인연 만들기 (Creating Destiny) Ep 20 & 21 Preview
December 18, 2009, 10:09 pm
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credit: sesalways @ youtube

OMG! What’s gonna happen ?!?!?! Can’t wait until tomorrow’s episode to come out !!!!!

I swear a few aspects of this drama kinda bug me, such as some characters and situations (but in spite of these, I still love the drama ~~), but the main reason for me watching this is that I must continue watching for the sake of Yeojoon & Sangeun !!! <3333 I love watching the drama surrounding them and seeing how they start to fall for each other and stuff ^^~ It’s just so sweet to see them together :)

인연 만들기 (Creating Destiny) — Making of Kiss Scene (Yeojoon & Sangeun)
December 9, 2009, 5:08 pm
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credit: torireizei28 @ youtube

AH! I wonder what episode this is gonna be in…? It gives off that “last episode” vibe though =P

It was just so sweet ~~~ Can’t wait for this episode to come !~~~

I just love the Yeojoon & Sangeun couple ^^ And I just love this drama ~! Although there are a few people that always make me feel like I want to “punch them in the face” while watching xP lol. Especially Hyerim ! OMG! How I just hate her and how she tries to get between YJ & SE ALL the time >.<! And it’s kinda like >.> when you see that everyone, especially Yeojoon’s mom, always believes everything that everyone tells her and comes up with her own conclusion to whatever she sees without even knowing what the situation was >.>!

Just a few things like that, but I thoroughly enjoy watching the Sangeun/Yeojoon scenes ^^ They’re just so cute together, each trying to deny that they actually like one another when they actually do ! It starts becoming obvious that they get jealous when other guys/girls are around the other xD!


(I swear I feel like I always fall for the second guy with a few exceptions, but always in dramas where the main guy & girl are kinda forced to be together, I end up liking those two together xD Like in Full House & Creating Destiny, the two main people, I was always rooting for them! ^^)

인연 만들기 (Creating Destiny) ~
December 7, 2009, 4:09 pm
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Ok .. I just became hugely obsessed in this drama ! ^^;; And by hugely obsessed, I mean that I was able to waste (since each episode is around an hour long …) about 13h of my weekend watching 13 episodes cuz I just couldn’t stop watching it !!! I even stayed up until 6AM !!! just continuously watching one episode after another … I know … that’s not very healthy is it ? xD!~

So!~ If anyone wants to watch it with subs, there is an uploader in YT that is uploading subbed episodes, but so far they are only up to ep13 ! And @ mysoju, ep14 and up I think were all from viikii and the viikii videos are not working for me >.<! So I’m just going for raw eps now =P lol.

To watch or not to watch ! =P Check out HJiJu71’s YT channel for subbed ep1 ~ 13 ! More will probably be uploaded sooner or later ~