Video of the Week ! #26
May 27, 2010, 5:39 pm
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Here comes the first of a string of videos for my “Video of the Week” thing that I haven’t been keeping updated for like a month now ^^;; (There should’ve been one every Thursday… but I haven’t really been coming to my blog all that much lately >.<)

credit: pop77corn @ youtube

Seungho never ceases to amaze me!

Guitar, magic tricks, dancing, singing, and even piano!!! He’s so pro.. unlike me >.> lol. (Gimme some of your talent? xD)

[100202] C.N BLUE @ Sukira
February 2, 2010, 3:03 pm
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Just a bunch of clips of them on the show today ^^

(still way more used to the english vers. =P)

credit: sapphirepearls @ youtube

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[100128] C.N BLUE Yonghwa & Jonghyun — Geek in the Pink – Jason Mraz
January 28, 2010, 1:19 pm
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credit: cnbluesky @ youtube

Woah! It sounded like they sped up the song & considering that he isn’t super fluent in english — that was a big feat for Yonghwa ! He must’ve practised a lot !!

This song has been stuck in my head ever since I watched Yonghwa sing this yesterday on Radio Star ! lol.

[091120] FT Island (Seunghyun, Jonghoon) @ God of Cookery Expedition + [091113] FT Triple & MBLAQ @ Sukira
November 24, 2009, 6:33 pm
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Part one two three four five
(jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube)

Watching food shows makes me hungry, but also like >.<! Cuz you wanna eat what you’re seeing, but you can’t >.> lol…

Lol @ part 1 where they were talking about the H1N1 virus and right after that, Jung Joonha coughed and Jonghoon dragged Seunghyun away from him xD! (Not that H1N1 is something to laugh about, but the situation was just funny to me =P And they actually talk about H1N1 a lot throughout the show — probably to raise awareness or something !)

In part four, when they spray some of that bitter tea (the one from SJ’s EHB ep1 where everyone was going “blargh/bleh/ah/etc…” lol xD) into Seunghyun’s mouth — his reaction made me laugh so much xDxDxDxD!!! Seunghyun !!! <3333 lol! 이프카크 (ahpeukahkeu *random noise he makes after tasting it xD) … @_@ lol.

I love Seunghyun’s 16-D personality ^^
And Jonghoon looked so cute sleeping in the staff van/truck xD!

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Video of the Week ! #1
October 28, 2009, 10:55 pm
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I got bored … as usual xD! So I decided to start a series of a “Video of the Week” portion on the blog =P !

This week is …

credit: absolutemblaq @ youtube

This video is just full of win & fail xD! So random & so funny =P! I love how everyone laughs afterwards but G.O is just like standing there all serious looking even after his random noise he makes xP! I already repeated it like 10x and I still feel like watching it (+ they did it again today at Maybee’s Volume Up Radio where they were guesting with BEAST!) ^^~ haha!

And I know this is totally cheating since it’s supposed to be “video” (singular) of the week, but I just had to squeeze this video in xD! I’ll just think of it as a bonus for the first post of the series =P!

(po ~ hahaha! …)

[091028] MBLAQ On ChinChin Radio
October 28, 2009, 6:24 pm
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MBLAQ <333 ~*

Gotta watch this quickly then start my homework @-@!

Click more for the videos ! (They’re all in embedded format just to tell you and there’s 7 parts)

(MBLAQ ! & Taeyeon =P …)

[091023] MBLAQ (self cam) Starry Night Radio
October 26, 2009, 11:24 pm
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credit: absolutemblaq @ youtube

Joon&Mir love !~

JooMi is officially my MBLAQ pairing bias xD! Mir is soo cute, just randomly coming in and clinging on to Joon ^^ He seems like a little kid !

More of these videos can be found @ absolutemblaq‘s channel !

뿅! 끝! ^^

[091022] PKL’s Starry Night Radio — MBLAQ – My Dream
October 23, 2009, 5:46 pm
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credit: absolutemblaq @ youtube

I’m having fun watching all these MBLAQ vids ^^

This was my first time hearing “Dream My Dream” (stupid me for forgetting the “My” when it was right there in front of me >.>), and I really love the song <333 See what no autotuning can do for songs? It makes it nicer, clearer and you’re more able to capture emotions through just the singers voice! (Not saying that all songs that do are bad, it’s just that you’re a singer, you have a voice, use it without the help of a computer! I do like some songs that do include autotone, but I always end up liking the live performances with no/toned down digitalization of the voices !)

Mir looked so adorable in that outfit and glasses of his <3 Makes him look all classy and older, but still very cute ! Sad that him and Thunder (I got confused on how people are officially romanizing his name, 천둥.) don’t get any solo parts in the song, but then again, I think I would prefer it if there was no rap in this song ! I like it the way it is.

But, aww!~ No talk segment from yesterday’s show?

[090921] Sukira w/ Epik High
September 21, 2009, 4:42 pm
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parts one two three four five six

WOOT!~ I love it when fandoms collide ^^ Epik Junior will make you Super High (pun intended xD) !!!

Haven’t watched it yet — going to do that now !

[090806] FT Island – Lovesick @ SBS PowerFM 2PM Escape Cultshow
August 15, 2009, 9:33 pm
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Turns out I’m not leaving until tomorrow, so one last post before I go ! :)

credit: colloquie @ youtube


I was just bored so I searched up FT Island’s Lovesick for the sake of reminiscing the old days and came across this video of them performing “Lovesick” recently and decided to watch it. It made me be like all “ugghhh … I miss the times when they first debuted” and “I miss them singing these super sad-like rock ballads” although “I Hope” is a good song as well, I miss them performing songs like this ! ~

Another big point about this performance was that it was Seunghyun, not Wonbin (miss you <3), doing the rap — and I thought he did well ~! Although I was thinking of Wonbin during the performance at times, I’ve moved on a while ago and have accepted Seunghyun with open arms ^^~

AHH!~ PERFORM THIS SONG MORE, GUYS !!! :) It’s so nice and I love it <3

On another note, that SGB Idol special was today and OMG LOL it had some really funny moments <3 (I really loved Onew on the show especially !~ That part where the MC said she liked 2PM, and then the camera shot to Onew, and he went from :D —> :| *eek* soo soo soooo adorable !!) I’ll probably make a post on it when I get back in a few days ^^!