After School “BANG!” MV Teaser
March 21, 2010, 10:22 pm
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credit: AfterSchoolCraze @ youtube

Yay!~ After School !!!~ And FYI, from what the description says, “the girls will really be playing the drums themselves. They have been training for this song for 7 months.” So I thought that was really cool :)

And in case you didn’t know already, they have added another member to the group for these promotions — Lizzy.

Seems like for every promotion, a new member gets added. xD! lol.

AH – 5 members
Diva – 6 members
Because of You – 7 members
BANG! – 8 members !

After School is like my favourite girl group out there right now and no matter how many members they end up with, I’ll still love & support all of them! But… I have to admit, I really miss the original 5-membered AS xP!

Anyways… enough of that.


[100214] 스타 댄스 대격돌 춤봤다! (Star Dance Battle)

(joyceeishungee9 @ youtube)

Round 1: MBLAQ vs Rainbow
Round 2: T-Ara vs BEAST
Round 3: Chae Young/Kim Na Young/Jo Hye Run vs Chun Myung Hoon/Kim Jong Min
Round 4: After School vs Girls’ Generation
Round 5: Shin Bong Sun vs Kim Shin Young
Round 6: 2PM vs Super Junior

Aiya… kinda late by like 2 weeks ^^;; lol.

I love watching these dance specials ~~! And SUJU won MVP !!! :)

[100203] 아이돌 군단의 떴다! 그녀 시즌5 (Idol Army Show S5) Ep 8
February 3, 2010, 4:36 pm
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(abmshows @ youtube)

Ah~! Another funny episode ! xD! Part 2 of After School as the guests !

The ice cream feeding part was just hilarious !!! Especially the Nana/Mir couple =P

And I love how they refer to the G.O/Jooyeon couple as father and daughter xD! Cute <3

And the punishment with everyone dressing up as Flashman (?) ! haha~~ Especially Joon & Thunder ! They were just so random xD! I bet some of those people who didn’t know who MBLAQ were, were just like O-o?!? Like “wth are these people doing?” haha!~ And btw, there seemed to be a lot of Japanese people there o.o! And Joon’s english pronounciation was like really good imo =P ~

And the FREE HUG !! I wish I could’ve been there … So many places where I wish I could be … but no… I don’t live in Korea >.<! lol…

[100130] Idol Magnae Rebellion Ep 13 + Star Golden Bell + Star King

(5minniemink @ youtube)

So the purpose of the game was to see which team could finish eating more food than the other.

They had to pick a random ball out of the container, and each ball had a different letter on it. The person who picks it out has to name a food item that starts with that letter within 5 seconds or else they must receive some kind of punishment. They have to go out and find a place that will have the food item that they named, and they must go there and say to the employees, “give us __(whatever food they named)__.” The employee then must give them whatever amount they think they need and the team must finish all the food items on the table.

Ha~ I totally get like those boys when under pressure — you can’t think of anything right away, so you end up saying something random xP! Like Taemin and his wasabi >.<! (I hate wasabi …)

So Taemin’s wasabi as an example: They went to the restaurant and asked for wasabi, but the employee told them that they have to order something in order to receive the wasabi. The SHINee members cannot tell him what they want to order, and the employee must bring them whatever food. Then whatever he brings them, they must eat it ALL! So they avoid sitting at tables where there are a lot of condiments (pepper, ketchup, etc…) already on there.

Anyways… some explaining just in case anyone didn’t get the concept of the game !

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[091230/100113/100120/100127] 아이돌 군단의 떴다! 그녀 (Idol Army Show) Ep 3, 5, 6, 7
January 28, 2010, 1:03 pm
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Oh wow… I just noticed that I seem to have skipped over posting about a bunch of the episodes =P lol.

Ep5 (Joon Secret Camera) – ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE
Ep6 (Member Tests/Soojung)ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX
credit: abmshows @ youtube

I keep falling more & more for Seungho <33333
He can play the guitar too?!?!!?!
He can sing, dance, play piano, play guitar, he’s cute&good-looking, nice, has a sense of humour … what doesn’t he have/can’t he do?


(hehe! it’s like a seungho post =P)

Everyone else was their usual dorky selves ^^ Can’t get enough of MBLAQ !~ Not afraid to throw away their “idol” image xD! And that’s part of why I love them more ~!

ENJOY ! ^^

Video of the Week ! #13
January 28, 2010, 12:00 am
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credit: achelsubbing @ youtube

Aw… I miss Jay & his interactions with the other 2PM boys … He really is the HOTTEST of them all >.<!

But let’s not get all down and gloomy!

I searched for this video mostly just for the “AH!” dance part xD! But listening to his voice was also really soothing after not hearing him sing for a while ….. (even though it’s an old video…)

Jay, Wooyoung & Taec are just really hilarious and dorky xD!!!!~ Wooyoungie is just sooo flexible (unlike a certain someone *cough me cough* and Taec too! lol =P!) SAVE OUR TAECYEON FROM THE SPLITS !!! xD! LOL!

Ahh~ I miss 2PM hosting Idol Army & I miss Boom as the MC as well ! (IMO, he would’ve been the perfect MC for MBLAQ’s season ^^)

[100122] Music Bank — 2AM & TRAX Comebacks + C.N BLUE & After School
January 22, 2010, 4:13 pm
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credit: TheAMFSandy1 @ youtube

Love the song <333

And it feels like it’s been forever since they last promoted a song >.<! So I’m really glad that they’ve returned now ! ^^

And here’s the full 죽어도 못 보내 (Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go) MV as well ~


credit: msjoanne121 @ youtube

And speaking of the feeling of it being forever since a promotional period … TRAX! Compared to TRAX … 2AM haven’t been gone for that long.

OMG ! I love how bands are popping up recently ~! And TRAX !!!~~~ (or TX seeing as there’s only 2 of them now xP Typhoon & X-Mas… lol…)

I just wish that all four of them could be a band again … now they always have to have these people subbing in during all their performances … Even though I didn’t even know who TRAX was during their early years and have only known them for like a year now … from watching their other vids and stuff … I really miss Rose & Attack’s presence in the band — I miss their old style! But what can you do… when you wanna make it big, but the audience doesn’t favour that type of music… xP!

Anywho~ JAY & JUNGMO <333

(more performances…)

[091128] Mir & Thunder @ Star Golden Bell + [091127] After School – Because of You @ Music Bank + [FANCAM] C.N Blue Kwangjin & Yonghwa + [091121] K.Will @ KJE’s Chocolate

Just a bunch of random videos that I have just watched recently or haven’t gotten to posting them up from a while ago =P


credit: absolutemblaq2 @ youtube

Ah~ Mir xD! Or should I say “Bang Chul Yong” =P! He’s really just a one-of-a-kind person ! Haha! And DoongDoongie was cute imitating that squid guy(whose name I don’t remember …) from Dooly xD!


(la la la ~~~ …)

[091003] Chuseok Special — Idol Big Show
October 4, 2009, 12:17 am
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Parts ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN (crosscourt2006 @ youtube)

Oh!~ This is gonna be one awesome special to watch ^^.

From all the stuff I read & heard about it, it’s gotta be interesting ! From all the special stages and stuff, I’m sure there’ll be some surprises! Like I read a comment on YT that said that Kara was singing trot ! (never heard them try before so that’ll be new & interesting!)

So watch! From what I’ve read, there were many guests such as: Lee Seunggi, Kara, G-Dragon (& Big Bang ^^), After School, 4Minute, SNSD . . . ^^

So ENJOY ^^~

I’m off to watch it now !~

[091001/091002] Chuseok Specials ! ^^
October 2, 2009, 5:44 pm
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So the Korean Chuseok time is upon us and so are the many many specials for this celebration time ^^

[091002] 달콤한 걸 (Sweet Girl)


credit: nasasapce @ youtube

MCs – Noh Hongchul & Gil

Guests – Kara (no Nicole), 4Minute, SNSD (Sunny, Sooyoung, Jessica), After School (no UEE), Brown Eyed Girls (no Gain)

So it’s kinda like a strength competition for the girls ! xD And a lot of them are really stronger than they look o.o! Like they had a dance part and I think After School owned all the others in that department !~ =P (I actually really like the AS girls, but haven’t really been paying them that much attention >.<! and no offense to all people who love UEE, but I’m one of those people that think that she didn’t really have to be put in After School … I kinda like it better as the original 5 of them … cuz it’s like she’s always off on her own everywhere and w/e … it’s not like I don’t like her or anything, but it’s just my opinion so don’t start throwing bricks at me or something … @.@) So then there were these try to guess who’s who while having a blindfold on, and a who has the best lips and legs competition. Winners: lips Sunny & legs Hyomin (I think it was … not too familiar with T-ara yet…)

There were all these other strength competitions like a wrestling-type game (dunno what to call it …), arm wrestling, hammering, PULLING A 2.5t (? i forget…) TRUCK, and a race! And OMG, Goo Hara is a really fast runner … so sad to see what happened at the end =O !

And ahaha ~ BEG are actually really funny ! Not that I haven’t noticed this before — they’re really cool girls and I kinda like it that they’re not like a super young idol group !~ :)

So other than Sweet Girl, I haven’t watched the others yet, going to do that now … or soon anyways !~