We Got Married Season 4 — Thoughts
January 10, 2013, 2:34 am
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SO! I’ve recently gotten back on to the WGM train since I last got off after YongSeo left the show. The reason I’ve been drawn back in?

Oddly enough it was the Julien Kang & Yoon Se Ah couple. I’d known who the two of them were before (Julien from High Kick 2 and various variety program appearances and Yoon Se Ah from A Gentleman’s Dignity (although I only ended up watching just a few of the beginning episodes of that drama)) but I’d never had any particular feelings towards either of them — didn’t love them, didn’t hate them… just ‘meh’. Maybe it was because he was a foreigner (although half Korean, but raised outside of Korea) that I felt like there was a newer and fresher perspective with all the little differences in culture between them (which probably led to all that “skiiinshiiip” lol) that made the couple seem different from the recent couples that have been on the show. Maybe it was also the fact that they were both in their 30’s and so a much more mature relationship could be seen. I don’t really know what the real reason is, but there’s a chemistry there that really reminds me of the original couples of the first season (Andy/Solbi is still one of my favourite couples to have ever been on the show) and it just feels much more real. I don’t know what’s going on with me but now I’m waiting for every Saturday to watch this couple interact some more!! But I have some issues with the amount of airtime this couple gets. I mean, in the most recent episode they probably got like 5 minutes out of the whole hour and there are only 3 couples on right now. To the WGM PDs: I NEED MOARRRR! Thank you.


As for the other couples, I can’t say that I’ve actually watched every one of their episodes, but I have seen some here and there and I can honestly say that while there are some cute and funny moments, the other two have not been able to really grab my attention. The Sunhwa/Kwanghee couple is probably one of the more ‘entertaining’ couples what with their variety personas and all, but sometimes … I find them a little much — like they’re playing the part of entertainers instead of being really natural as a couple (and I know that this is technically a ‘variety’ show and it should be entertaining, but I think there are ways to be entertaining without seeming like you’re trying too hard to be entertaining) and sometimes they are too loud and I sometimes cringe internally for them……


JoonSeo (Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo) on the other hand are a bit more toned down (and I like MBLAQ and Joon, so I would’ve thought I would be more interested in this couple) but I just feel like maybe they don’t fit well together? I don’t really know since I haven’t really seen their progression from the beginning to their current state, but I just don’t really feel the chemistry as much from them. I just get really frustrated when people are like supposed to be a ‘couple’ but they cannot make contact with each other without freaking out or something — for two grown adults, it just doesn’t make much sense to me. And there was also that whole outside fiasco of the Oh Yeon Seo/Lee Jang Woo/Lee Joon thing going on, but that didn’t really affect my watching of them (although if she and Lee Jang Woo are actually going out, she should just leave the show as then it would start getting more awkward for me as a viewer (although a lot of you might already feel bleh watching them now lol?). Overall, they’re cute, but still not into them xP.


Well. If I end up seeing something in the other couples that seems promising, I may end up going back and watching their parts as well.

/end random post


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