[100212] Music Bank Lunar New Year Special — Performances
February 12, 2010, 6:00 pm
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I dunno if I’ll be able to get all of them cuz I actually haven’t watched it yet and I dunno everyone who’s performing today, so I’m just posting up whatever I find when I search for the show in YT =P

Some of them are not the best quality … but yea… too lazy to go and search for any better ones xD ! haha…

(lots of embedded videos under the cut)

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[091024] Music Core — SS501 Comeback Stage “Love Like This (네게로)” + Other Performances
October 24, 2009, 11:57 am
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Double S 5 0 1 !!!

credit: urasiansourceKpop @ youtube

WOOTx100 !!! It was a great performance for their comeback !!! Oh how I missed SS501 together on stage :)

And I really like this song, it’s like been stuck in my head for a while now ^^

And the fan chants always give me chills, it just shows their unity and their love for the boys! They must’ve been anticipating showing Triple S their new performance+song+look as much as Triple S was anticipating seeing it ! And their work paid off I would say!

I can smell many awards coming their way !~ <333

(click for other various performances…)

MVs — Gavy NJ, FT Island, SHINee
May 23, 2009, 4:27 pm
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희영 (Gavy nj) and 장혜진 – Twilight (영원토록) OMG! this is such a nice song ~ I really love it ^^ I guess it’s for the Korean dubbed version of Twilight (I was never really into Twilight anyways…) BUT this song is just <333 and I like Gavy NJ, they have such amazing voices and so does Jang Hyejin =D ohh and I was really hoping for a performance of it and there was one from yesterday’s Music Bank episode here ^^

FT Island- She doesn’t know It’s subbed as well ^^ and OH MY GOD!!!! WONBBIIIINNNNNNNN !!!~~~~~ I miss him soooo much >.< (I support Seunghyun and I still love FTI now…. but I still can’t help it..) This was never my favourite song of theirs, but it was okay… but now…. I think the song is getting to me more … maybe it’s cuz of the MV, but w/e … I swear I have not seen Wonbin for like AGES…. even though it’s only been like a few months >.< I really hope he has a comeback of some sort so I can see his face again <333

SHINee – Juliette MV SUBS AS WELL ~ ok.. so apparently it’s a remake of Corbin Bleu’s (from HSM [?] I think) song Deal With It. Never heard that song before but if this is a remake of that song, then I’m guessing it’s a pretty ok song cuz I’m kinda liking Juliette and the more I hear it the more it starts to grow on me xD (kinda reminds of a mix of their songs: Replay+Love Like Oxygen+Amigo = Juliette ? lol) But back to the MV … uhhh … i gotta say that some of their hair is just O.O wow… and their clothes are ok.. but not loving it (especially the tie-dye ones) and Minho’s pink pants stand out like o.o!