Super Junior “Victory Korea” MV Teaser
May 17, 2010, 5:10 pm
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credit: sment @ youtube

WooT~ Who’s getting into World Cup fever? Well.. me? Eh.. since I don’t really watch soccer anyways, BUT! The World Cup’s an exception ! xD!!

Rooting Korea all the way!! Cuz yea… Canada… I don’t even think they made it in… (not sure… but probably not) cuz Canada + Soccer = what exactly? Come back to me with that if soccer is replaced with hockey or something xD! lol. (Not trying to diss Canada =P).

ANYWAYS! Who’s HAPPY to see Suju Happy again? xD (minus Kangin that is…….. but yea…). I was thinking in my head yesterday about what happened to all the subgroups and then this comes out! lol. Everyone seems so cheerful and like they’re having fun! Especially Yesung! He just looks so happy in the video xD!!! I love how they incorporated Sorryx2 into it as well ~~!

I wanna see the full MV!!~~~

And Go Korea Go!!!

Video of the Week ! #19
March 11, 2010, 12:00 am
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credit: sohy @ youtube

Man… how this feels like such a long time ago….?

I wish everyone could be happy again! They should make a SJ-H comeback just to make everyone feel happy xD!