Cuts)

Oppa Band Track 2 ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE (credit: randomRinnie @ youtube)

Ahhh~ so i really do hope that the ratings went up at least a little bit from last week if we wanna keep this show going !!!!~

So they get a new singer, Seo Inyoung (Jewelry member + had a fake marriage with Crown J on WGM), and she has a nice voice !~ Better than Park Hyunbin i would say cuz his voice is just too trot-ish lol ! So their next performance is gonna be one for their friends and family and they all practice songs together and little separate performances. But before that, they all go to eat at Tak Jaehoon’s house where you can see his, Yoo Youngsuk and Shin Dongyup’s wife and they tell stories about their husbands which some of them were kinda >< . Cuz they were talking about what the guys did on the day that they were giving birth to their kids and apparently, after he saw that his daughter was ok and everything after birth, he went golfing !!! and Tak Jaehoon and Yoo Youngsuk both went out to drink and stuff so i was like >< lol. And there was a guitar+song performance by sungmin+jungmo of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” ^^~.

and OMG lol ! at when sungmin was leaving in his van to meet up with the rest of the band members, the random male fan that looked so happy to shake hands with ming xD

Well anyways, then it’s the concert, where you can see sungmin’s mom & dad clearly xD! and also, Heechul came too and you can see glimpses of him at his table =P. So they perform their songs (and sungmin sings the opening song … with his PINK guitar ! comeback of his pink-ness? xD), and have small solo performances. Sungmin does a magic show, Yoo Youngsuk sings while playing the piano for his wife, Shin Dongyup and his daughter sing “아빠 힘내세요” (something like “Dad, have strength” or something like that) to his dad, Jungmo does a guitar solo to DBSK’s “Mirotic”, Tak Jaehoon does a harmonica performance to “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls (with Seo Inyoung&Sungmin as the back dancers xD) and Kim Gura and his song Donghyun sing some song and it’s kinda lol.

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[090620] Champagne + Star Golden Bell + Introducing Stars Friends Survival + I Have an Uncle + Star King (2PM cuts)
June 20, 2009, 7:39 pm
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Just some shows from today ^^~ I didn’t get to watch all of them yet ^^;; but here they are !

Shin Dongyup and Shin Bongsun’s Champagne [Heechul]

Ahah!~ I love heechul, seriously xD he had to do this picking his ideal girl game and at the end it was Sohee vs. Son Yejin ~ and they told him he’d get a phone call with the winner and yea.. THAT was hilarious! And he makes such lame jokes like 2 + 3 = 오지호 and the exact same thing with 1 x 5 XDXDXD (it’s the name of an actor and he’s making a similar sounding joke cuz Oh Jiho sounds like “it’s five” lol) still in the midst of watching it so it’s so far what happens with chullie =P

Star Golden Bell [Leeteuk, Kangin, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk]

Man, ryeowook was just killing it on the show xD funny stuff !~
oh!~ and the return of the U pelvic dance xD danced by eunhyuk <3333 and teukie showing their pelvic dance from don’t don which just turned out funny to me =P and LOL at eunhyuk being known as “Asia’s Anchovy” XDXDXD

(click for more xD moments…)

[090613] Star King
June 13, 2009, 2:55 pm
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The full show can be found here at randomRinnie’s channel ^^

Yea… so procrastination just comes naturally to me and so I ended up on here again >.< but yea… i just watched the show and it was fun ! There was Super Junior, 2PM and SHINee was there too (although they didn’t really do much) This episode made wooyoung like jump up my list of fav 2PM members xD he’s just too funny !~

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