[100306] Star King + We Got Married
March 6, 2010, 12:36 pm
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Star King
(ELFZONE2 @ youtube)

Didn’t watch the whole thing yet — only saw part of the Irish dancing part. LOL @ Brian and U-Kiss though =P And Tae Jinah xD!


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[100130] Idol Magnae Rebellion Ep 13 + Star Golden Bell + Star King

(5minniemink @ youtube)

So the purpose of the game was to see which team could finish eating more food than the other.

They had to pick a random ball out of the container, and each ball had a different letter on it. The person who picks it out has to name a food item that starts with that letter within 5 seconds or else they must receive some kind of punishment. They have to go out and find a place that will have the food item that they named, and they must go there and say to the employees, “give us __(whatever food they named)__.” The employee then must give them whatever amount they think they need and the team must finish all the food items on the table.

Ha~ I totally get like those boys when under pressure — you can’t think of anything right away, so you end up saying something random xP! Like Taemin and his wasabi >.<! (I hate wasabi …)

So Taemin’s wasabi as an example: They went to the restaurant and asked for wasabi, but the employee told them that they have to order something in order to receive the wasabi. The SHINee members cannot tell him what they want to order, and the employee must bring them whatever food. Then whatever he brings them, they must eat it ALL! So they avoid sitting at tables where there are a lot of condiments (pepper, ketchup, etc…) already on there.

Anyways… some explaining just in case anyone didn’t get the concept of the game !

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[091121] 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards

So far, on YT, this channel has the most of it up !

Parts 1 & 2 of the show are up, and there’s still part 3 that’s gonna come and I dunno if that’s the last part or if there’s a part 4 o.o? lol.

I’ve only gotten through part 1 right now xD!

The part that made me laugh the most was in part 1 7/7 when Taecyeon was like counting all the girls in the Japanese girl group, AKB48, and then he noticed he was on camera xD!

But seriously … 48 members?!?!?!?! O_o! And I though SJ had a lot with 13/15 members xD! Apparently they’re in teams A, K & B and I have no idea which team they were ^^;; (It might’ve been mentioned, but as usual, I kinda drift off here and there & there’s the fact that they were speaking Japanese, which I barely have any knowledge of, and my Korean isn’t super good, so I can’t read the translations super fast >.<)

Well, anyways, ENJOY!

(I can’t wait until all the year-end awards and shows and stuff ^^ I really enjoyed watching them last year, with the SBS Gayo Daejun being the one that I remember the most =P ! And it so totally does not feel like that was a year ago !!! It feels like it was just yesterday ~~~! Ah!~ How I wish it was last year again … It would be a year back so I’d be having a lighter load of work at school xD! And all this drama & chaos that started in 2009 for the male idol groups wouldn’t have happened [at least not yet..] and the world would be a happier place *sigh* ~)

[091001/091002] Chuseok Specials ! ^^
October 2, 2009, 5:44 pm
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So the Korean Chuseok time is upon us and so are the many many specials for this celebration time ^^

[091002] 달콤한 걸 (Sweet Girl)


credit: nasasapce @ youtube

MCs – Noh Hongchul & Gil

Guests – Kara (no Nicole), 4Minute, SNSD (Sunny, Sooyoung, Jessica), After School (no UEE), Brown Eyed Girls (no Gain)

So it’s kinda like a strength competition for the girls ! xD And a lot of them are really stronger than they look o.o! Like they had a dance part and I think After School owned all the others in that department !~ =P (I actually really like the AS girls, but haven’t really been paying them that much attention >.<! and no offense to all people who love UEE, but I’m one of those people that think that she didn’t really have to be put in After School … I kinda like it better as the original 5 of them … cuz it’s like she’s always off on her own everywhere and w/e … it’s not like I don’t like her or anything, but it’s just my opinion so don’t start throwing bricks at me or something … @.@) So then there were these try to guess who’s who while having a blindfold on, and a who has the best lips and legs competition. Winners: lips Sunny & legs Hyomin (I think it was … not too familiar with T-ara yet…)

There were all these other strength competitions like a wrestling-type game (dunno what to call it …), arm wrestling, hammering, PULLING A 2.5t (? i forget…) TRUCK, and a race! And OMG, Goo Hara is a really fast runner … so sad to see what happened at the end =O !

And ahaha ~ BEG are actually really funny ! Not that I haven’t noticed this before — they’re really cool girls and I kinda like it that they’re not like a super young idol group !~ :)

So other than Sweet Girl, I haven’t watched the others yet, going to do that now … or soon anyways !~


[090825] 2PM Wild Bunny Ep6
August 26, 2009, 12:02 am
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credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube

Parts two three four five

Ahaha !~ So the long awaited Dirty Eyed Girls version of Abracadabra is finally here !!! =P (Ahh ! Random, but I find Wooyoung seriously soooo adorable xD)

So the boys seem to be getting a little crazy (especially Jokwon xD) !~ And the lyrics they made for their version of the song is so jks :D And everytime it’s someone’s turn for their solo shots, everyone else seems to wanna throw up haha xP And when they’re on the set, and were all posing for the camera, Taecyeon looked cute with his puffed up cheeks (reminds me of teukie w/ him doing that all the time xP) but then they had to go and say that he looked like Dooly with armpit hair XD lolol !

And TADA ! The Brown Eyed Girls actually show up on the set ^^~ Must be nice to know that there’s a dirty parody of your song xD Their reactions to seeing BEG was so funny ~! Must’ve been so embarassing to meet in that situation … awkward ..! And it must’ve been even worse when all of a sudden your other members appear as well ~ ^^;;

So their version is called “다불어때다불어따 때벗겨라” by “드러운 아이드걸스” (so like “Dabuleoddaedabuleodda ddaebutgyeora” as the title lol) !
The MV’s so LOLtastic !!! <– watch with subs ^^~

Aw man, I missed the guys !~ Especially Jay and his randomness <333 Can’t wait for next week ! (And yay! for Junho being the MC this time around — maybe we’ll get to see his face a lot more next episode :D !)

[090712/090719] FT Island Hangeul Island Season 2 Eps1,2 + [090727] FT Island & Brown Eyed Girls on Sukira + [090725] Hongki on Star Golden Bell

So me, being all bleh lately with my fandoms >.> didn’t even realize that this started already like 3 weeks ago ~.~ lol. And just so you know… I haven’t been able to watch any of these yet, but I will ! (most likely … o.o lol)

[090712] Ep1one two three (raw) (colloquie @ youtube)

[090719] Ep2one two three (subbed) (PrimadonnaSubs @ youtube)

I haven’t fully finished watching the first season yet >.< lol, but just felt like sharing these with you guys !~ (+plus, if I post it here then it’ll be a reminder to myself to finish watching it everytime i see this post xD)

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