Coffee House Fanfic: “The Three Bears” — CH2: [GOOD BOY, BAD BOY]
August 16, 2010, 11:42 pm
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So here’s the second chapter (it’s more of a filler if anything — nothing really important goes on in here).

And as I added in a note at the end of the previous chapter, I’ve decided to move that preview to the third chapter. That’s all just because of the fact that I have a lot of ideas jumbled in my head about what direction I wanna take the story and I wanna sort them out and pick the best scenario. This might take a while so I’ve written a more filler-y type of chapter so that I could get an update out to you, the readers! :)


Which will it be? Will he choose politeness or will he let his true feelings free? Eun Young tries to get him to go to the interview and stay out of trouble, while Ji Eun just hopes to god that nothing embarassing will happen involving her dad.


<JS and EY were both up and were finishing up breakfast after getting ready for another day of work. EY sat at the table watching JS as he made their morning coffee. She had never ceased to be amused by the fact that there was actually someone else in the world who could match her taste in coffee. EY and JS had always found it necessary to start off their day with the perfect cup of coffee. But of course, JE never forgets to tell them that they were being waayy too picky. And of course, they’d respond by bursting out laughing in unison every time. Just wait until she develops a liking for coffee — one thing’s for sure, with EY and JS for parents, she’ll definitely develop their taste in coffee.>

JS: “Here you go!”

<JS says as he brings her her cup of coffee.>

EY: “Thanks!”

<She replies while giving him a small peck on the cheek.>

EY: “Oh right! I almost forgot! Something came up at work and I have to stay late for a meeting. Sooo… that means you will have to actually participate in one of our daughter’s school .. “activities”.”

JS: “What “activities” are you talking about?”

EY: “You’re gonna go and meet up with her teachers for the parent/teacher interviews and you’re gonna have such a fun time!”

<She says with an overly expressive smile — one with a mixture of pleading, playfulness and possibly even sinister. She knows JS’s going to want to kill her afterwards, but the only thing that runs through her mind is that it’s a shame that she won’t be there to witness him squirm in awkwardness and fake politeness.>

<She laughs awkwardly all of a sudden and JS follows suit. And then with a fake smile on his face, he says ever so sweetly…>

JS: “I don’t really have to go, right?”

EY: “Hehe.”

<She laughs sweetly then abruptly stops.>

EY: “Of course you have to go. It’s for our daughter. You know, the one you claim you love so deeply.”

<JS just sits there and stares at her as if this was the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard of.>

EY: “Oh come on. It’s not something you can get out of unlike all those tv interviews and company events that you hate oh-so-much.”

<JS puts on his ever so famous pout, but seeing as EY was being very serious, he finally gives in.>

JS: “Fine. But I’m only going because I just love our daughter so much and would do anything for her! … But you know, now you’re gonna have to owe me something.”

EY: “Why would I need to owe you anything for going to an interview for your daughter that any other loving parent would absolutely go to?”

JS: “Well.. You promised that I wouldn’t have to attend any more school-related events for a while if I would finish the first draft of my book by next month. So either you owe me a favour or you let me leisurely write my book and give you the draft in two months instead.”

EY: “Alright, alright. I already told all the business partners that the draft would be finished by the end of the month.”

<She says this with a sigh. “Why the heck did I agree to a lifetime contract with him? … Oh right. Because I just love him so frickin’ much..”>

<He then gets up and heads upstairs to his office passing by JE who was heading down for breakfast.>

JS: “Hello my beautiful daughter! It looks as though I’m gonna be going with you to school this evening!”

<He says this with a rather bright but possibly sinister smile.>

JE: “Oh my god! NOOOO!!!”

<She runs to the kitchen at full speed and stops right in front of her mother. She then starts to yell.>

JE: “Oh my god, mom! No! You can’t do this to me! I’m gonna be known as the weirdo girl at school if everyone sees that I’m related to dad!”

EY: “Don’t worry. Your dad never steps out of his “polite” mode around strangers. And I’ll make sure to remind him to be on his best behaviour tonight.”

JE: “Oh right… I forgot how polite he acts around strangers because of how long I’ve been living around him as a “non-stranger”. Thanks mom!”

<With that, she drinks a glass of orange juice and grabs a piece of toast that’s been left for her on the table and leaves for school.>

EY: “Oh, wait!!!”

<Door slams shut.>

EY: “Oh, crap.”

<She remembers that ever since her near wedding to Jiwon, JS’s gained some sort of courage to ruin his image around people. And ever so slightly, there have been signs of cracks in his polite act. Oh well. He wouldn’t do anything to embarass JE tonight… Right?>

<Feeling a little uneasy, she rushes upstairs to JS.>

EY: “I don’t want you to cause any trouble for JE tonight. Got it?”

JS: “Of course I wouldn’t! How could I even think of doing such a thing to our precious daughter?”

EY: “Okay then… I’ll decide to trust you on this one since I’m running late. I gotta get going now.”

<EY still senses something is up with JS and raises her eyebrow at him. He responds by looking back at her with a certain twinkle in his eyes.>

<All of a sudden, he gets up and walks towards EY until they’re only standing inches away from each other. Then he suddenly turns away from her, sweeps the papers off his desk, grabs EY and lays her down on the desk while holding her leg up by his side.>

EY: “What are you doing? I’m gonna be late for work!”

<She says with wide eyes.>

JS: “Ah~ The memories. Remember this?”

<JS gives her a smirk.>

EY: “Of course I do. But Han Jiwon isn’t watching and I really gotta get going.”

<With that, she gets up, gives JS a kiss on the forehead and pats his head as if he were a child that was refused a cookie before dinner.>

JS: “But you owe me something!”

<He whines.>

<She sticks her tongue out at him and leaves the room.>

<After EY is gone, JS lies down on the desk and sighs. All of a sudden he starts kicking around a bit on the desk, paralleling EY’s actions from 20 years ago. This is how JE found her dad when she came back home after forgetting one of her books in his office.>

JE: “Ah, dad!”

<And after grabbing her book, she leaves with the hopes of never having to go out anywhere with her dad ever again.>


<Later That Evening.>

JS: “Come on, JE-ah! We’re gonna be late for the interview!”

<He says this as he remembers that he didin’t even want to go to this thing in the first place.>

JS: “On second thought, take your time !! What does it even matter if we miss one silly meeting with a teacher … except for the fact that 1) EY would kill me.. or 2) refuse me what little pleasure I have left in life. Well on one hand, I have had a pretty great life already: I married the love of my life, had a .. somewhat success in a child, wrote many best-selling novels, have millions of female fans swooning over me…”

JE: “Dad! Dad! DAD!!”

JS: “Huh? What?”

JE: “What were you mumbling about?”

<Oh my god! He’s talking to himself now. One step closer to actually crossing that line of insanity.>

JS: “Okay let’s go! I’ve thought about it and I can’t risk choice #2 from happening!”

JE: “What are you even talking abou– oh forget it. You’re going crazy dad, you know that?”

JS: “Well if I’m crazy, then it’s most likely in your genes as well. So welcome to your future!”

<They finally make it out to the car and as soon as they get in, JS locks the doors and speeds out of the driveway. He then brings up her night out with her friends yesterday — yes, he had it all planned out so that she would be in a place with no escape when he started grilling her about it.>



So there’s chapter 2! And Jinsoo seems to be becoming such a perv in my story — trying to “get it on” with Eunyoung every chance he can get. How they ended up with only one kid is beyond me (and I’m the one that wrote the story) xD!

So I have many different directions that I can take the story in — all of them involving Jiwon reuniting with our EunSoo. (dunno if people will want the return of Jiwon, but I’m taking it lightly and each situation involves Jiwon in a comedic sense.) And until I can finally decide on a certain scenario, CH3 won’t be posted up. xP

If people want (and I haven’t chosen one by then), then I can add in the different scenarios that I was thinking of in this post and you can help me choose which one you’d want!

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