[091210] 2009 Golden Disk Awards
December 10, 2009, 5:43 pm
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Woo~ I hit 10 000 views xD! lol.


I had TOTALLY forgotten about the Golden Disk Awards >.> Which were today … (yesterday in Korea). I’ve only seen the Suju performance so far and one word … AWESOME !!! They sang part of Sorryx2 (Answer) and then performed Sorryx2 remix version ^^ Missed seeing them together on stage ! (Even though Kibum’s still missing & Kangin’s not there … Kibum better be back for SJ’s 4th album, whenever it’s being released ! ^^)


credit: HyukGem @ youtube

And ! THEY WON THE DAESANG !!! ^^ <333333333

I just had to make this the main thing ^^ I feel like I haven’t been showing much SJ love lately >< lol!

(click for many embedded clips ^^ …)

’09 SMTOWN Summer Album — Seaside ft. DBSK, Super Junior & SHINee
August 11, 2009, 9:52 am
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credit: twilightprincess015 @ youtube

Hehe !~ Finally after 2 years SMTown is back with a new summer album !!! Woot! DBSJee !~ (But why is it only these three groups? What happened to everyone else? O.o). The full album is set to be released on the 14th of this month — so only 3 more days !!~

This song is such a random, fun, summer-y song ^^~ Don’t you just love that “Aloha! This is SM Town from Korea” part by Changmin? It’s so lol-y and cute xD!

Can’t wait until the other songs from the album get released ~!

(click for lyrics so you can sing along or w/e ~ lol…)

Super Junior, Girls Generation: Longest Contract is 13 years
August 7, 2009, 11:40 am
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Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, longest contract is 13 years

Other idol groups in SM entertainment is being targeted first. It was reported that for Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, and Shinee, contracts are different for each members but the contract periods are anywhere from 5 years to 13 years.

Because some members of Super Junior and Girl’s Generation have different debut years, their contract is individual.
Before Kangin became a member of Super Junior, he was a VJ for a entertainment news program. Before the release of Girl’s generation album in 2007, member Sooyoung made debut in a duo ‘Route O” in 2002 under SM Japan so she signed a contract before the other members. Because the contracts are individual, earning distributions and schedule conditions are different for each member.

Original article: link
Source: Kim Sung Eui @ joongang
Translation Credit: j.adore @ soompi
Credits: sooyoung_05@ soshified forums

(more info on SJ’s situation…)

Nostalgia ~
July 7, 2009, 6:10 pm
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I dunno why but randomly i was watching a bunch of SMTown videos like late at night … and i was like *sigh* i kinda wish it were those times again cuz it brings back good memories ~ (although i only got into kpop like a year ago which is like after their last smtown album … i think their most recent one was the 2007 winter album [?] are they making a 2009 summer/winter smtown album? O.o)

BoA, DBSK, CSJH The Grace, Super Junior, Zhang Liyin, Kangta, etc… etc… (there’s a lot of people, some that I don’t really know very well…^^;;) (and i watched the more recent ones, so the older people who left/disbanded weren’t there)

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