Oh Man…
March 15, 2011, 3:42 pm
Filed under: DBSK/JYJ, Misc., Performances, Thoughts


I swear for the past few days I’ve just been nonstop watching old DBSK videos on YT… It’s making me feel depressed again…

Jaejoong <3
Changmin <3
Junsu <3
Yunho <3
Yoochun <3

You guys literally make LOL with all your antics, make me go AWWW at your cuteness and brotherly love, make me feel amazed by your vocals, make me spazz at your hotness, make me go crazy with your dancing, etcetc…!

I dunno what made me start watching all of these DBSK moments all of a sudden… it makes me smile while it’s on and sigh when it’s over….

Anyways… I don’t really want to get anyone else depressed… SO! I will leave you with a video that I keep watching/listening to over and over again.

credit: HDBSK @ youtube

He’s rapidly getting to becoming my favourite vocal in the group!


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