[091025] 오빠밴드 마지막 콘서트 (Oppa Band Last Concert ) — Final Episode…
October 25, 2009, 2:56 pm
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AHHH!!!!!!! I’ll be back to fill this in later!!! BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! LAST CONCERT !!! WHY?!?!?!

In the mean time, keep entertained with 15seconds of SHINee at the show xD

credit: Kpopisamazingg @ youtube


one two three four five six seven eight (MochiRakSJ @ youtube)

When I was watching the concert part and everything was nearing the end … like *sigh* I just had this wave of sadness come across me and during the last song, I was like tearing up so badly and when they all left the stage and people were shouting “encore!” and knowing that they weren’t gonna come back on that stage … :'(


Kim Jaedong Leaves SGB ! & Oppa Band Cancelled >.<
October 10, 2009, 7:16 pm
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He’s the only original left !!! I was so sad when Ji Sukjin left SGB a while ago, and now KJD? >.<

I can’t believe it, he was the source of the funny-ness after JSJ left as the main MC guy for the show …. (the fact that he can’t pronounce SHINee when everyone else can, still amuses me xD lol).

I’ll miss him…

Now all that’s left is the random, but awkward MC and the actor turned announcer/MC for the show left… Not that they’re bad or anything, but the both of them combined will never be as good as Kim Jaedong >.<

I wonder who the replacement will be? But whoever it is, I don’t think they’d be able to fill the shoes that Kim Jaedong left behind … *sigh*


If only they could somehow continue the show …. my weekly does of minnie minnie sungminnie’s mini mini miso and Jungmo’s pro guitar skills and everyones interactions with one another and their sense of some kind of family with the teasing of Yoo Youngsuk each week and the weekly viewing of Shin Dongyup’s serious/concentrating face and stiff movements while playing the bass and all the other random funny stuff that goes on !!!!!! :(

Is it possible for another station to pick up the show and air it there? o.o! (cuz that would be a miracle…. that would make me very happy…)

(now my Oppa Band category is gonna be dead…. and I know I’ve kinda stopped with my weekly recap of Oppa Band on the blog, but I have been watching it every week without fail, even when I have a lot of hmk, even though that’s kind of a bad decision on my part lol xD)

No More Kim Jae Dong for Star Golden Bell
Oppa Band Gets The Chop
(source: allkpop)

[090809] Oppa Band Ep8
August 11, 2009, 10:38 am
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Parts ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE (randomRinnie @ youtube)

So the major part of this episode was that they have to have like a showcase infront of reporters (kinda like a press conference about Oppa Band) and they have like 4 days to prepare !!!

I love how even when this major thing is coming up shortly, they all still can have so much fun and enjoy themselves! Especially when they start making up that Reporters Song xD! And at the end they’re gonna say that …. that actor who I can’t remember the name of (nothing new >.>) … is an elephant! (Cuz his nose is kinda big LOL!)

So then they go to practise some songs and they make like a song parody of Paul Anka’s Diana into Die 하나!~ =P ~! Then they start a audition for someone to sing and ROFL at Sungmin !! He like starts off all charismatic and good … then all of a sudden he like goes and lies down on the ground and keeps singing xD! He looked so embarassed afterwards!!! (So adorable >.<)

So the preview for next week … (they have their press conference showcase) they say that they’re getting buried under a movie premiere & the news about DBSK and SM … so no reporters are gonna come to their thing ! But there ends up being a large number of reporters there for them! Can’t wait for next week’s epi !~

[090726] Oppa Band Ep6 + [090730] Kkotminam Pocha Ep6
July 31, 2009, 1:39 pm
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credit the uploading of both shows to: randomRinnie @ youtube ^^~


Haha !~ =P The beginning was so obviously gonna be a hidden camera part ! lol. I knew right from the preview, cuz what would be the point of getting rid of Sungmin & Jungmo like 5 episodes into the show =P. But aww~ don’t cry Jungmo !!!

I can’t really remember fully what happened, cuz I watched this on Sunday and didn’t post it up until now >.> lol. But there was Heechul there during the band’s practice dancing to Sorryx2. Haha, he’s still his old crazy self xD!

This performance has got to be like once in a lifetime for Oppa Band (well maybe if they became super famous later on then who knows lol) cuz it was a performance infront of 10000 people (if i rmb correctly >.<). You get to see glimpses of Sungmin & Jungmo’s stomach (for all you pervs out there xD lol just kidding ~)

(now for some Yesung ^^ …)

[090719] Oppa Band Ep5
July 21, 2009, 5:22 pm
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one two three four five (randomRinnie @ youtube)

Wee!~ It’s Oppa Band’s first actual performance at an actual concert ! (They were guests for Kim Gunmo’s concert in Busan) Yoo Youngsuk couldn’t make it cuz of an injury and was being hospitalized during this episode.

They looked like they were having so much fun in the beginning and then they headed off to the concert location to rehearse. They were getting pointers from Kim Gunmo and the dance that he made for Tak Jaehoon & Seo Inyoung during Shin Dongyup’s bass solo made me burst out laughing for some reason xD

And once again, Tak Jaehoon seems to be the problem in the instrument playing ^^;; and he gets the jack pulled out of his guitar again =P So then Sungmin got promoted to first guitar while Jungmo was drumming again ~ (woot! minnie did well and that’s a good thing cuz he was like the only one playing the guitar :P)

Problems arise once again when they actually have to be on stage cuz of Tak Jaehoon and his lateness cuz apparently he was taking a shower? >.> lol… Everyone looked so nervous (maybe it’s the band thing, but ming has been infront of way bigger audiences than this, and he looks nervous anyways xD) And thankfully, he audience seemed really into the performances !~ (glad that there wasn’t a repeat of the hospital performance … that version of Gee was truthfully … not very… good imo >.<)

Next week looks like hidden camera time ! (and let’s hope that it is a hidden camera cuz if it’s not, min suggested that he should leave the band and that’s a big =/)

[090715] Radio Star with Oppa Band
July 15, 2009, 5:17 pm
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There’s just two parts so i’ll embed both of them under the cut ! (i dunno, i just like embedding the videos rather than just having links for some reason xD)

(Fun with Oppa band !…)

[090712] Oppa Band Ep4 (Track 7 & 8)
July 12, 2009, 11:30 pm
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credit: randomRinnie @ youtube

(part one embedded above) two three four five six

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[090705] Oppa Band Ep3 (Track 5 & 6)
July 7, 2009, 4:59 pm
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credit: randomRinnie @ youtube


Sungmin wasn’t with the actual band this episode because he was overseas with the rest of Super Junior ! (and aww~ i hope his leg is better >.<) but they still show clips of him during the show ^^~

This time they go to an MT (membership training), and instead of really practising their instruments and stuff, they kinda just eat, play games and relax xD looks like fun lol ~ and since Seo Inyoung was also somewhere overseas, they had to find another vocalist for their band and Sungmin was able to get Tiffany (SNSD) to come and sing for them !

Their performance and Sungmin showing up are shown in the next episode on this coming sunday where it seems like him and Jungmo get into something =P lol

[090627/090628] Oppa Band Track 2 + Introducing Stars Friends Survival + Star King + Fantasy Couple (Eunhyuk Cuts)

Oppa Band Track 2 ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE (credit: randomRinnie @ youtube)

Ahhh~ so i really do hope that the ratings went up at least a little bit from last week if we wanna keep this show going !!!!~

So they get a new singer, Seo Inyoung (Jewelry member + had a fake marriage with Crown J on WGM), and she has a nice voice !~ Better than Park Hyunbin i would say cuz his voice is just too trot-ish lol ! So their next performance is gonna be one for their friends and family and they all practice songs together and little separate performances. But before that, they all go to eat at Tak Jaehoon’s house where you can see his, Yoo Youngsuk and Shin Dongyup’s wife and they tell stories about their husbands which some of them were kinda >< . Cuz they were talking about what the guys did on the day that they were giving birth to their kids and apparently, after he saw that his daughter was ok and everything after birth, he went golfing !!! and Tak Jaehoon and Yoo Youngsuk both went out to drink and stuff so i was like >< lol. And there was a guitar+song performance by sungmin+jungmo of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” ^^~.

and OMG lol ! at when sungmin was leaving in his van to meet up with the rest of the band members, the random male fan that looked so happy to shake hands with ming xD

Well anyways, then it’s the concert, where you can see sungmin’s mom & dad clearly xD! and also, Heechul came too and you can see glimpses of him at his table =P. So they perform their songs (and sungmin sings the opening song … with his PINK guitar ! comeback of his pink-ness? xD), and have small solo performances. Sungmin does a magic show, Yoo Youngsuk sings while playing the piano for his wife, Shin Dongyup and his daughter sing “아빠 힘내세요” (something like “Dad, have strength” or something like that) to his dad, Jungmo does a guitar solo to DBSK’s “Mirotic”, Tak Jaehoon does a harmonica performance to “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls (with Seo Inyoung&Sungmin as the back dancers xD) and Kim Gura and his song Donghyun sing some song and it’s kinda lol.

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Oppa Band — Long Term Project?
June 25, 2009, 6:06 pm
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MBC Ilbam’s new corner “Oppa band” has become a long-term project.

One person from the show’s production team said “Firstly, they’ll have to improve their instruments playing skill and write songs that attract people. We’ve planned to make an album with those songs, also let them appear on Music core and other music shows, as well as there might be a national tour”

He also said “Although there is Yoo Youngseok who is capable of writing songs and mainly do it but every members of the band will have their own chance to show their ability of working to make songs”

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the first episode of “Oppa band” has brought the record of rating to MBC Ilbam part 2 with 3.5% (MBC Ilbam part 1 “We got married” was rated 3.6%) but it’s nothing in compared with the 2 shows that aired at the same time which are KBS Happy Sunday “2 days 1 nights” with 20.1% and SBS Good Sunday part 1 “Family outing” with 23.2% & part 2 “Gold Miss” with 9.3%.

So i guess we shouldn’t have our hopes set up too high for this happening cuz of the low ratings…. I actually enjoyed watching this show… and i could hope that this would happen, so i better pray for more viewers to tune in to “Oppa Band”