Heo Young Saeng “Crying” MV
May 26, 2012, 1:41 am
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credit: b2ment @ youtube

Nice song & MV ! I love his voice ~


Video of the Week ! #6
December 9, 2009, 3:56 pm
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Why do I keep forgetting about this post? >.< ! I keep starting things and then not continuing them …

This one is for the one I forgot last week, so another one for this week is gonna come very soon !

credit: danger1106 @ youtube

Ahahahahha ! Oh ~ Jungmin !~ xD!

And LOL @ Kyujong & Hyunjoong like literally ROFLing xDxDxD!!!!

And A’ST1 is just like  O_o? What just happened ??? haha ~!

(On a side note, such a shame that A’ST1 was disbanded … Although I was never a major fan of them, it’s still sad to see a group going apart >.<! And I also think that A’ST1 would’ve been able to become bigger if they were being promoted more effectively than they were … I also think that DSP should’ve payed more attention to A’ST1 instead of focusing only on SS501 & Kara, since they’re more popular atm (FYI, I like both these groups, so not hating on them or anything by saying that), and making Rainbow (who I just don’t really have any interest in … Gossip Girl is just not a very good song … to me at least)

[091025] Inkigayo — SS501 – 하루만 (Only One Day) & Love Like This + MBLAQ – Oh Yeah! & Interview (w/ BEAST)
October 25, 2009, 2:30 pm
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credit: hoonfami @ youtube

They sing two songs this time ^^

For their Love Like This performance … I’m not really feeling those “fake tattoo shirts” or whatever they’re called … it just looks really weird to me >.<! But still, it was a good performance !~ :)


credit: amber13roxy @ youtube

Aww~ The fan chants & cheering couldn’t be heard as much as yesterday’s performance, but it was still a good one ^^ Blue outfits this time ~! (but I’m just like, do they get a bunch of the same clothes made in multiple colours and wear them for each performance? because they’re like always wearing the same thing, but in different colours xD lol.)

Well anyways, they seem to be getting better and improving with each and every performance ^^!

Can’t wait to see them guest on a variety show or something >.<! I love seeing all my favourite people come on variety shows =P It’s just really funny!!~


credit: laughandgiggle28 @ youtube

(bonus MBLAQ video =P …)

[091024] Music Core — SS501 Comeback Stage “Love Like This (네게로)” + Other Performances
October 24, 2009, 11:57 am
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Double S 5 0 1 !!!

credit: urasiansourceKpop @ youtube

WOOTx100 !!! It was a great performance for their comeback !!! Oh how I missed SS501 together on stage :)

And I really like this song, it’s like been stuck in my head for a while now ^^

And the fan chants always give me chills, it just shows their unity and their love for the boys! They must’ve been anticipating showing Triple S their new performance+song+look as much as Triple S was anticipating seeing it ! And their work paid off I would say!

I can smell many awards coming their way !~ <333

(click for other various performances…)

[091023] SS501 – Love Like This MV Teaser
October 23, 2009, 3:51 pm
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credit: hoonfami @ youtube

WOOT! Double S is back !!! I actually like the song ~! (saying “actually” because a lot of the songs that were coming out recently … didn’t really match with my taste in music… but some are growing on me !) Just wish everyone would just tone down on using the autotoning and digitalising the voices … Other than that, can’t wait for their comeback stage ^^

On another note, I swear I have a tom of things to spazz about recently that I haven’t gotten a chance to post here, so today, I’m probably gonna post a ton of stuff, but tone down on the amount of commenting I do on the videos. Too many things to be happy about & not enough time to properly spazz on them ! xD

[090920] Family Outing w/ Kim Hyunjoong
September 21, 2009, 10:54 pm
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So since this is the first episode airing without Daesung since his accident, there was a replacement for him — Seungri ! I love how Yoo Jaesuk just keeps telling Seungri that “he’s the best!”

ahaha! I haven’t laughed this much for an episode of FO for a while ! and OMG! I dunno if it was just me, but the part where MC Yoo tries to imitate TOP’s pose just killed me ! I was like laughing soooo hard; my eyes were tearing up and my stomach was hurting … xD Starting from like 2:27 – 2:42 in part eight xD it just killed me !!!!!!~

And aww!~ there was a phonecall to Daesung near the end ! <3

and ^^! next episode seems fun !~

[090812] Arirang Kpop Zone – Best 10 Kpop Songs Countdown
August 12, 2009, 11:28 pm
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credit: randomRinnie @ youtube

So this was a special broadcast for Arirang’s 10th Anniversary and the list was compiled according to a poll that was given on their website !

YAY!~ A bunch of good songs are on the chart and WOOT!~ for SJ for achieving the top spot with their song “Sorry, Sorry” !

(click for the full list if you don’t feel like watching lol…)

SS501 Solo Teasers
July 20, 2009, 9:59 pm
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So I just decided to make one post and edit it with all the teasers from each member ~! and i’m also adding the actual mvs here as well ^^ (too lazy to start a new post xD)

ok… so…. after not updating this thing for a REALLY LONG TIME, I went back and tried searching for the 2nd ep and stuff, but I got seriously confused… >.> I searched for episode 2 and there was like a thing with 3 parts and I saw some other ep1 link and it had like more than one part and some of the videos also said episode 2 (final) and stuff and it seemed like something got skipped unless I just never watched it or something …

So all in all … I kinda gave up on this post, but I think you can find all the episodes on the channel that uploaded the 1st episode … and you’ll probably do a lot better than me in finding out what to watch.. ok? >.< (and since it was like a while ago that it came out … you’ll probably have watched it by now anyways)

(I’ve totally been neglecting my SS501 fandom lately… *hits head on desk* Although I did watch Jungmin on Music Core this past weekend ~ :D)

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Teaser: SS501 Kyujong’s Solo — Wuss Up MV
June 15, 2009, 12:58 pm
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credit: YoDubu1 @ youtube

So it’s teaser #1 from the SS501 solos ! Kyujong’s is up first and it’s called “Wuss Up” which either means “wassup” or “what’s up” or something like that or it could also be like the opposite of “man up” which is what I thought of at first… but after listening to it.. i think it’s more likely that it’s one of the first two meanings ^^;; i dunno …

well anyways… there’s kyujong singing part of it and saying wuss up a bunch of times and his eyes are like loaded with eyeliner ! hmmm… i dunno about the song yet from the teaser — i think i’ll make a final decision on how i feel about the song after i listen to the whole thing =P

Well YAY! for my first use of my SS501 category ^^v