[111111] 현장 토크쇼 TAXI (tvN TAXI) With Jay Park
April 12, 2012, 11:51 pm
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(i4Time8 @ youtube)

Haven’t watched it yet as it was during my time away from k-entertainment, so I just found out about it just now. But gonna watch it — looks fun :)

Video of the Week ! #35
November 4, 2010, 12:00 am
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So kiiiinndaa recently I started watching random Asian-American youtuber’s on .. well .. youtube (xD) and it’s been fun!

credit: nigahiga @ youtube

A collab between nigahiga, Wong Fu Productions & Jay Park (!!!) on the topic of none other than … BROMANCE ! xD keke

Entertaining. Actually made me feel my eyebrows =P (watch it and you’ll get it ^^v)

(and I know it’s supposed to be video of the week… but! this, you gotta watch. Made me crack up so much xD [click below!])

(baby, baby, baby… the beginning of that song will never be heard in the same way again xD …)

[090901] SangSangPlus w/ 2PM & god
September 1, 2009, 11:32 pm
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Old JYP group + new JYP group = ??? (cuz I didn’t watch it yet xD) But I’ll find the answer to that question very soon ~

Also, I should look this up … but I’ve never actually known how you’re actually supposed to spell the group name — is it GOD/god/G.O.D/g.o.d/etc… cuz whenever I see their name it always has a different way of writing it … but, what’s the actual official spelling??? I know it stands for groove over dose, but the spelling always confused me… ^^;;

credit: kassuma84 @ youtube

ANYWAYS … (I know I abuse …’s >.>) one two three four five six seven
(I know it’s not the best quality — maybe I’ll edit it with a better version of the show once someone else uploads it onto YT)

I think this one uploaded by oractangds2 @ youtube has a bit better quality ! one two three four five six seven

I know it’s gonna be a fun episode ^^*


(i4Time3 @ youtube)

I think the ending may be missing though…

Mnet Super 100 You’re My Boyfriend


the list is getting kinda long so i decided to put it all under the cut !~ lol
(the only people i can really find on YT are members from DBSK, SJ, 2PM, SHINee and Big Bang … can’t really find that many other people >.<)

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[090627/090628] Oppa Band Track 2 + Introducing Stars Friends Survival + Star King + Fantasy Couple (Eunhyuk Cuts)

Oppa Band Track 2 ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE (credit: randomRinnie @ youtube)

Ahhh~ so i really do hope that the ratings went up at least a little bit from last week if we wanna keep this show going !!!!~

So they get a new singer, Seo Inyoung (Jewelry member + had a fake marriage with Crown J on WGM), and she has a nice voice !~ Better than Park Hyunbin i would say cuz his voice is just too trot-ish lol ! So their next performance is gonna be one for their friends and family and they all practice songs together and little separate performances. But before that, they all go to eat at Tak Jaehoon’s house where you can see his, Yoo Youngsuk and Shin Dongyup’s wife and they tell stories about their husbands which some of them were kinda >< . Cuz they were talking about what the guys did on the day that they were giving birth to their kids and apparently, after he saw that his daughter was ok and everything after birth, he went golfing !!! and Tak Jaehoon and Yoo Youngsuk both went out to drink and stuff so i was like >< lol. And there was a guitar+song performance by sungmin+jungmo of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” ^^~.

and OMG lol ! at when sungmin was leaving in his van to meet up with the rest of the band members, the random male fan that looked so happy to shake hands with ming xD

Well anyways, then it’s the concert, where you can see sungmin’s mom & dad clearly xD! and also, Heechul came too and you can see glimpses of him at his table =P. So they perform their songs (and sungmin sings the opening song … with his PINK guitar ! comeback of his pink-ness? xD), and have small solo performances. Sungmin does a magic show, Yoo Youngsuk sings while playing the piano for his wife, Shin Dongyup and his daughter sing “아빠 힘내세요” (something like “Dad, have strength” or something like that) to his dad, Jungmo does a guitar solo to DBSK’s “Mirotic”, Tak Jaehoon does a harmonica performance to “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls (with Seo Inyoung&Sungmin as the back dancers xD) and Kim Gura and his song Donghyun sing some song and it’s kinda lol.

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