지구 에서 연애중 (Dating On Earth) — Starring DBSK
February 11, 2010, 4:59 pm
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I know that this was released like a little while ago, but I haven’t watched it until just now >.<

I actually kinda liked the story ~ Although it may have seemed a little rushed here and there … Well I guess that’s what you get when there isn’t enough time to fit everything in ! lol. I wish it was longer or it had like episodes or something… But, oh well! It was ok anyways~!

AND AHH!~~~ I feel as if I haven’t seen any of the DongBang boys for like ever !!! I guess that’s partially cuz of the fact that I don’t really follow my kpop fandoms very much into other places (aka DBSK in japan) even though I know that it’s part of their work and their music and all that stuff … But I dunno .. I just don’t follow artists out of country as much xP AND… I guess it’s also because I’ve … kinda been … *coughneglectingcough* them … :) lol. Not just them … but a lot of my other fandoms … I haven’t been following them as closely as I used to ever since I’ve been going through my MBLAQ & CNBLUE phase >.<! *forgive me* !!! ^^;;

ANYWAYS! Back onto topic here ! xD!

Their characters are just so … xD!

Jaejoong – I LOVE JJ <333 He has this cold-hearted look, but you know, deep inside he has a warm heart :)
Yunho – He is the nerd. xD! Always getting nosebleeds haha! Is it cuz of too much studying? Or is it becuase he keeps getting hit in the face? xD!
Yoochun – Aww~~! He’s like the tough guy fighter person, but at home he wears couple clothing and does cutesy things ~~
Changmin – Not many lines … But I loved the part where he has to take the ball bag when you just know that he soo wants to follow Junsu =P
Junsu – He’s just so dorky as usual ^^ And I love how he’s like one of those characters that worry a lot ! Like when he lends Yoochun the car, he’s all like “it’s my dad’s car, drive softly/carefully!” ~

So on to the show ~!

WARNING! For any of you weak-hearted Cassies xD! There are kiss scenes =P
(although you Cassies would’ve already known that cuz you watched it already, which makes you nice fans .. unlike someone around here *coughcough*)

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