TRAX “오! 나의 여신님 (Oh! My Goddess)” MV
September 2, 2010, 5:33 pm
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credit: sment @ youtube

I actually really like this song! It’s definitely more pop than their older songs… but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Is it?

I honestly think that the direction that they’re going now is gearing more towards what the general public like to hear other than what they actually might want. I definitely miss their older style (and really wish the band was whole again ><) but this isn’t bad either. I like rock — be it pop-rock, punk-rock, etc… I just like rock in general, so this song doesn’t make me go “ew! it’s becoming all “pop”” or anything like that.

Well anyways. I’m just really happy that they’re making a comeback because I thought that SM would randomly shove them in the back somewhere and I’d be waiting a year or two or more before something came from them o.o … lol.

I’d have to say that TRAX is probably my favourite band in the K-music scene at the moment ! I just love Jungmo’s awesome (awesomex100whichmakesmewishicouldplaytheguitarwithevenaquarteroftheskillsthat
hehas) guitar skills and Jay’s voice <333 And they’re just less “idol”-y than the other bands out there! (Me being somewhat of a hypocryte saying that I like less “idol-like” music when I fully listen to “idol” groups xD haha)