힘내요, 미스터 김! (Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!)


I really should be studying for my midterm but I just randomly felt like ranting about this drama.

I never really expected to end up watching and getting hooked onto a daily drama (just cuz of the number of episodes and all xP) but I ended up watching this because Dongwan was in it. And now I’m officially waiting for each day to see what happens next!

So first off.. the characters. I’ll just mention a few.

Jiyoung first of all… I really don’t know what to say about her… I think she was okay in the beginning. The really beginning. After that, she just started getting on my nerves. Ever since Taepyung found out that she liked him she’s just been really bugging me >.< She just kept crying and being all emotional and everything even after Taepyung said he didn’t see her in that way. She just kept being all whiny and I feel like her actions just forced him to agree to go out with her. Like I dunno… She just gives me these vibes. And when Taepyung said they could try going out, he said SLOWLY and that he’ll try to see if he grows feelings for her. But omg. It was like just the fact that he agreed to see her now meant that they were all in love and that they were gonna get married and everything. And the kids. She never seemed like she wanted to genuinely spend time with them just for the sake of spending time with them and getting to know them and get closer to them — she always seemed like she had an ulterior motive: to try and get more attention from Taepyung and to put up a show to show him that she was taking care of and getting friendlier with the kids. Maybe I’m just reading too much into this but yea… Even after they broke up I just have bad vibes from her and find a lot of things about her character kind of annoying.

Let’s see. Gunwook. Oh my. Ever since he showed up, I got nothing but bad vibes from him. I never liked him. No matter what he does, nothing ever seems like it’s 100% truthful — it always seems like he’s acting because he wants something. The whole time he was with Wookyung I never felt like he actually really loved her at all. Maybe it’s cuz of all the conversations with his dad and all, but he always seemed like he was in it for the money from her dad. Maybe he liked her a bit or something but I could never imagine the two of them getting married. The whole time they were together I was just waiting for them to break up (cuz I knew it was gonna happen eventually). They were also kind of too different in their views. Like it was so annoying how he treated Taepyung all the time like degrading him, especially in front of Wookyung like it would make him seem more cool or something, while he knew that Taepyung and her were friends. And I hate how it was basically his fault, what with all the lies, that broke up their relationship and then he comes around like nothing ever happened and tries to win her back. And he even has the decency to keep saying to her “how can you do that to me?” every time she rejects him. Like seriously. IT WAS YOUR FAULT that she broke up with you. You could have just straight out told her that there was a girl from his past and that she was trying to get to him instead of telling all these lies and everything.

And like that whole company business. Not really interesting. The battle between him and his mom? Like wow. Their whole relationship is just messed up. She shouldn’t have really been so mean to him as a child (it’s not like he’s the one that planned to trick her and make her adopt him when he was her husband’s child). If anything, she should have really been mad at her husband (who I also really dislike… I really don’t seem to like a lot of the characters LOL).

ANYWAY. Everyone in Taepyung’s little family is alright with me. They’re so cute and likable. Unlike the parents that live downstairs. They really annoy me — especially the mom. She’s always gossiping, only doing things that would benefit her, saying things to people that really shouldn’t be said, forcing her daughter to obey all these rules and do everything that only she wants her to do. Like omg, she’s like 20+ I think it’s time to give her a little more freedom.

And in Wookyung’s family, I only really like Hokyung, although the grandmothers are alright I guess. I hope they didn’t just randomly stop his development and him being able to go out and stuff.

Lastly. OTP. Taepyung x Wookyung FTW! Ever since the beginning I wanted this pair to happen. There was just so much more chemistry between them compared to him and Jiyoung. And it already seemed like the show was hinting that he had a crush on her from really early on. I get giddy seeing the two of them together. But I’m also getting ready for the impending DOOM aka when her family finds out that they’re dating. Cuz looking upon previous experience. It. Will. Not. Be. Good.

/end rant


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