Secret Garden Ep1-20 (COMPLETE) + Special

I just decided to keep updating this post with links to each new episode instead of making separate posts! I’ll just add onto the post from time to time with my own opinions!


[110122] The Secret Garden Special:
(liveitupbigtimee @ youtube)

Gah! It’s finally over!!!! Although Secret Garden still lives on (judging by all the parodies and news about it that are still circulating in high numbers xD) & it seems like everyone is still going through the withdrawal phase :(

Anyways… The special was cute and all the BTS/NGs were funny & adorable xDDD Like when the director kept telling them to roll while they were kissing in the snow … FAIL! But cute =P

Now I’m just trying to get all the Hyun Bin I can before he enlists and leaves us for two years xP So let’s just all wish him good luck & good health while he’s serving the country ! And FIGHTING!!! to the rest of the cast and all the staff that worked hard — hoping for good things for all of you in 2011 and beyond! ^^



WithdrawalwithdrawalWITHDRAWAL! OMGOMGOMG! @__@!

I’ll just start off by saying: 21 year old Joo Won was just extra cute (and extra pervy)! LOL. And his sense of fashion must have always been the same — I don’t get why one of the first things you would think of wearing would be that blue sparkly jacket! (His memory loss must’ve made him forget why he decided not to wear that one anymore =P)

Episode 18 was like watching two different dramas. It’s like a tearfest in the first half and then it’s just ridiculously adorable in the next half. It was like crycrycry… smile? lol. But as much as I loved 21 year old Joo Won from epi18 & 19, I was glad that 34 year old Joo Won returned and he also remembered what happened in his accident 13 years ago.

With that said….

I CAN’T.BELIEVE.IT’S.OVER! The last episode was so CUTE! :D Gil Ra Im & Kim Joo Won were just destined to be with each other ~~

I won’t say much since I don’t wanna end up spoiling people for the end of the series, but I’ll just say that it was freaking adorable! <3

20 episodes are not enough for me!!!!!~~~~~~~~ I’ll truly miss the incredible chemistry between Ha Ji Won (as Gil Ra Im) and Hyun Bin (as Kim Joo Won)! Oska! Seul! Sun! Assistant Kim! Ah Young! Director Lim! Hwang Sunbae! All the other action school sunbaes & hoobaes! Etcetcetc…..! You catch my drift. I’ll miss everyone! I’ll miss the drama! I’ll miss having something to look forward to on the weekends. This was just an awesome crazy ride! I was totally addicted to this drama and I dunno if I’ll find another drama that I’ll become this attached to any time soon.

Ah~ I swear I wanna join in the trend and get me one of those sparkly/leopard-print/lace/studded tracksuits ! xD! But ya know… not wear them around in public… ! LOL.

ANYWAYS. It’s nearing 1am here and I have to get up at around 8 so… I’m off. For now that is.

I WILL BE BACK! When the Secret Garden special airs next weekend! :D

Hope everyone else had as much fun (although frustrating & illogical at times) as I did over the course of the drama! Secret Garden Hwaiting!!! And Good Luck to Hyun Bin on his military duty that he’ll begin in March (I believe it was)!


. . . . .

Oh my god. sadSadSAD! The show had me tearing up this episode and with Joo Won making such a big sacrifice right now… I wonder how Ra Im is gonna react to this once they switch again… Cuz I doubt that she’s just gonna go ahead and live her life after what he’s done for her.

Fingers crossed for a happy ending with PURE HAPPINESS in the Joo Won/Ra Im style that we all know and love ~

3epis to go >< (oh god i am going to go absolutely crazy waiting for tomorrow’s episode to air @___@!)


Some more insight into Joo Won’s accident which turns out to be an elevator accident as opposed to a mild car accident as he was told by his family and Ji Hyun.

I’ve been reading some spoilers about the next episode… which kinda made me wish that I hadn’t read them but at the same time I’m glad I read them (?)… I dunno… This drama just makes me crazy @__@!


Oh God. Some very cute scenes and then well ya know… they just had to throw something like this at us. BUT! I think it’s good for development as we’ll see how much Ra Im’s feelings towards Joo Won have grown — will it be the man or her dream? The ending was kinda predictable as I was able to guess what was going to happen, but that didn’t make me any less crazy at the ending. Gah! Sad.

And ha! Is Tae Sun really… in love with Oska…? That is hilarious. I swear I’ve been seeing so many comments from various places saying how much they would love it if they ended up being paired together xD! I never thought that this would actually be placed as a story in the drama, lol.


EEEK! This episode was filled with so many cute moments! ^^ I keep spazzing over Joo Won & Ra Im’s scenes at the VVIP party! xD

And when Joo Won takes Ra Im for their little date/event thing where he decorated her house all Christmas-y, all I could think of for the first few moments were “is that what you’re wearing on a date?” with a sigh and shake of the head saying “only Joo Won..” xD!

This is also kinda off topic, but since I mentioned clothes… Does anyone else wonder about how Ra Im is supposedly poor and whatnot but it seems like she owns a lot of clothes? Maybe they’re cheap brands or Ah Young gets them discounted at the mall or something… but yea… It’s just something that made me go “o.o?”

And also another thing (that is also off topic and this time has nothing to do with what I’ve already mentioned). Did anyone else notice that at the stunt team Christmas party when those two people (that guy and the Noh Hong Chul look-a-like guy) were dancing, that in each different shot they seem to be switching places all the time? lol. I just noticed that as I was going through the episode for the third time =P.

And DUN DUN DUN!!! Have their identities been figured out? That they’re not exactly who they seem to be at this moment? Wonder how everyone’s gonna react to the soul-swapping news? xD.


AHHHH!!!~~ Getting closer. I just love how Joo Won was holding Ra Im while lying in the bed together (minus the fact that he practically forced her into that position in the first place) — the chemistry between these two are just off.the.charts!

And the decision is finally upon Joo Won — the business, the money & the power … or Ra Im? *sighs* I just wish Joo Won’s mother would just focus more on her son’s happiness and less on the “he’s all part of business” and “protecting his image” all the time. No wonder Joo Won’s the arrogant ass that he grew up to be what with a mother like that as a role model.

And I have to mention this! Ha Ji Won is just so so PRETTY~~! I’ve always though she was but as I was looking at caps of the preview of her dressed up at the VVIP party, it just ran through my head again =P. Beautiful & talented!

And speaking of the preview. . . KYAHHHHH!!! Now we’re getting somewhere! xD


Some more growth(?) I guess from Joo Won — transitioning from a major ass to just an ass. xD I swear no matter what he does I still get drawn to him because he’s just so damn cute! It’s like he’s a kid in a grown man’s body!

The last scene was just <333 You really can see their attraction for one another the best when there are no words involved and they’re just staring at one another — their eyes tell all their emotions! It was kind of like a mirror of the first episode when he was watching her sleep at the hospital.


Joo Won’s still seems like an ass… BUT! I see some progress in this episode about his realization of his feelings for Ra Im ~


(I just read over what I wrote and omg, it does not flow… but it’s 3am and I’m too lazy to fix it =P)

Oh god. There goes his crazy love of outrageous tracksuits xD!

I get the feeling that he’s starting to admit to himself his feelings for Ra Im… but he’s still being a major ASS about it.

There were the bits of seriousness in these episodes, but there were also tons of cute moments :) The “kiss”, Joo Won as an extra for the movie, and the drunken Jong Soo/Joo Won moments were hilarious especially because of the things that Joo Won would say =P (I thought that we wouldn’t see Joo Won in a wig again… but apparently I thought wrong xD).

It seems that Ra Im is popular around the guys. First Jong Soo, then Joo Won, and now… Oska too?



I love all the humour in this drama but I still get this feeling that it’s gonna turn more serious as the episodes go on.. xP

I have this thought that Joo Won in Ra Im does some things out of character as himself because he doesn’t have to uphold this image that people have of him while he’s in Ra Im’s body — he just has to keep his body (aka Ra Im) in check and make sure that she upholds the image of him while she’s in his body. Like when he checks out that woman at the sauna, he could only do that because no one would think that it was actually him checking her out because he’s in Ra Im’s body. So as long as Ra Im doesn’t do anything like that while she’s in his body, he’s okay. Anyways, just a little blurb because I’ve seen some comments here and there about Joo Won acting out of character after the switch.

Well we finally got that “kiss” between Oska and Ra-Im-in-Joo-Won’s-body and LOL everyone’s like about to throw up and she’s just stands there smiling and doing her leg thing xD! And OMG! Her and Oska at the sauna was just HILARIOUS! xDDDD

Anyways… don’t wanna give away too much, but yea it finally happens!



Oh god, the ending xD! They are so not in a compromising position when Yoon Seul walks into the room (although, I am wondering how she managed to just walk right into the room o.o). HA!

And just as I expected, a lot of hilarity ensues over the course of their first day being soul-swapped =P

And OH! That creepy lady from the forest — guess who she turns out to be ~~

Oh! Also: NGs AT THE END ! Those are always a hoot to watch ! ^^ (I never say the word “hoot” irl… LOL)


Oh my god, it finally happened xDxDxD! Ah~ how I love Hyun Bin’s girlish screams — makes me laugh. I am totally gonna look forward to him as a girl and Ha Ji Won as a guy!! I love the story up until now, but I think the story is about to get a little more interesting and hilarious! :D

We also get to see some flashbacks to when Joo Won gets her keys out of the pond and him after the whole incident at the mall in ep4, and also Ra Im’s initial reaction to her message from Joo Won in ep3. They are so into each other, which is something that they aren’t readily admitting at this moment, but maybe the soul-swapping will get them a peek into each other’s lives and they’ll understand one another a whole lot better after the experience.

+plus, Hyun Bin in a wig is just PRICELESS! xDDDD

Can’t wait until tomorrow where, most likely, craziness will ensue !!! ^-^



Okay. How HOT was that changeroom scene? I know he was being all mean to her and they were both angry and everything — but OH MY GOD! I was half expecting them to start making out in there or something! xD And when he dragged her into his house — I was half expecting something to happen there too (except his mother just had to be there at that moment >.> lol ~ I’m feeling kinda pervy now =P).

Oh~ all of this stuff that’s happening in the drama is making me anticipate more and more the body-swapping moment!! xD

Can’t wait for next week!!


AHHH!!! When are they gonna get to the body switching fun? Hm? >:)

LOL. Anyways. I just about died during that sit-up scene xDDDD Oh~ to be in Ha Jiwon’s place at that moment… I think even I was having a heart-fluttering moment during that scene lol.

I just love the pace of the drama so far! I think this drama might turn out to be one of my top dramas of 2010 along with Coffee House (where I discovered the amazing Kang Ji Hwan — his eyes show so much emotion) and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (where I finally got rid of my sour aftertaste of Shin Minah’s character in A Love to Kill where her character kinda annoyed me and left me with an aftertaste to the actual actor herself — and I know that’s bad). I love Ha Jiwon and I’ve discovered Hyun Bin! :D


Gah! I really wanted to see the scene with Hyun Bin in a wig ><! LOL. Hopefully next episode xD! And I honestly love the ongoing gag involving his jacket =P Funny stuff! I see this drama having the potential to become a favourite! It’s just so entertaining ^^

And so she finally knows his true identity… DUN DUN DUN!!! lol o.o

And I totally love how he described her house to Oska — like one of those houses you see in the background of those documentaries. Describing it like it’s all broken down and it’s a part of some area of extreme poverty or something. Heh. I love how he’s just so obsessed with her so quickly xD.


Woot woot! I was actually really anticipating this drama and now that I’ve finally seen it I will say that I was not disappointed! :) (the next episode looks hilarious, actually, judging by the previews xD) Ahh~ I love these types of dramas !!

I’ve actually never watched Hyun Bin in anything (I know .. where have I been? xP lol) and so I can’t compare his roles/characters/acting to anything else, but what I do know is that… I kinda love his character in this drama *doing that shy/nervous foot/leg thing that Ha Ji Won’s charcter does xD* lol. I dunno — don’t ask me questions! Just like he just wanted to take her home, I just kinda love him! ;)

And I totally love Ha Ji Won as a badass stunt woman! She looks so frickin’ cool!! xD Just wish she’d stand up to others a bit more .. (how much did I want to punch that lead actress in the face? like omg.. such a …… you know. I mean making THAT MUCH OF A FUSS over a little cut on the side of your finger and what’s with those guys on the set all hovering over her and protecting her … I mean, HJW was the one that landed beneath her, shouldn’t you guys at least ask her if she’s okay??? although being her, she probably wouldn’t have admitted she was hurt or in pain or anything ><)

Oh wow.. ANYWAYS. I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode and I can hardly wait for the next one to come out!!! Which should be soon seeing as it’s roughly 4:30 in the morning right now and Korea is 14 hours ahead :D! lol!! … I should really get some sleep… o.o..

Oh well … Drama addictions & sleep deprivation FTW !! xD

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I watched the first part its so good xD

Comment by Maisha

keke ^^

Comment by xitsyou

You’ve “discovered” Hyun Bin? Haven’t you seen My Name Is Kim Sam Soon?

Comment by CW

Yes, I’ve actually “discovered” Hyun Bin through this drama.
I haven’t been an avid drama-watcher until pretty recently and so although I’ve heard of Hyun Bin from time to time, this is actually the first time that I’ve seen him act in anything.
So yes, technically I’ve just discovered him now — as an actor. lol!
(and yes, I’ve heard of MNIKSS a lot and have seen lots of good reviews for it, but for now I don’t really have any plans to watch it =l maybe some time in the future I’ll decide to check it out!)

Comment by xitsyou

their chemistry is terrific!They MUST make another series! (hyun bin and ha ji won!)I soooo love them both!

Comment by aienne

I agree 100% !!! ^^

Comment by xitsyou

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