2PM “Without U” MV
April 20, 2010, 5:47 pm
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credit: 2pm @ youtube

Their new MV from “Can’t Stop Don’t Stop”.

It’s pretty catchy… BUT! It’s gonna have to take me a few more listens before I either think it’s just a meh song or I start to really love it ~ lol. xP

And I know there’s all this drama going around about you know what … but it seems like Jay still supports the current 2pm members so why can’t people either do the same or keep it to themselves ….. I totally hate antis …. they sometimes piss me off so much >.> (which I guess is their job … no point in giving out your negative opinion/comments if you thought no one was gonna see or respond to it…)

I’ll support 2pm AND jay all the way. I can’t just abandon them because of this. So I hope them all good luck in all their future endeavors ! :)

Back to the Good Old Days …
February 28, 2010, 5:25 pm
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credit: jypentertainment @ youtube

Back to the good old debut days of 2008! When everything was all more innocent & happy. Before their big explosion of fame, before all the controversy… before everything. ………. I bet none of them would have guessed in a million years that what’s happening to them now would have ever happened.

(sigh, sigh and more sighing…)

[100214] 스타 댄스 대격돌 춤봤다! (Star Dance Battle)

(joyceeishungee9 @ youtube)

Round 1: MBLAQ vs Rainbow
Round 2: T-Ara vs BEAST
Round 3: Chae Young/Kim Na Young/Jo Hye Run vs Chun Myung Hoon/Kim Jong Min
Round 4: After School vs Girls’ Generation
Round 5: Shin Bong Sun vs Kim Shin Young
Round 6: 2PM vs Super Junior

Aiya… kinda late by like 2 weeks ^^;; lol.

I love watching these dance specials ~~! And SUJU won MVP !!! :)

[100212] Music Bank Lunar New Year Special — Performances
February 12, 2010, 6:00 pm
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I dunno if I’ll be able to get all of them cuz I actually haven’t watched it yet and I dunno everyone who’s performing today, so I’m just posting up whatever I find when I search for the show in YT =P

Some of them are not the best quality … but yea… too lazy to go and search for any better ones xD ! haha…

(lots of embedded videos under the cut)

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Video of the Week ! #13
January 28, 2010, 12:00 am
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credit: achelsubbing @ youtube

Aw… I miss Jay & his interactions with the other 2PM boys … He really is the HOTTEST of them all >.<!

But let’s not get all down and gloomy!

I searched for this video mostly just for the “AH!” dance part xD! But listening to his voice was also really soothing after not hearing him sing for a while ….. (even though it’s an old video…)

Jay, Wooyoung & Taec are just really hilarious and dorky xD!!!!~ Wooyoungie is just sooo flexible (unlike a certain someone *cough me cough* and Taec too! lol =P!) SAVE OUR TAECYEON FROM THE SPLITS !!! xD! LOL!

Ahh~ I miss 2PM hosting Idol Army & I miss Boom as the MC as well ! (IMO, he would’ve been the perfect MC for MBLAQ’s season ^^)

Video of the Week ! #10
January 7, 2010, 4:51 pm
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2PM Heartbeat Ending Compilation !

length: 5:18s

credit: Symbelmynevii @ youtube

Just randomly came across this video !

Pure awesomeness !!!! 2PM JJANG !! <3

[091210] 2009 Golden Disk Awards
December 10, 2009, 5:43 pm
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Woo~ I hit 10 000 views xD! lol.


I had TOTALLY forgotten about the Golden Disk Awards >.> Which were today … (yesterday in Korea). I’ve only seen the Suju performance so far and one word … AWESOME !!! They sang part of Sorryx2 (Answer) and then performed Sorryx2 remix version ^^ Missed seeing them together on stage ! (Even though Kibum’s still missing & Kangin’s not there … Kibum better be back for SJ’s 4th album, whenever it’s being released ! ^^)


credit: HyukGem @ youtube

And ! THEY WON THE DAESANG !!! ^^ <333333333

I just had to make this the main thing ^^ I feel like I haven’t been showing much SJ love lately >< lol!

(click for many embedded clips ^^ …)

Video of the Week ! #5
November 28, 2009, 1:51 pm
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I totally forgot about this post >.<!!!

Oh geez! LOL! Look at everyone abusing the Chupa Chups guy xD! Covering his eyes & poking him and stuff ! I swear every guy group that came to the Chupa Chups guy, someone in the group decided to cover its eyes xP! lol!

credit: absolutemblaq @ youtube

MBLAQ, BEAST, 2PM, etc.. were there! But …!


The more I see him, the more clingy he seems =P!

I can just imagine it like:

Mir: *hugs* *clings*
Seungho: Okay, that’s enough! Let’s Go !
Mir: *pouts*

lol! It’s like a dad or something trying to get his child to come with him. xD

[091121] 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards

So far, on YT, this channel has the most of it up !

Parts 1 & 2 of the show are up, and there’s still part 3 that’s gonna come and I dunno if that’s the last part or if there’s a part 4 o.o? lol.

I’ve only gotten through part 1 right now xD!

The part that made me laugh the most was in part 1 7/7 when Taecyeon was like counting all the girls in the Japanese girl group, AKB48, and then he noticed he was on camera xD!

But seriously … 48 members?!?!?!?! O_o! And I though SJ had a lot with 13/15 members xD! Apparently they’re in teams A, K & B and I have no idea which team they were ^^;; (It might’ve been mentioned, but as usual, I kinda drift off here and there & there’s the fact that they were speaking Japanese, which I barely have any knowledge of, and my Korean isn’t super good, so I can’t read the translations super fast >.<)

Well, anyways, ENJOY!

(I can’t wait until all the year-end awards and shows and stuff ^^ I really enjoyed watching them last year, with the SBS Gayo Daejun being the one that I remember the most =P ! And it so totally does not feel like that was a year ago !!! It feels like it was just yesterday ~~~! Ah!~ How I wish it was last year again … It would be a year back so I’d be having a lighter load of work at school xD! And all this drama & chaos that started in 2009 for the male idol groups wouldn’t have happened [at least not yet..] and the world would be a happier place *sigh* ~)

[091113/14/15] 2PM (1:59PM) Comeback @ Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo with “Heartbeat”
November 15, 2009, 3:27 pm
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Listen to my heartbeat. It’s beating for you! Listen to my heartbeat. It’s waiting for you!

Music bank:

credit: Leahruth @ youtube

2 ! P ! M ! JJANG !

OMG! I was so excited for their comeback & with all the hype and stuff going around about how Jaebum might come back and stuff … I kinda, a little bit, got my hopes up that he’d randomly surprise everyone by showing up on the stage with the other six members all of a sudden and then everyone would be happy and crying and all would be right in the 2PM world … but no … It’s probably just my imagination and hope going too far ….

(*sigh* too much controversy and bad news this year >.<)

But the performances (although it would’ve been nice if Jay was there) were really captivating and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them while they were performing.

The fan chanting was also <3333 Jay’s name is included just like it should be ^^

And the dancing is totally adjkhsdgldsjg!!! *spazz* Really unique and awesome ! I love the intro & the endings the best ! Taecyeon with the beating heart in the beginning & wooyoung’s heart-stopping bit at the end !!!


(Park Jaebum! Kim Junsu! ~ Nichkhun! Ok Taecyeon! ~ Jang Wooyoung! Lee Junho! ~ Hwang Chansung! 2PM! ~ …)