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May 21, 2014, 3:41 pm
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So I think it’s time I move on. I want to restart my blogging again, but on tumblr I just mostly end up reblogging this and that and don’t feel like I can write proper posts there and here on this blog… things have gotten a bit… stale? I kept trying to revive this blog and it just wasn’t working out… SO! As I start a new chapter of my life offline, I’ve decided to also start fresh online by moving myself to a new blog here on wordpress where I’m hoping I’ll start to post regularly like I used to when I first started this blog.

Thanks to all the visitors who have enjoyed the content of this blog over the years — it was a fun ride, but now I’ll be settling down into my new home at ! Who knows what kind of stuff I’ll blog about, but I guess that’s all part of the fun!

I’m really a person of a few words and a bit of an introvert that can’t express herself properly to others in real life, so writing things is basically my only outlet where I can actually be more me ^^ So I can’t ever stop writing even though it’s always just a jumble of words spit out from my brain xD

‘돈의 화신 (Incarnation of Money)’ Final Episode Thought
April 22, 2013, 12:35 am
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I wrote this on my tumblr blog but just wanted to repost it here (added extra stuff here though lol):

(Oh. And there’s a spoiler here if you haven’t seen the episode yet.)

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Mnet 20’s Choice Awards — SHINHWA
June 8, 2012, 10:21 pm
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Just wanted to spread the word. If you can vote for Shinhwa here, it would be amazing. It’s just that it’s been 4+ years since Shinhwa’s last album and activities as a group that I just want it to be an explosive comeback/year for them and them getting this award would be seriously awesome! I know  that they themselves said that this album wasn’t about winning awards and such, but it would still be nice to be able to get them this award for all their hard work. This is not to say that SHINee doesn’t deserve it, because of course they work hard for their albums and performances as well (and I love SHINee too <3), but I think it would just have a bigger meaning if Shinhwa won.

Anyway. If Shinhwa ends up winning, then YAY, if SHINee wins, then still Woot :D But even if Shinhwa doesn’t win, it’s the thought that counts and also the love from the fans.

Okay, whatever — I feel like I’m just repeating myself a whole lot lol. Vote away~

January 21, 2012, 11:53 pm
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As you can see if you’ve still been frequenting this blog… I’ve been gone for a while and I think that mainly has to do with the fact that I got sucked in to the tumblr world and kind of forgot about this little old blog that I had created… but also because I feel myself drifting away from that crazy land of kpop and I just don’t feel the passion for it as much as I used to.

So yea… I’ve really lost track of everything that’s been going on lately with all the groups I follow, don’t know exactly what new songs are out and which ones are hits and I haven’t been watching many variety shows and haven’t been watching any dramas at all lately.

I dunno… It just sorta happened. But you can still find me around at tumblr or on twitter (links are in my ‘notices’ post).

Just thought I’d let whoever still lingers around here know that I’ll probably not be blogging here at least for now and as far as I can tell, in the near future as well. I really don’t know if I’ll ever start posting here again, but it was a good run while it lasted.

Thanks for all the support that you’ve given this blog for these past few years!

(this applies to all my other wordpress blogs as well …)

(and then I just realized that the tumbr link in my notices leads to the one that I don’t really frequent as much anymore because of the above mentioned reason. My other ones don’t really have anything to do with kpop, but you can still check them out if you want @ ohhyourloveisasong (english tv shows/music/randomness) or darkblueinacrowdedroom (photos))

Random Post o.o
August 31, 2011, 1:58 am
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I swear this is sooo random (I just really feel the need to say this lol) but I was randomly watching Justin Chon videos on YT (justinchon @ YT) and seriously.. in the beginning of his videos when he comes out of the dumpster he looks like he could be in frickin’ high school or something! but OMG he’s THIRTY ! O___O! Never really knew him/noticed him much before (never watched Twilight or anything that he’s been in before) but he’s actually really cute! xDDD

/end random comment o.o

July 19, 2011, 1:41 pm
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jb;hfandgjoveardjno;arnoivfkalea;;af;kjfiwnove i don’t even…

So if Eunhyuk and Junsu are communicating and meeting up… I wonder how many other SM artists are in contact with those three, right?

Cuz friendship can’t just die like that, RIGHT???

Ok, I’ll stop now. lol.

Shim (Max/Choikang) Changmin
July 8, 2011, 1:16 am
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I just felt like reposting my post from tumblr.

Reasons why I love Changmin.

His wit. His charming/boyish/playful/mature/sometimes scary personality (lol). That face. That smile. That laugh. That voice. That body. The overall combination of manliness & cute that you just can’t find anywhere else. Just you.

GAH! I just lurve him so much.


I never thought I’d ever say this but… I think Changmin has become my ultimate kpop bias. Not because there was anything lacking or that I didn’t like him before or anything… It’s just that… I thought Sungmin would always & forever be my #1 top kpop bias — that it would never change. And I dunno when or why or even how this all happened.. BUT it just did. In the past, Minnie would always = Sungmin… And then one day Minnie started = Changmin. And now… all of a sudden whenever I wrote Min or Minnie anywhere it would always be referring to Changmin. Ah.. I guess it was always said that “people change” or “love fades” and stuff like that.

Now I feel a little sad that I’m not really paying as much attention to Sungmin as I used to. Maybe things will change again when SJ makes their comeback? lol. I dunno. The only thing that I’m sure of is that I seem to really like mins (Sungmin/Changmin/Taemin/Minhyuk/Minhwan/Mir?(if I just count the MI lolz)).

May He Rest In Peace.
May 26, 2011, 11:50 pm
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Korean media outlets are reporting that on May 27th, SG Wannabe’s former member Chae Dong Ha (30) committed suicide by hanging himself in his home in Bulkwang-dong.

The Eunpyung-gu rescue team received a report from Chae Dong Ha’s manager on the morning of the 27th.  They stated, “He was pronounced dead on the scene, and police have confirmed the identity of his body.”

His agency stated, “Chae Dong Ha has always suffered from depression.  He recently returned after completing his Japanese promotions.  This morning, we weren’t able to get into contact with him so we called 911 and later discovered him.”

Many are speculating that Chae Dong Ha’s depression sourced for the suicide of his former manager, who passed away two years ago inhaling gas in a motel room.

In his official comeback album, “Essay“, Chae Dong Ha had written a special message to the manager, which read, “It was a moment more exciting than my first kiss.  My first manager.  My consolation, my friend, and my hyung.  The moment I met that person, I had received the whole world.  As of June 9th, 2009, he is no longer by my side.  Half of my heart is still missing.  Still.  ‘Hyung, you have to be happy, okay?  Promise me that you’ll be happy…’”

Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and loved ones at this time.

Source + Photos: World Journal via Naver, IS Sports via Naver
Article From: Allkpop


Just heard the news like 5~10 mins ago while I was randomly on twitter and oh my god… My jaw dropped — I was just so shocked. This was just like the last thing I was expecting to hear of today… No one ever wants to hear news of death… but I really think the people should take a bigger look at things before they make a decision like his (although it’s your life and I’m not judging anyone for making a decision that seems, to them, the best one at the moment…). His is a life gone too early and I’m just really saddened by this.

So let’s pray for him and his friends and family who are grieving for him and missing him right now. The amount of shock and sadness that I’m feeling right now cannot be compared to what his loved ones would be feeling right now.

He was such a talented person…

May You Rest In Peace, 채동하…

Oh Man…
March 15, 2011, 3:42 pm
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I swear for the past few days I’ve just been nonstop watching old DBSK videos on YT… It’s making me feel depressed again…

Jaejoong <3
Changmin <3
Junsu <3
Yunho <3
Yoochun <3

You guys literally make LOL with all your antics, make me go AWWW at your cuteness and brotherly love, make me feel amazed by your vocals, make me spazz at your hotness, make me go crazy with your dancing, etcetc…!

I dunno what made me start watching all of these DBSK moments all of a sudden… it makes me smile while it’s on and sigh when it’s over….

Anyways… I don’t really want to get anyone else depressed… SO! I will leave you with a video that I keep watching/listening to over and over again.

credit: HDBSK @ youtube

He’s rapidly getting to becoming my favourite vocal in the group!


Random — Theme Change
August 17, 2010, 1:04 pm
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I was never really one for changes … but I was just looking through the different themes and thought that maybe I shoud try something new.

So well… I actually like this theme, but I’m a bit iffy on actually sticking with it though.

I’ve just gotten too used to my old theme since I used that one for practically a year. And with this new one my banners don’t show (and I really like having banners, especially my current EunSoo one to help feed my Coffee House addiction xD).

I dunno.. maybe I’ll have the new theme on for a few days and see if I’ll wanna change it back or not later.