Video of the Week ! #12
January 21, 2010, 12:00 am
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credit: Bchbomber1 @ youtube

Haha~! I just loved Jeremy so much <333 The way he acts towards the dog (and everyone) is just so cute ^^~ Like a grown little kid xD!

Seeing this clip brings back memories of the drama ! *sigh*

Yonghwa looked so different here compared to now ! (or is it just me? lol) He looks more older and mature as Shinwoo. But I love his look now ^^ ~

미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) Wrap-Up — All of Ep 1 ~ 16
November 26, 2009, 6:49 pm
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jinnienomuyeppo02’s channel has been suspended … so … most (if not all … I think there’s a few that aren’t from that channel and all of those ones are from my separate posts) of these links probably aren’t gonna work anymore… Just giving a heads up.

Ep1 – one two three four five six seven
Ep2 – one two three four five six
Ep3 – one two three four five six seven
Ep4 – one two three four five six seven
Ep5 – one two three four five six seven
Ep6 – one two three four five six seven
Ep7 – one two three four five six seven
Ep8 – one two three four five six
Ep9 – one two three four five six seven
Ep10 – Episode 10 Post
Ep11 – one two three four five six seven
Ep12 – Episode 12 Post
Ep13 – Episode 13 Post
Ep14 – Episode 14 Post
Ep15 – Episode 15 Post
Ep16 – Episode 16 Post

All YT links that are not part of an episode post are from jinnienomuyeppo02’s channel ! All other credits are in the actual posts !


[091126] 미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) Ep16 [LAST EP] + BTS + Random Scenes From The Drama

마지막 회 …

It’s finally … THE END for A.N.JELL >.<!

Although I soooooooo wish it wasn’t …

(tranthuynga @ youtube)

I TOTALLY need more … it just did not feel very last episode-y to me … I felt like there could have been more shown about the life of A.N.JELL with the actual Go Minam and what’s been going on in Shinwoo’s life, & Jeremy’s life … Gahh! It just didn’t feel as fulfilling as I wanted it to >.<!

The last episode felt kinda like … OMG! that was the end? that’s it? It felt waaayyyy too short … I need more closure from Shinwoo & Jeremy (although the scenes that did include Jeremy were so funny xD He keeps getting picked up and dragged around like he’s a little kid =P And once again, Shinwoo is the first to realize that Minam’s actually Minyeo ! The intense staring at her face while at the restaurant … you could totally tell that he knows ^^). But the rest was just obvious from a long time ago — that Taekyung would end up with Minyeo ! And if you’ve been reading my spazzes about the drama, you’d know that I’m a really big Kang Shinwoo + Go Minyeo fan! I was still rooting for them even though I knew that it was literally impossible for it to happen, but you know, a girl can dream xD! But… I guess I’m kinda happy for TK + MN (*kindaaa lol ! You know, I cant abandon the Shinwoo ship and jump aboard the Taekyung ship just like that ! xD)

And I just had this thought that it would be really nice to end off the drama with all of them in the last scene having a performance ! Cuz the whole drama revolved around the band A.N.JELL, so I would’ve liked to see it end with all of A.N.JELL having a good time; smiling, singing, playing their instruments, & Minyeo happily singing along with the fans or something where it shows everyone being happy … ! But oh well… what can I do >.<! lol.

And I’m kinda sad that there were no scenes whatsoever showing Minam & Minyeo together …

But overall ! I REALLY REALLY REALLY loved this drama ! I know people kinda say that it’s like the 2nd Boys Before Flowers … I watched both and i personally think that MiNam was MUCH better than KkotNam … It’s just sad that MiNam couldn’t get higher ratings xP Cuz I really thought that this was a totally great drama! I sooo want it to win a ton of awards … but I dunno if that would happen … ^^;;

And OMG! I still haven’t gotten around to getting the OST for this drama >.<! I seriously love all the songs & they all fit so nicely with the drama!

사랑해요 (Saranghaeyo):

  • Go Minam/Go Minyeo
  • Kang Shinwoo
  • Jeremy
  • Hwang Taekyung
  • Cordi/Stylist Noona
  • Manager
  • Company President
  • etc.. etc…
  • LOVE THE CAST & STORY !!! <333333333333333

(미남이시네요 ~ FIGHTING ^^ …)

[091125] 미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) Ep15 + A.N.JELL’s Roo’ra Parody xD
November 25, 2009, 5:34 pm
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OMG! I am gonna be feeling so antsy waiting for tomorrow’s episode, which I must remind you all, IS THE LAST EPISODE !!!! >.<

I am gonna be so sad when it’s over >.<!!!!

(himboolkkun @ youtube)

That pool scene with the stylist & the manager was so random & funny xD! Their imaginations are always going wild =P!
Jeremy & Minam looked so cute, but waayyy too cute. And that cheek pinching at the end was just o.o! lol.
Shinwoo & Minam Minyeo (should get used to calling her that now xP) were just really, really … sugary… WAY too much sweetness (although I did enjoy that scene, especially cuz of the end of it =P, it was just really too romantic to the max ! lol!). They oversaturated the sweetness just a teeny bit … xD!
And the Taekyung & Minyeo scene was just soo lolzy xD! It’s like a tiny bit overexaggerated version of Taekyung & Minyeo, but it was random and made me lol! (I knew that wedding scene was gonna be part of some random imagination xD!)

야, 나닭됬다. 물끄려(?)야, 삼계탕 해먹자 ! ㅋㅋㅋ

(Eeek! Last episode TOMORROW !!! …)

미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) — Shinwoo & Minam MV
November 23, 2009, 4:07 pm
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I just randomly came across this MV …

video from: Daum || uploaded by: hoonfami @ youtube

For some reason, I like to watch all these Shinwoo/Minam MVs … but they’re always so sad … which makes me depressed … but I keep watching more >.<!

It’s so sad …
I love Shinwoo ~ So it always makes me feel so bad for him from how Minam always goes to Taekyung even though he’s always been helping her, comforting her, and protecting her >.<!
I guess he thought that his actions would speak louder than words? By the fact that he did all of that but never told her how he felt until really recently… I guess he thought that if he kept staying close to her and kept helping her, she’d notice by herself and start to do these things for him and by that, she’d start to realize his feelings and develop her own for him … or something like that? >.<


(drama almost over … Gahh!)

미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) Behind the Scenes/Making of…
November 19, 2009, 5:44 pm
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I totally forgot to give credit for all the clips >.<!
So.. videos upped by: raine210 @ youtube

Filming in the rain ~
(lol @ the random “Almost Paradise~” Probably far from it =P Unless your idea of paradise is being sprayed with water multiple times in the cold weather xD)

Taekyung+Minam filming outside of airport (ep14) 1/2
Taekyung+Minam filming outside of airport (ep14) 2/2
(고미남 … 난 … 널 … ? xD lol … although not really a question mark if you saw ep14 already =P)
(and it must be so cold outside >.<! so windy too ~.~ can’t wait until it becomes like that here … *rolls eyes*)

And I found a video that I forgot to add here ~
Filming @ the airport 1/2
Filming @ the airport 2/2
(lol ~ Hongki and his ice cream xD)

Filming @ the pool
Filming @ the pool 2nd story 1/2
Filming @ the pool 2nd story 2/2
A.N.JELL debut days … first variety show
A.N.JELL mini concert rehearsal
A.N.JELL’s 쌩쇼 (ssaeng show) @ the company’s practice room (*쌩쇼 – i dunno how to explain this in english xP)
In the club – Manager dancing abracadabra, Minam getting covered in water, etc…
Taekyung+Minam bed (?) scene 1/2 xD
Taekyung+Minam bed (?) scene 2/2 xD
Minam+Shinwoo in the garden/green house (ep12)
Jeremy+Minam @ park & riding around
Yoo He-i & random stuff on the movie posters xD (*I dunno how to write her name in english xP)
(lol the names on the movie posters were so xD! Like it says the director is Jung Yonghwa, the filming director (?) is Lee Hongki, etc.. ! And Seo In Kook’s name was there, UEE, Park Shinhye, Jang Geunsuk, “After Culture”, Marco, etc… xD!)
Shinwoo+Minam’s date at Myeongdong
(loved this scene during the actual episode … until the end of the scene shattered my heart xP)

Anywho… these videos were really entertaining to watch cuz you get to see what the actors are like off-screen !~
I find that all the actors of this drama have great chemistry together !
(especially love Hongki’s interactions with everyone cuz he seems like such a mood maker and would make every situation fun and exciting ^^)

You’re Beautiful FIGHTING !!! <33333

[091119] 미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) Ep14 + Jeremy Singing Cut
November 19, 2009, 5:01 pm
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I found a cut of the whole bus scene !!! Find it under the cut ^^ (love the scene, but at the same time it’s so heartbreaking…)

This drama might actually knock out “Full House” from my #1 drama spot xP I’m just so addicted to it and it’s just really good ~ I really love this drama like sooo much … I’m gonna be so sad when it ends …. >.<

one two three four five six seven
(himboolkkun @ youtube)

Really intense episode. Is it weird that at the final scene of the confrontation between Taekyung+Minam/nyeo, I really didn’t feel anything … but at the Jeremy finding out that Minam likes Taekyung and being all heartbroken, and the Minam saying that she can’t accept Shinwoo parts, I just felt really sad for the both of them? (and I repeat, I actually like Taekyung, but I just don’t want him with Minam/nyeo for some reason… !)

And speaking of Jeremy….

Gah! OMG! The Jeremy scenes were SO sad !!! :(

The first time that I cried during the whole drama ! That whole bus scene with Jeremy+Minam >.<! I totally just started to cry !!!~~~ Especially when he was singing … like OMG. It was so sad and then after he went off the bus and he’s like I’ll return to the Jeremy from before, and totally pretends that nothing just happened … Like ughhhhhhh !!! I JUST CRIED SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And he wasn’t even the main guy that I wanted Minam/Minyeo to be with … but I feel like even though I wanted Shinwoo with Minam, if that same scene in the bus happened with anyone else, I really don’t think that I would’ve ended up crying. I feel like it was only Hongki/Jeremy that would’ve made me cry.)

AHH! It was just a really heartbreaking scene >.< I totally love Jeremy and it makes me feel heartbroken as well seeing him this way …

It must be hard to have the person you love right in front of you all the time; you hang out with them, talk with them, do all this stuff and spend time together and never tell them your real feelings, and then one day you find out that she likes someone else and the whole world falls apart in front of your eyes … and then you have the confrontation and you end up holding all your feelings in and going back to what things were like before and pretending that none of this ever happened when deep inside your heart is just a shattered mess :( (not .. speaking from experience btw xD lol… I’d probably become very, very depressed, unlike Jeremy who is always so upbeat and happy despite what he was feeling… I wish I could be that happy all the time…)

That bus scene might be my favourite scene from the whole drama so far … even though it was so totally sad …. but I liked that scene … Hongki was just really good there …!

Not enough Shinwoo though ~ he seriously is a 바보 … even though he knows that she won’t come to him … he still won’t give up … even I’ve come to terms with that fact that Minam/nyeo and Shinwoo will never be … but! it doesn’t keep me from hoping still xP

Too much seriousness going on this episode, but that fanfic reenactment was random lol…

OH!!! and I can’t wait until the real Go Minam shows up !

(Heart.breaks.into.many.pieces. …)

[091118] 미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) Ep13 + Ep14 Preview
November 18, 2009, 5:03 pm
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YT Links >> one two three four five six seven

I don’t think that the whole thing’s up on YT yet, but I really could not wait for it to come up so I watched it here again !

omg! OMG! oh my god! OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

I just feel soooooooooooooo bad for Shinwoo right now !!!! Like seriously … I really wish that he had told her that he liked her like way before … at least then there would have been a better chance for Minam/Minyeo to like him back …


Anyways… the preview ~ Seems like someone else is getting their heart broken by Minam … (Although, it may be something else as these previews tend to be very misleading >.>) Oh~ Jeremy >.<! I hate seeing you get hurt as well… I don’t get why I always want the girl with the secondary guy and not the guy that she’s supposed to end up with in the end … But this is a first; the fact that I’d want Minam with either two of the secondary people, and not just one of them ! But shinwoo more ~~~! =P

Seems a bit more Jeremy-centred …

credit: raine210 @ youtube

DON’T CRY JEREMY/HONGKI !!!!!!!!! He makes me feel sooooooo bad for him ! And Shinwoo makes me feel sooooooo bad for him ! But for some reason, whenever something happens where Minam hurts Taekyung … I don’t really feel bad for him xP

(SHINWOO !!!! :( …)

미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) Ep13 Preview !
November 17, 2009, 6:14 pm
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캬아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아아 !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 아~! 오 마이 갓 !!!!

*ahem* sorry about that ! =P!


credit: URMyMelody @ youtube

Holy crap ! Looks intense o.o! SHINWOO !!!! <333333333333333

The end of the preview !!!!

미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) OST Part 2 — 바보라서 – 박상우
November 15, 2009, 12:46 am
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credit: NulSaRangHae @ youtube

subs !~

I totally fell in love with this song the moment I watched Shinwoo sing it to Minam in ep12 ! It’s totally Shinwoo’s song. Like it just fits what he’s doing & feeling … although he definitely wishes that he was the one that Minam would go to for everything instead of him helping/protecting her all the time and her always running off to Taekyung >.<!

But yea…………. o.o! I totally need this OST! Parts one and two >.<! I’m in love with all the songs ^-^*