Coffee House Fanfic — “Twisted Fate”
August 19, 2010, 12:29 am
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I was just randomly sitting here and had a random thought about a oneshot (and yes, it’s about CH xD) that I wanted to write. (Although I really shouldn’t be thinking about writing other things while I still have my other fic to continue =P)

Anyways.. this one’s more depressing and will be written in a similar style to my other oneshot.


Happiness turned upside down.

JS was excited for EY’s return from a week-long business trip — that is, until the phone rings and he receives news that puts him in the greatest pain that he’s ever been in.

JS was cleaning the house so that it would be spick and span for when EY got home.

Ah!~ How he’d missed her while she was gone. He was so used to her being by his side and seeing her everyday that a week without her felt more like a year.

He’d call her every night and they’d talk for hours about their day and anything interesting that had happened. He would just keep asking her question after question whenever they ran out of things to talk about just so he could keep listening to her voice.

And now! It was finally the day! After an excruciating 7 days without her, today was the day that she would finally return.

To celebrate, he decided that he’d surprise her with a romantic dinner when she arrived. And then maybe they could take things upstairs afterwards and celebrate some more. A smile creeped onto his face at the thought. Oh how he missed her touch, her scent, her taste. 7 days was just way too long for them to be apart.

Tada! He finally finished cleaning and was now getting the table set for dinner. She should be here in about 20 minutes. 20 minutes left. He was becoming giddy just at the thought.

He picked up a bottle of wine just when the phone rang. He wonders who’d be calling at — he looks at the clock — 10pm.

He casually goes over and picks up the phone, and putting it between his head and shoulder, he begins to pour some wine into a glass.

They ask if he is Seo Eun Young’s husband and he answers yes. Although he is a little confused on why someone would ask him that.

The man on the other end then starts talking to him about an accident. What the heck is going on here? JS tells him to cut to the chase. When he heard what the man said, his mind went blank and he drops the wine bottle and the glass on the ground.

The man continues speaking and tells him the name of the street that he should come to. He’d already called an ambulance but it should take them a while to get here.

JS then gets his head back together, hangs up the phone and runs out the door, not even noticing that he had stepped on a few shards of glass on the way out.

This cannot be happening. This cannot be happening. It’s all a joke, right? Someone tell me that this is a joke. It’s a prankster or a crazy man or something. Someone PLEASE tell me that this isn’t happening to me!!!

He steps on the pedal and speeds down the road trying to get there faster. He swears and hits the steering wheel when he gets caught at a red light and he can’t even run it because an old lady was slowly making her way across the street.

All of a sudden he feels something running down his cheek. He slowly raises his hand to his face and touches his cheek. Tears. He feels another one go down his other cheek. Green light.

He steps on the pedal and zooms down the street. His vision was becoming blurry because of all the tears that were forming at his eyes. Stupid JS. Why am I crying.. This is probably all a joke. It’s a dream. I must’ve accidently fallen asleep while I was setting up dinner. EY should be home any minute to wake me up and then we’ll catch up and have dinner and all will be well… Which is what he was thinking right up until now.

He had arrived and everything looked so real — too real. He realized that it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a joke. It was real.

He gets out of his car slowly and looks around purposely keeping his head up high. He sees no ambulance. He finally gets the courage to look down and sees the man that he presumes was the one that called him, sitting on the curb holding his arm.

The man rushes over to him and takes him to the other side of the car that was laying on the middle of the road. The windows were all smashed, the car was crushed and there was no one inside. He finally realised that they had stopped walking and the man was leaving to give him some privacy.

Privacy for what? He wondered until he looked down on the ground. And what he saw there shocked him. He was frozen — he couldn’t move.

All of a sudden he drops to the ground and picks up the body that was lying there in a pool of blood.

My lovely EY. He holds her head in his arms and starts to brush away the hair that was covering her face. When he saw the cuts and scrapes all over her face, unknowingly tears started to fall from his eyes. He started to panic and just kept saying in a small voice to her “Eun Young! Seo Eun Young! Wake up! Please? Please wake up… I can’t live without you. I love you… Please wake up, please… I’m begging you..”

Just then he hears the sirens and the paramedics approaching them. He lets go of her as they put her on a stretcher and get her into the ambulance. JS of course gets in without a second thought. Even though he hates ambulances, he has no hesitation in getting into one if it’s for EY. Why does the world keep giving him reasons to hate them even more now? Most people see ambulances as a good thing when they get into an accident because it’s something that can help them while getting them to the hospital faster. But for JS, ambulances usually mean death…

He holds her hand the whole way to the hospital. For the entire ride, he was praying for her to be okay and that they’d be able to live their lives happily for many more years. Talking about how they’d have children and move into a new house. They’d be one of those couples that could decorate the house together and have fun and laugh while painting. They’d go on vacation as a family to the beach. Their lives would be perfect…

Once they arrive at the hospital JS learns from an initial checkup that it seemed as though she had a concussion, a broken arm and leg, a fracture in her spine, and several broken ribs that were puncturing her lungs. They took her in immediately for surgery and JS was left waiting outside.

Why the hell didn’t he insist that he’d pick her up from the airport. She said that it was okay, that she’d be okay coming home alone. But what now? Nothing’s okay. Everything’s gone wrong.

It took them 12 years to finally realize their love for each other and that they should be together and it’s only been 2 years since they’ve actually been together. And now all of this is being taken away from him?

Life wasn’t fair. Were they really not meant to be together in the end? It seemed like there was always something going wrong whenever it involved the two of them being in love. He had always thought that the fact that there were so many obstacles in their path and they still managed to end up together in the end was a sign that their love was fate — that it was meant to be. But it seemed that the world had a twisted view on their relationship. Why was the world so cruel that it would let the driver of the other car get away with just some minor cuts and bruises, but put EY in so much pain.

He sat down on one of the chairs and began crying. Crying as if no one was around. Crying as if the worst thing imaginable had just happened to him. Crying as if his heart had been pulled out and stomped on. But most of all, he was crying for their possible lost future together.

Hours had passed and now he was sitting with his legs up on the chair and his face buried in his arms — his sleeves drenched as if someone had splashed a bucket of water on them. Finally he hears the doors open and sees EY being taken to another room to recover.

The doctors told him that she had fallen into a deep coma and that they didn’t know if she would even survive to have the chance to wake up again. And with that, they left the room.

Now it was just JS and EY. He holds her hand and begins speaking to her. “Hey… I don’t know if you can hear me but you’re gonna be okay.” Sighs. “I know you’re gonna wake up. I know you’re gonna pull through this. You’re Seo Eun Young, you’re strong.”

Did I do something to deserve this? Is she being taken away from me for a reason? Can someone give me a sign?!?!

Hours had passed and now it was becoming bright outside.

The sun had just risen and it looked like it was going to be clear blue skies outside today…

Just then EY flatlines as a tear rolls down JS’s cheek.


It was a bright day outside and the trees were green, the birds were chirping and a soft breeze was blowing in the air.

An image of an old man can be seen walking across a field holding flowers in his hand. He was walking slowly, but steadily towards a certain destination. Once he reaches the top of a small hill in the field, he stops walking and starts speaking.

“Hello my love. I brought you flowers.” He puts them down on the ground as he sits down. He stares out into the blue skies and starts humming.

All of a sudden another voice can be heard humming along with him.

As the focus shifts from JS to the spot next to him, an image of an old woman can be seen sitting beside him. He holds her in his arms and says “It’s Jinsoo and Eunyoung forever. You know that right?” She responds “Forever.”

JS gives EY a kiss on her forehead and smiles.

The couple sits together in the field humming and reminiscing about their lives together as they watch their grandkids run around in the field below them — the happy laughter echoing all around them.

JS smiles as he stares out at the open field thinking that maybe the world wasn’t so twisted after all.



Tada! A oneshot instead of another installment to my unfinished story xD!

Tried to make a surprising twist at the end — dunno if it was too predictable or not, though. lol.

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