Reply 1994 Fanfic “그녀가 떠나다”
February 23, 2014, 1:26 am
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A really short oneshot about Najung’s thoughts as she leaves the cafe after meeting with Trash Oppa. (Would you  guys believe me if I said I randomly thought of this while brushing my teeth? lol)

The idea popped into my head in Korean so I wrote it out that way (though hopefully it all makes sense/is grammatically correct OTL). But I also wrote it out in English as well. (The title sounds funny to me when I try writing it out in English “She has left” or “That girl is leaving” so I just left it untitled in English. And sorry if any parts sound awkward — it’s just because it was in Korean first).

한국사람이 혹시 이거 읽게되면 … 저는 한국어가 아직 서툴어서 뭐가 이상하게 느껴지면 이해해주세염~ ^^;;
한글로 쓰는게 처음입나다… (아이디어가 갑자기 한국어로 떠올라서 한글로 써 봤다.. 똥손 그리고 짧음 주의 하시길…)

그녀가 떠나다.

카페에서 나섰다.

찬 바람이 그녀의 얼굴을 감샀다. 촉촉히 젖어있는 얼굴 때문에 더 차갑게 느쪄졌다.

이젠 문 하나만으로 그녀와 그의 사이를 막고 있었다… 그 생각이 떠올렸다. 문만 열고 다시 들어가면 그의 품에 안길수가있다. 그의 따뜻함을 느낄수있다. 그리웠던 그의 향기도. 하지만 그럴수가 없었다. 기다려야 했다. 그를.

한참을 문 밖에 서있었다. 차가운 공기 처럼 그녀도 차가워졌다.

그는 나오지도 않았고… 그는 그녀를 잡지도 않았다…

She exited the café.

The cold air surrounded her face. The air felt colder because of the tears on her face.

Now there was only a door standing in between him and her. She had this thought. If she just opened the door and went back into the café, she could be in his arms again. She could feel his warmth. And his scent that she missed. But she couldn’t go back. She had to wait. For him.

She stood outside the door for a while. Like the cold air, she was becoming cold.

He didn’t come out… And he didn’t hold onto her…


그래서 눈물 딲고 마음을 잡고서 힘겹게 한 걸음을 때다. 천천히 한 걸음 한 걸음을 걷는다. 걸음마다 가슴이 찢어질것 만 같은 기분이었는데 멈추지는 않았다. 아니- 멈추면 안 된다. 발걸음을 멈추면 다시 돌아서 그의 곁으로 뛰어갈거 분명했다. 그래서 계속 앞을 보고 걸어가는거만 할수 있었다. 한번도 돌아서지도 멈추지도 않고 계속 걸어가는거.

숨이 막히고 가슴이 답답하고 그 곳에서 벗어나기만 싶었다. 무작정 달리기 시작하고 택시를 잡아 멀리 떠나는데, 몸만 계속 멀어지자 그녀의 심장은 그에게 계속 뛰고 만 있었다. 쿵쾅쿵쾅. 그에게 소리치는 것 처럼.

So she wiped her tears and made up her mind, taking one step forward. Slowly she took one step after another. She felt like her heart was ripping apart with every step, but she didn’t stop. No- she couldn’t stop. If she stopped her steps she knew she would turn back around and run towards him. So she couldn’t do anything but keep on walking. Just walking, without once stopping or turning around.

She couldn’t breathe and she felt frustrated and just wanted to get out of there. She started running — grabbed a taxi to get away, but while her body was getting farther and farther, her heart kept running towards him. Thump. Thump. Like it was shouting out to him.


다시 내 곁으로 돌아와라… 너무 멀리 떠나기 전에… 나를 잡아줘…
Come back to me… Before I get too far… Hold onto me…

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Brilliant! Truly touching. I love the literary meaning of it all. Great work, minnie!

Comment by Heartoppaya

Thank you~ ^^

Comment by xitsyou

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