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May 23, 2013, 10:46 pm
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I dunno why I even try to keep this blog alive… I guess I just don’t want to let it go (even though I’m barely even posting anything here)! xP

Anyway! SHINHWA’s comeback is currently taking over my life. If you want to spazz together you can find me at my tumblr blogs (updating regularly there) or at my twitter (mostly just spazzing about Shinhwa there lol) which can both be found in my notices post at the top of the page!

Hrmmm… Nothing else to say really. Errr… just some Shinhwa updates then? They won #1 at MCountdown ! So happy for them. Hoping for the best today as well at Music Bank. Ummm… You can help with Shinhwa’s ranking for Music Core by going to this page and clicking on the 영상보기 button beside ‘This Love’ to watch their MV (check it out if you haven’t already)!

Click here to vote for Shinhwa as part of the global fan vote for MCountdown!

And you can vote for them for Show Champion as well by going here (make sure you’re logged in to your Melon account first and each account can vote up to three times)!

/Ends Shinhwa support announcement

힘내요, 미스터 김! (Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!)


I really should be studying for my midterm but I just randomly felt like ranting about this drama.

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Mnet 20’s Choice Awards — SHINHWA
June 8, 2012, 10:21 pm
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Just wanted to spread the word. If you can vote for Shinhwa here, it would be amazing. It’s just that it’s been 4+ years since Shinhwa’s last album and activities as a group that I just want it to be an explosive comeback/year for them and them getting this award would be seriously awesome! I know  that they themselves said that this album wasn’t about winning awards and such, but it would still be nice to be able to get them this award for all their hard work. This is not to say that SHINee doesn’t deserve it, because of course they work hard for their albums and performances as well (and I love SHINee too <3), but I think it would just have a bigger meaning if Shinhwa won.

Anyway. If Shinhwa ends up winning, then YAY, if SHINee wins, then still Woot :D But even if Shinhwa doesn’t win, it’s the thought that counts and also the love from the fans.

Okay, whatever — I feel like I’m just repeating myself a whole lot lol. Vote away~

Made a New Tumblr Page for Shinhwa xD!
April 16, 2012, 8:47 pm
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April 12, 2012, 9:56 pm
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Since their comeback, everyday has been a Shinhwa day for me xD!

ANDY – why u so cuteeeeeeeeeeee!
ERIC – why u so crazyyyy!
DONGWAN – why u such a perfect wit guy!!!
HYESUNG – why u have such a beautiful voice!!!
JUNJIN – why u so awesome-ly good at dancing!!!
MINWOO – why u have such an adorable smile that makes me melt every time!!!

And right at exam season as well. Can’t stop searching up their videos and appearances on variety shows and spazzing non-stop!!! ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ is so good. SO SO GOOD! Seriously, it’s some incredibly funny shit. They’re all so crazy and don’t care for their ‘idol’ image which just makes it 100x more awesome! XD

And I love my new SHINHWA headers! :D

Some Random Stuff from over the Weekend~

just a bunch of stuff squished into one post lol ^^

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