Sangdoo! Let’s Go to School!
June 6, 2009, 12:06 pm
Filed under: Rain, Sangdoo! Let's Go To School!

So after my whole full house craze thing (really really really hope that for FH2 theres the same cast >.<) I decided to watch another of Rain’s dramas, “Sangdoo! Let’s Go to School!” cuz it kinda sounded like the type of drama i’d like — dramas where it’s not all dark and it’s not too serious all the time, dramas with some kind of comic relief in it.

So anyways, I really liked this one too (but FH is still my #1 i would say), but no other drama had ever made me cry soo much while watching it. It just had a bunch of touching and heartbreaking scenes in it

Well, that’s all I’m gonna write about this one cuz I’m still getting over the fact that it ended (I watched the last ep at like 2-3am and was like bawling my eyes out during it) and I hate when dramas that I really enjoy ends… You can watch it with subs on youtube if you feel like checking it out: nomel102487’s channel

Well… now that that’s out of my system, I have some free time today and will probably update this blog with some more recent stuff ^^