TRAX “오! 나의 여신님 (Oh! My Goddess)” MV
September 2, 2010, 5:33 pm
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credit: sment @ youtube

I actually really like this song! It’s definitely more pop than their older songs… but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Is it?

I honestly think that the direction that they’re going now is gearing more towards what the general public like to hear other than what they actually might want. I definitely miss their older style (and really wish the band was whole again ><) but this isn’t bad either. I like rock — be it pop-rock, punk-rock, etc… I just like rock in general, so this song doesn’t make me go “ew! it’s becoming all “pop”” or anything like that.

Well anyways. I’m just really happy that they’re making a comeback because I thought that SM would randomly shove them in the back somewhere and I’d be waiting a year or two or more before something came from them o.o … lol.

I’d have to say that TRAX is probably my favourite band in the K-music scene at the moment ! I just love Jungmo’s awesome (awesomex100whichmakesmewishicouldplaytheguitarwithevenaquarteroftheskillsthat
hehas) guitar skills and Jay’s voice <333 And they’re just less “idol”-y than the other bands out there! (Me being somewhat of a hypocryte saying that I like less “idol-like” music when I fully listen to “idol” groups xD haha)


TRAX “오! 나의 여신님 (Oh! My Goddess)” MV Teaser
August 30, 2010, 12:22 pm
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credit: sment @ youtube

Oh my god!!! YES!! TRAX is coming back ! ^^


[100228] TRAX – Let You Go @ Inkigayo Feat. Heechul
February 28, 2010, 10:30 pm
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credit: TheTwelfs @ youtube

Yay! Heechullie on the piano ^^~

And TRAX … can never get sick of them !~~ I kinda wish there would randomly be like a band explosion in the K-music scene all of a sudden and that more Koreans would accept bands/rock music!!! And also, if there were more bands, then the music shows would have to let them play live cuz right now, they may seem like there is no reason to do soundchecks or whatever to set everything up for like 1 or 2 bands, BUT! If there were way more bands, then it wouldn’t be a waste setting up all the stuff.

Well.. anyways… ENJOY! And spread the love for K-rock ! ^^~

[100122] Music Bank — 2AM & TRAX Comebacks + C.N BLUE & After School
January 22, 2010, 4:13 pm
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credit: TheAMFSandy1 @ youtube

Love the song <333

And it feels like it’s been forever since they last promoted a song >.<! So I’m really glad that they’ve returned now ! ^^

And here’s the full 죽어도 못 보내 (Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go) MV as well ~


credit: msjoanne121 @ youtube

And speaking of the feeling of it being forever since a promotional period … TRAX! Compared to TRAX … 2AM haven’t been gone for that long.

OMG ! I love how bands are popping up recently ~! And TRAX !!!~~~ (or TX seeing as there’s only 2 of them now xP Typhoon & X-Mas… lol…)

I just wish that all four of them could be a band again … now they always have to have these people subbing in during all their performances … Even though I didn’t even know who TRAX was during their early years and have only known them for like a year now … from watching their other vids and stuff … I really miss Rose & Attack’s presence in the band — I miss their old style! But what can you do… when you wanna make it big, but the audience doesn’t favour that type of music… xP!

Anywho~ JAY & JUNGMO <333

(more performances…)

TRAX – 가슴이 차가운 남자 MV Teaser
January 21, 2010, 5:43 pm
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credit: sment @ youtube

Yeah! They’re finally making a comeback ^^

And from the sound of it so far — I LOVE IT <333

It just has that really _insert word here_ (… can’t think of the right word for it … hate when that happens…) feel to it!!! Although I kinda wish that they’d have some songs that had their old style in it — it seems like they’re turning into the rock ballad type group. Not that rock ballads are bad or anything … it’s just that … it would be nice if they had a song that was their old style cuz it was unique, you know?

And also, there’s like only 2 of them now, Jay & Jungmo >.<! Jungwoo is apparently in the army(?) That’s what I’ve been reading in comments for the video. Oh~! They’re getting smaller and smaller now … It’s not TRAX anymore at the present time … it’s TX O-o!

OH! And Heechul’s in the MV with Victoria (from f(x))! (Except I only recognized Chullie … had NO IDEA that the girl was Victoria until I read the comments xP) It seems like the typical heartbreak song/video =P!

So excited about how bands are debuting/making comebacks now ^^ Could 2010 be the year of ROCK in Korea? So far, there’s been C.N BLUE, and now TRAX… maybe if FT Island make a comeback this year as well… Ahh! I just wish that rock music would be accepted by Korean people more !!!!!! I guess there’s like No Brain, Boohwal, YDH Band, Cherry Filter, etc… But I guess I just want more different varieties of rock! And TRAX sure did have a uniqueness in the K-music scene when they first debuted!!~~~

ANYWAYS… enough of my … rant(?).


TRAX Comeback !
January 20, 2010, 11:17 pm
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Just an article I came across on AKP ~!

And it’s about time as well! I was beginning to think that SM had abandoned them or something >.<!

Whoo!~ Happy that TRAX are making their comeback ~~

But from the descriptions in the article, it seems like the songs are all gonna be more slow/soft ballad-type songs. I was kinda hoping for some songs that were like their earlier songs (so with a more rock-vibe over a ballad/soft vibe xP). Oh well!~ Excited anyways! Seems like this year is bringing in some more bands to the current KPOP scene !~~~


Oppa Band — Long Term Project?
June 25, 2009, 6:06 pm
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MBC Ilbam’s new corner “Oppa band” has become a long-term project.

One person from the show’s production team said “Firstly, they’ll have to improve their instruments playing skill and write songs that attract people. We’ve planned to make an album with those songs, also let them appear on Music core and other music shows, as well as there might be a national tour”

He also said “Although there is Yoo Youngseok who is capable of writing songs and mainly do it but every members of the band will have their own chance to show their ability of working to make songs”

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the first episode of “Oppa band” has brought the record of rating to MBC Ilbam part 2 with 3.5% (MBC Ilbam part 1 “We got married” was rated 3.6%) but it’s nothing in compared with the 2 shows that aired at the same time which are KBS Happy Sunday “2 days 1 nights” with 20.1% and SBS Good Sunday part 1 “Family outing” with 23.2% & part 2 “Gold Miss” with 9.3%.

So i guess we shouldn’t have our hopes set up too high for this happening cuz of the low ratings…. I actually enjoyed watching this show… and i could hope that this would happen, so i better pray for more viewers to tune in to “Oppa Band”