Compilation of Some Lee Jin Soo Moments from Coffee House
August 22, 2010, 12:31 am
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(warnings from YT ><! Had to take my compilation videos down…)

credit: xlemoniie @ youtube

It’s my very first video creation ever (excluding any I made 2 years ago during class cuz they were mandatory and I was not too crazy about them.. (I took a random media class one time as an elective lol)) ! And yesyesyes.. of course it has to do with Coffee House.. what else? xD!

It’s nothing fancy — just a compilation of Lee Jinsoo clips from a few of the episodes! All light-hearted/funny Jinsoo moments ^^

Coffee House Fanfic — “Twisted Fate”
August 19, 2010, 12:29 am
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I was just randomly sitting here and had a random thought about a oneshot (and yes, it’s about CH xD) that I wanted to write. (Although I really shouldn’t be thinking about writing other things while I still have my other fic to continue =P)

Anyways.. this one’s more depressing and will be written in a similar style to my other oneshot.


Happiness turned upside down.

JS was excited for EY’s return from a week-long business trip — that is, until the phone rings and he receives news that puts him in the greatest pain that he’s ever been in.

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Coffee House Fanfic: “The Three Bears” — CH2: [GOOD BOY, BAD BOY]
August 16, 2010, 11:42 pm
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So here’s the second chapter (it’s more of a filler if anything — nothing really important goes on in here).

And as I added in a note at the end of the previous chapter, I’ve decided to move that preview to the third chapter. That’s all just because of the fact that I have a lot of ideas jumbled in my head about what direction I wanna take the story and I wanna sort them out and pick the best scenario. This might take a while so I’ve written a more filler-y type of chapter so that I could get an update out to you, the readers! :)


Which will it be? Will he choose politeness or will he let his true feelings free? Eun Young tries to get him to go to the interview and stay out of trouble, while Ji Eun just hopes to god that nothing embarassing will happen involving her dad.

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Coffee House Fanfic: “The Three Bears” — CH1: [TEENAGE BOYS]
August 13, 2010, 12:06 am
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Hello! So I got bored again and starting writing this last night (or should I say morning as it was 1am). I dunno what’s with me and writing these things late at night. But anyways. This one’s in a different format from my other one, as in there’s dialogue. And the style might be kinda weird cuz I put all thoughts/actions/anything that isn’t dialogue in these “<>” brackets. It might be a bit awkward, but yea.. lol.

And like I said in the other fic, I’m just a newbie writer, so don’t expect perfection.

Hopefully you enjoy the story. It’s set in the future and the first chapter’s full of bickering between Jinsoo and his daughter. =P


[to the tune of ‘The Three Bears (곰세마리)’ song]

Three bears were living in one house:
Daddy bear,
Mommy bear,
Baby bear.
Daddy bear is on the brink of insanity.
Mommy bear is going crazy cuz of him.
Baby bear is doomed cuz of her genes.
Yay! Yay!
Aren’t I just lucky? *rolls eyes*

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Coffee House FanFic — “Under The Moonlight”
August 9, 2010, 12:55 am
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Just to give a general sense of my writing skills…

I am not a writer. Writing is not my hobby. I don’t write stories for fun. I have never posted a piece of my writing before. And I have never written a fanfic before in my life. I only read a few fanfics here and there so I don’t really take a look at different fanfic writing styles.

I just got kinda bored so I had a thought about a fanfic I could maybe write about, and here I am now! I’m still going through my Coffee House withdrawal phase — aka I can’t let the drama go yet! lol.

Anyways. Just a brief description of the fic — Jinsoo & Eunyoung end up having a drink over at his place (Takes place after the phone booth kiss in episode 8 up until EY’s disappearance in episode 9, and then a week after that is when my story takes place). And when Eunyoung ends up falling asleep, Jinsoo has a chance to really take a good look at her and make sense of his feelings.

It kinda skips around from EY’s POV to JS’s POV (hopefully it flows well) but it’s mostly Jinsoo’s POV. It’s all just thoughts; nobody actually talks.


They sit together on the floor across from the open window. A slight breeze flows into the room.

JS and EY sit there silently, both taking a sip of their beer.

It’s been a week since his birthday. A week since the kiss. A week since their confrontation. A week since EY went missing. A week since anything made sense to him anymore.

(click if it sounds interesting so far ! lol…)

Smile – Glee Cast Version
July 29, 2010, 10:12 pm
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Ah! So I found out what that song was that was used during Jinsoo & Eunyoung’s “bed scene” in epi 18 xD!

And I should have known what song it was cuz I actually wathced the episode of Glee where this song was played .. although.. I don’t remember it having as big of an effect on me when I heard it then. Maybe it’s the power of EunSoo =P And also the fact that I thought it sounded really nice during that scene in CH.

credit: proudgleek @ youtube

Enjoy ^^

[100727] Coffee House Ep18 (Final Page)
July 27, 2010, 12:31 pm
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I feel empty now that it’s over… Coffee House has been my life (slight exaggeration xD) since it started airing !

BUT! I’m content with the ending ^^

(random spoilers / scene cuts…)

[100726] Coffee House Ep17
July 26, 2010, 12:16 pm
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You can watch it here (bada), here (56) or here (tudou) !

Ohhh it’s nearing its end with only one more episode to go.

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a Jinsoo/Eunyoung ending … but judging by the preview… I dunno how everything’s gonna be tied together and how everything will wrap up ><

It just seems kinda sad with everyone crying and all… This drama .. it’s all so unpredictable which I guess is part of the reason why I’m so hooked and always anticipating the next episode.

Aw well. Whatever happens in the end,  it was fun while it lasted. My drama addiction reached new heights with this one and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride ! ^^

Now just waiting for what tomorrow will bring to us Coffee fans!!

Coffee House Quote “”
July 21, 2010, 2:47 pm
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(The quality of my screencaps suck since I don’t download HQ vids or anything… so this cap was taken from dramabeans’ CH Page 11 recap!)

1분이 10년보다 클수도 있어. 괜찮겠어?
1 minute can be bigger than 10 years. Will that be okay?

 — 이진수 // Lee Jinsoo

(random post =P
I just loved that quote!)

And of course I have to add in his most famous quote. “미친거 아냐?!” (Are you crazy?!) kekeke

[100720] Coffee House Ep16
July 20, 2010, 11:16 am
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[will edit the post with the link to the video after I can find it somewhere.. lol]

I’m going crazy waiting for the the video to come out …… @_@

There’s usually a link out by now !! But none that I know of at the moment … xP

So now I’m just very patiently waiting for the episode to come out somewhere …

So here’s the link xp!

Geez.. I mean.. I was never one for downloading videos (since I tend not to rewatch things that often so what would be the point?) but… honestly I was going crazy for this episode so I’m just like “why not?”. So yea… right after it finishes downloading I find that the link for the episode has just appeared in front of my eyes …

lol whatever. I’m off to watching !

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