Video of the Week ! #15
February 11, 2010, 12:00 am
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credit: luvsungie @ youtube

Haha!~ Yesung’s such a dork xD! But he’s also really good at this “dying” acting =P !~

[100130] Idol Magnae Rebellion Ep 13 + Star Golden Bell + Star King

(5minniemink @ youtube)

So the purpose of the game was to see which team could finish eating more food than the other.

They had to pick a random ball out of the container, and each ball had a different letter on it. The person who picks it out has to name a food item that starts with that letter within 5 seconds or else they must receive some kind of punishment. They have to go out and find a place that will have the food item that they named, and they must go there and say to the employees, “give us __(whatever food they named)__.” The employee then must give them whatever amount they think they need and the team must finish all the food items on the table.

Ha~ I totally get like those boys when under pressure — you can’t think of anything right away, so you end up saying something random xP! Like Taemin and his wasabi >.<! (I hate wasabi …)

So Taemin’s wasabi as an example: They went to the restaurant and asked for wasabi, but the employee told them that they have to order something in order to receive the wasabi. The SHINee members cannot tell him what they want to order, and the employee must bring them whatever food. Then whatever he brings them, they must eat it ALL! So they avoid sitting at tables where there are a lot of condiments (pepper, ketchup, etc…) already on there.

Anyways… some explaining just in case anyone didn’t get the concept of the game !

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[100102] Star Golden Bell
January 5, 2010, 6:15 pm
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Ahh….. I am so not used to writing 2010 … I keep wanting to label everything 09 … lol.


(jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube)

Woot! Hongki AND Mir on the same show ^^~ lol. I’ve just always wanted to see them acknowledge their similarities face-to-face xD! (is that weird? lol)

Well anyways… this episode was supposed to be like a best friend special or something like that. Lots of idols there, Hongki (FT Island), Doojoon (BEAST), Mir (MBLAQ), Kevin (U-Kiss), Jooyeon (After School [although she didn’t really talk much … though I wish she did]), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) … and … I’m not super familiar with the other two girls … I forget what their names are … BUT! I think it’s the magnae from 4Minute and one of the Secret members !

… but … lol @ how Changmin is always excluded from the idol stuff since he’s been there for a while now and he sits in the Bell line xD! But he’s really funny & has a certain charm about him — so overall I think I’d prefer him being in the bell line and seeing him every week, then coming on once as a guest !~~~ PLUS! The bell line is always awesome d^-^b

One of those games near the end was so funny xD! Especially when Hong Kyungmin & Hongki were against each other xD! Funny ! Especially the expressions when they were trying to think of something =P

Well anyways… other fun moments as well … but kinda too lazy to write about them (+plus the fact that I should really be studying right now…. xP)

ENJOY ! ^^

[091128] Mir & Thunder @ Star Golden Bell + [091127] After School – Because of You @ Music Bank + [FANCAM] C.N Blue Kwangjin & Yonghwa + [091121] K.Will @ KJE’s Chocolate

Just a bunch of random videos that I have just watched recently or haven’t gotten to posting them up from a while ago =P


credit: absolutemblaq2 @ youtube

Ah~ Mir xD! Or should I say “Bang Chul Yong” =P! He’s really just a one-of-a-kind person ! Haha! And DoongDoongie was cute imitating that squid guy(whose name I don’t remember …) from Dooly xD!


(la la la ~~~ …)

[091024] SHINee Cuts on Star Golden Bell
October 24, 2009, 12:32 pm
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Part 1:
Part 2:

credit: wefly2thesky @ youtube

I haven’t watched it yet, cuz I wanted to watch the full thing instead of just the cuts, but I couldn’t find the full show on youtube so … later? lol.

I watched like little bits of the cuts and they are so adorable xD

And I’m also really happy to see Ji Sukjin back as part of Star Golden Bell, but I’m also SOOO sad that Kim Jedong isn’t there anymore !!! Why ?!?!?! He was like the life of the show & and I loved him with Ji Sukjin as well! And now that thing of whoever is the female announcer with Jedong, ends up getting married thing won’t be there anymore =P ……… :(

Ahh! And they got rid of Nicole’s Level With Me corner so now she’s not SGB’s mascot anymore!! And plus, that segment was always funny…. Too many changes …. AHH! Oh well, at least she’s still there as one of the guests for this episode.

Anyways, for something happy, ONEW WAS THE GOLDEN BELL WINNER! Smart Ondubu <333

(OH! And remember — 2PM’s on Infinity Challenge today !!! Don’t forget to watch, I haven’t yet, but I will !!!~)

Kim Jaedong Leaves SGB ! & Oppa Band Cancelled >.<
October 10, 2009, 7:16 pm
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(articles at bottom of post)


He’s the only original left !!! I was so sad when Ji Sukjin left SGB a while ago, and now KJD? >.<

I can’t believe it, he was the source of the funny-ness after JSJ left as the main MC guy for the show …. (the fact that he can’t pronounce SHINee when everyone else can, still amuses me xD lol).

I’ll miss him…

Now all that’s left is the random, but awkward MC and the actor turned announcer/MC for the show left… Not that they’re bad or anything, but the both of them combined will never be as good as Kim Jaedong >.<

I wonder who the replacement will be? But whoever it is, I don’t think they’d be able to fill the shoes that Kim Jaedong left behind … *sigh*


If only they could somehow continue the show …. my weekly does of minnie minnie sungminnie’s mini mini miso and Jungmo’s pro guitar skills and everyones interactions with one another and their sense of some kind of family with the teasing of Yoo Youngsuk each week and the weekly viewing of Shin Dongyup’s serious/concentrating face and stiff movements while playing the bass and all the other random funny stuff that goes on !!!!!! :(

Is it possible for another station to pick up the show and air it there? o.o! (cuz that would be a miracle…. that would make me very happy…)

(now my Oppa Band category is gonna be dead…. and I know I’ve kinda stopped with my weekly recap of Oppa Band on the blog, but I have been watching it every week without fail, even when I have a lot of hmk, even though that’s kind of a bad decision on my part lol xD)

No More Kim Jae Dong for Star Golden Bell
Oppa Band Gets The Chop
(source: allkpop)

Preview for Next Week’s Star Golden Bell Idol Special (090815)
August 10, 2009, 1:23 pm
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credit: Kpopisamazingg

Yay! Super excited for this episode (kinda wish someone from SJ could’ve been there >.< mainly Heechul maybe ? xD)! There are members from SHINee, SNSD, Kara & 2PM !~ And they’re the only guests there ~ (they take up all 4 of the Seu, ta, gol, deun lines and the bell line will still have the regulars there ^^~). This is gonna be super interesting !!!!!!

SHINee – Minho, Onew, Jonghyun, Key (no Taemin)
Kara – Seungyeon, Gyuri, Hara, Jiyoung (Nicole’s probably gonna appear during Level With Me segment)
SNSD – Yoona, Sooyoung, Jessica, Seohyun
2PM – Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Chansung, Junho

But it’s kinda random, I saw 2AM’s Changmin randomly in the preview too, but they don’t mention 2AM being there at all O.o… (checked again and it seems that he’s sitting in the bell line with the permanent guest people lol =P)

(ps. ahahahaahahahahahahaha at Onew trying to copy Jonghyun’s singing in Love Like Oxygen xD!!!~)

[090712/090719] FT Island Hangeul Island Season 2 Eps1,2 + [090727] FT Island & Brown Eyed Girls on Sukira + [090725] Hongki on Star Golden Bell

So me, being all bleh lately with my fandoms >.> didn’t even realize that this started already like 3 weeks ago ~.~ lol. And just so you know… I haven’t been able to watch any of these yet, but I will ! (most likely … o.o lol)

[090712] Ep1one two three (raw) (colloquie @ youtube)

[090719] Ep2one two three (subbed) (PrimadonnaSubs @ youtube)

I haven’t fully finished watching the first season yet >.< lol, but just felt like sharing these with you guys !~ (+plus, if I post it here then it’ll be a reminder to myself to finish watching it everytime i see this post xD)

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[090718] ISF + Star King + Star Golden Bell
July 19, 2009, 2:06 pm
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ISFone two three four five six

OMG! I was really getting attached to the TeukHye (?) couple …. How could you ditch her for someone else teukie !!! >.< I really like Eunhye <3 She seems really down to earth and nice xD LOL I loved her in that rock paper scissors toy hammer game =P

And finally at the end someone who’s actually an Eunhyuk fan came on the show (she’s some new trot artist that debuted. you might have seen her on music shows and on star golden bell too). Oh! and Seulong came and the CGs they made for his revealing were so jks!

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[090711] Star Golden Bell + ISF Survival
July 11, 2009, 1:25 pm
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I didn’t get to watching any of these yet, but I probably will by the end of today ! (cuz i can’t miss these xD)

Star Golden Bell (SHINee & 2AM): one two three four five six seven (koreangirl123456 @ youtube)

hehehe ~! SHINee is so cute here (although Taemin is missing >.< … i was kinda hoping for all 5 of them to be there !) anyways… for some reason, after watching this, I all of a sudden went like “OMG! I really like Onew ~!” lol. Cuz i always liked them and all, but I kept focusing on Taemin more since he’s my favourite, but now all of a sudden I’m like hmm… during some random time, Onew made it up my list somehow xD

AND who can forget 2AM!!!! They were there too (well.. just Seulong & Changmin), and I really wish they were having a comeback again ~ cuz I really miss seeing them on shows and being able to see them sing like a hundred times on stage every week xD (and I kinda wish they had more exposure and were promoted more instead of 2PM getting all the attention — cuz after all, they are together in this! One Day ftw!!!~ xD)

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