[120920] tvN E News — Answer Me/Reply 1997 Special

Gah! I can’t believe I didn’t even know this was out until today xP It’s like a recap/summary of the drama plus some BTS stuff.

Watch it HERE !

(credit: theinfinite7)

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Hi! This response may be quite late but do you have a subtitle for this special? Thank you!

Comment by poachedpeach

Oh my. This reply is coming verrry late xP lol (you might’ve found the subbed video by now maybe heh..). But umm… hmmm.. I actually don’t know if there’s a subbed video of this floating around or not — I didn’t see any links from searching around, so yea… >.< … (a month late reply and not much help lol. Sorry ^^;;)

Comment by xitsyou

it’s okay; although I haven’t actually found a subbed version of this. thanks for replying anyway :)

Comment by poachedpeach

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