Video of the Week ! #33
October 23, 2010, 11:22 pm
Filed under: g.o.d, Performances

Re-starting my video of the week posts! Woot! xD

credit: okatokat003 @ youtube

Man.. sometimes I wish that I was older and into kpop during the 1st idol generation — g.o.d, H.O.T, Shinhwa, S.E.S, etc…. It really seems like those were the good old days.. *sighs* And yea… I know I contradict myself a whole lot on this topic, but even though I do listen to mainstream present day kpop groups (with all its autotune — which I still wish would go away — and not as meaningful lyrics) I think that the 1st generation of idols were idols at their best (or at least kpop groups until 2008… before the explosion of idol groups…). I WISH KPOP WOULD GO BACK TO HOW IT WAS BEFORE 2009 ! I really think all this talk about the Korean music industry going downhill is really true… You look this way, idol groups. You look that way, oh look! More idol groups. You look far off in the distance and you see a familiar looking figure that might be a well-known, previously best-selling singer that’s been around for many years, but you can’t really tell amidst all the new IDOL GROUPS!

ANYWAYS… To end off my rant… Kpop in the past > Kpop now.

(And just to remind you all… this isn’t about the whole of kpop — just the idol groups. And how there are too many of them now. And how there’s all this autotune presently. And how songs seemed like they were better quality back then.)

To get back on topic with this video/song… I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG!

I haven’t really been a big fan of the past idol groups (I just hear a song here and there) but I do know that it was a better time back then musically/lyrically. And I happened to start listening to some of g.o.d’s songs for the past few days now (ever since I watched “Who Are You?” starring Yoon Kye Sang) and they really have this nice sound to their music (I’ve listened to some of their songs before with “To Mother” at the top). Anywho, I’ve developed like this major crush on Yoon Kye Sang now (he gave an awesome performance in Who Are You? playing two contrastingly different characters and pulled it off so well ~). I’ve seen Danny a bunch on variety shows (and I just could not really imagine him as a singer just by watching him on them xD lol), and I really liked Son Ho Young (he was my favourite, and yes, I have favourites in groups that I don’t even follow) ever since I randomly saw his solo performance of “I Know” a while back, Kim Tae Woo from “Love Rain” and Invinvible Youth.. Park Joon Hyung… I just saw glimpses of him here and there and just knew that he was from America and that he was much older than the rest of the group o.o

Well anyways, just saying that I’ve had a chance to kind of see them all individually, but seeing them together as a group makes me all warm and fuzzy inside =P

Well… I kinda went off topic AGAIN. To FINALLY close off this post, I LOVE Yoon Kye Sang’s part in this song ~ And not just cuz of my crush on him! When I first saw the performance, they didn’t even show a close-up of him singing that first verse, but I liked that part anyways — it was just a coincidence that it happened to be him xDxDxD. And the fan-chanting/singing along makes me feel, once again, all warm and fuzzy inside~~!

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