Video of the Week ! #21
March 25, 2010, 12:00 am
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credit: menapha @ youtube

Just cuz I just finished watching HKTTR and randomly ended up rewatching this =P

I totally remember seeing him when the show was still on … I miss ISF >.<!

Anyways~ Predebut Yoon SiYoon & he’s also Hongki’s friend =P

[090808] Infinity Challenge + Sebaqui + Introducing Stars Friends Survival
August 11, 2009, 1:13 pm
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(so yeah… all of the videos from these links are like gone xP … as expected … i hate how they all get deleted!!! >.<)

무한도전 (Infinity Challenge) – one two three four five six seven eight (1jennerayy @ youtube)

There were loads of special guests on the show for their Survival Special. It’s kinda like Survivor where they split into two teams (in this case, the “good-looking team” and the “not good-looking/ugly team”) and play games where the losing team must vote someone out of their group.

If it’ll spike anyone’s interest, the guests were (in the order they appeared, lol =P):
Son Hoyoung, Bae Jungnam, Sangchu, Kim Kyungjin, K.Will, Junho&Jaebum, Yang Baechu, Park Hwisoon and Lee Sungjin !

Ahh!~ I can’t believe they already sent home two of the IC members as the first two to be eliminated >.< lol..

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Introducing Star’s Friend Survival Cancelled, We Got Married takes over timeslot !!! >.>
August 4, 2009, 11:38 am
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Well you remember how I said that I hope no news will ever just randomly pop out at me ever again (from the DBSK news) …. Well, it did. But not as bad a news as that one… but still…

(click for details…)

Leeteuk & Eunhye on ISF ~
July 27, 2009, 4:44 pm
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Just being all *sigh-y* right now… lol

I feel like it’s a total drama that took an unsuspecting turn and ended up being all weird… (I immerse myself way too deeply into this show/couple btw >.<)

But the TeukHye couple was the one that I thought would’ve lasted like ’til the end ~ (They’re so cute together xD They make a nice couple! I wouldn’t mind if Teukie was actually going out with her =P) So some of the happy times that I wanted to share ! Before things got all messed up >.> lol…

I just want them to be happy, but if they were happy together then it would be like 100x better xD!

(TeukHye – the happy times…)

[090725] ISF Survival
July 25, 2009, 11:08 pm
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one two three four five six (randomRinnie @ youtube)

Hehe ~ I’m so glad that Eunhyuk is finally getting some attention from the girls … Although … it’s kinda strange that the girl who would always reject him in the first episode of ISF Survival suddenly comes back and decides that she likes him … >.>

 BUT! NOO!!!~
Awww…. I was really attached to the TeukHye couple >.< I wish teukie went back to Eunhye … but sadly no… :(
and I also really love the Chansung & Yui couple as well ! But he like got all her hopes up after picking her for the game portion ~.~ and then went and picked someone else …. I don’t really like the Bomi & Chansung couple >.<
It’s so sad that Yui’s gone now….

But seriously, it’s like i’m watching some sort of drama and one of the main characters who are so meant to be with someone decides to be all stupid and keeps going to another girl … (*cough*teuk*cough* … not calling you stupid or anything, but, I thought you guys would last … why the sudden change of heart?)

*sighs* They were a really nice couple … and it was good while it lasted … but I’m starting to lose hope in Teukie getting back with Eunhye now that she’s trying to move on and he keeps picking someone else … :(

[090718] ISF + Star King + Star Golden Bell
July 19, 2009, 2:06 pm
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ISFone two three four five six

OMG! I was really getting attached to the TeukHye (?) couple …. How could you ditch her for someone else teukie !!! >.< I really like Eunhye <3 She seems really down to earth and nice xD LOL I loved her in that rock paper scissors toy hammer game =P

And finally at the end someone who’s actually an Eunhyuk fan came on the show (she’s some new trot artist that debuted. you might have seen her on music shows and on star golden bell too). Oh! and Seulong came and the CGs they made for his revealing were so jks!

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[090711] Star Golden Bell + ISF Survival
July 11, 2009, 1:25 pm
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I didn’t get to watching any of these yet, but I probably will by the end of today ! (cuz i can’t miss these xD)

Star Golden Bell (SHINee & 2AM): one two three four five six seven (koreangirl123456 @ youtube)

hehehe ~! SHINee is so cute here (although Taemin is missing >.< … i was kinda hoping for all 5 of them to be there !) anyways… for some reason, after watching this, I all of a sudden went like “OMG! I really like Onew ~!” lol. Cuz i always liked them and all, but I kept focusing on Taemin more since he’s my favourite, but now all of a sudden I’m like hmm… during some random time, Onew made it up my list somehow xD

AND who can forget 2AM!!!! They were there too (well.. just Seulong & Changmin), and I really wish they were having a comeback again ~ cuz I really miss seeing them on shows and being able to see them sing like a hundred times on stage every week xD (and I kinda wish they had more exposure and were promoted more instead of 2PM getting all the attention — cuz after all, they are together in this! One Day ftw!!!~ xD)

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[090704] Infinity Challenge + Star Golden Bell + Star King + Introducing Stars Friends Survival

Infinity Challenge (one of my fav shows xD): Part ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT (aznpryde1919 @ youtube)

Epik High ROCKS !!! and all I have to say for now is that I laughed crazily at hyungdon as a camel eating a cactus for reasons unknown xD

Star Golden Bell (2PM: Jaebum, Taecyeon, Junsu, Wooyoung): Part ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN (koreangirl123456 @ youtube)

Moon Heejun was there too !~ and I’m kinda getting into him now too =P (I like watching him on Jeolchin Notes + his new song is really good <3) OH! and there was also a phone call to Lee Junki ~ (just saying, for the fans out there lol)

Star King (2PM): Part ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN (SStarrKKingg @ youtube)

Wooyoung is soo flexible (just his pants were a bit tight to show all his flexibility xD). I loved that flexible girl from Japan … can’t remember her name atm ^^;;
and LOL at the Again & Again + I Hate You dance shown as they were waiting to go to the washroom (just showing a joke way as how the dances were formed =P).

ISF Survival (SJ: Eunhyuk, Eeteuk + 2PM: Chansung, Nichkhun + Kyuhwan (?) forgot his name again -.-): Part ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX (peluchitosobrevivie2 @ youtube)

The rollercoaster parts are hilarious !!! xD and teukie during the pillowfight part =P

[090627/090628] Oppa Band Track 2 + Introducing Stars Friends Survival + Star King + Fantasy Couple (Eunhyuk Cuts)

Oppa Band Track 2 ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE (credit: randomRinnie @ youtube)

Ahhh~ so i really do hope that the ratings went up at least a little bit from last week if we wanna keep this show going !!!!~

So they get a new singer, Seo Inyoung (Jewelry member + had a fake marriage with Crown J on WGM), and she has a nice voice !~ Better than Park Hyunbin i would say cuz his voice is just too trot-ish lol ! So their next performance is gonna be one for their friends and family and they all practice songs together and little separate performances. But before that, they all go to eat at Tak Jaehoon’s house where you can see his, Yoo Youngsuk and Shin Dongyup’s wife and they tell stories about their husbands which some of them were kinda >< . Cuz they were talking about what the guys did on the day that they were giving birth to their kids and apparently, after he saw that his daughter was ok and everything after birth, he went golfing !!! and Tak Jaehoon and Yoo Youngsuk both went out to drink and stuff so i was like >< lol. And there was a guitar+song performance by sungmin+jungmo of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” ^^~.

and OMG lol ! at when sungmin was leaving in his van to meet up with the rest of the band members, the random male fan that looked so happy to shake hands with ming xD

Well anyways, then it’s the concert, where you can see sungmin’s mom & dad clearly xD! and also, Heechul came too and you can see glimpses of him at his table =P. So they perform their songs (and sungmin sings the opening song … with his PINK guitar ! comeback of his pink-ness? xD), and have small solo performances. Sungmin does a magic show, Yoo Youngsuk sings while playing the piano for his wife, Shin Dongyup and his daughter sing “아빠 힘내세요” (something like “Dad, have strength” or something like that) to his dad, Jungmo does a guitar solo to DBSK’s “Mirotic”, Tak Jaehoon does a harmonica performance to “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls (with Seo Inyoung&Sungmin as the back dancers xD) and Kim Gura and his song Donghyun sing some song and it’s kinda lol.

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