Video of the Week ! #35
November 4, 2010, 12:00 am
Filed under: Jay Park, Misc., Youtubers

So kiiiinndaa recently I started watching random Asian-American youtuber’s on .. well .. youtube (xD) and it’s been fun!

credit: nigahiga @ youtube

A collab between nigahiga, Wong Fu Productions & Jay Park (!!!) on the topic of none other than … BROMANCE ! xD keke

Entertaining. Actually made me feel my eyebrows =P (watch it and you’ll get it ^^v)

(and I know it’s supposed to be video of the week… but! this, you gotta watch. Made me crack up so much xD [click below!])

(baby, baby, baby… the beginning of that song will never be heard in the same way again xD …)