Coffee House Fanfic: “The Three Bears” — CH1: [TEENAGE BOYS]
August 13, 2010, 12:06 am
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Hello! So I got bored again and starting writing this last night (or should I say morning as it was 1am). I dunno what’s with me and writing these things late at night. But anyways. This one’s in a different format from my other one, as in there’s dialogue. And the style might be kinda weird cuz I put all thoughts/actions/anything that isn’t dialogue in these “<>” brackets. It might be a bit awkward, but yea.. lol.

And like I said in the other fic, I’m just a newbie writer, so don’t expect perfection.

Hopefully you enjoy the story. It’s set in the future and the first chapter’s full of bickering between Jinsoo and his daughter. =P


[to the tune of ‘The Three Bears (곰세마리)’ song]

Three bears were living in one house:
Daddy bear,
Mommy bear,
Baby bear.
Daddy bear is on the brink of insanity.
Mommy bear is going crazy cuz of him.
Baby bear is doomed cuz of her genes.
Yay! Yay!
Aren’t I just lucky? *rolls eyes*

[JS] Lee Jin Soo <daddy bear>
[EY] Seo Eun Young <mommy bear>
[JE] Lee Ji Eun <baby bear>

(So in the beginning it’s gonna be more JS interacting with JE, but as it goes on EY will show up more often. And for this fanfic, I advise you to throw any sensible timeline out the window cuz I ain’t following it. All the events of the drama have occurred but for this fic I’m just randomly making JS and EY younger cuz I’d rather have them be, well, younger instead of nearing 50 if sixteen years have passed ! lol. Anyways, so enjoy!)


Lee Ji Eun is the sixteen year old daughter of famous writer Lee Jin Soo and publishing company president Seo Eun Young. With parents like them — well-known, well-respected, well-mannered and well, rich — you’d think that she would have it all. But I bet you haven’t heard many stories about their personal lives nor have you seen what goes on behind the doors of their home…


JE: “Dad! I’m gonna go out with some friends!! I’m not sure when I’m gonna be back!”

<She shouts to her dad who was upstairs.>

JS: “Hold on a moment.”

<He says as he runs downstairs to his daughter.>

JS: “Where are you going? Who are you going with? And what do you mean you’re not sure when you’re coming home? Remember, your curfew’s at 10 ‘o clock sharp!”

JE: “Geez dad.. show any more trust for your only daughter and I’d think you didn’t actually care for my well-being at all”

<Her voice dripping with sarcasm as she rolls her eyes.>

JS: “Ah, that’s right. You are my only daughter. And I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you or else your mother would kill me!”

JE: “Ha ha..”

<Her voice once again dripping with the endless amounts of sarcasm that she only reserves for her dad.>

JS: “Hmm… Here’s the deal. Pick one of the 3 choices I’m about to give you:

#1 You just go out without answering my questions and then end up getting attacked by some rabid dog and I won’t be able to find you because I have no idea where you are and who you were with and by then you’d already have become dog food.”

JE: “Dad…”

<Where does he get these situations from???>

JS: #2 We can get into some big argument about trust issues and whatnot and then I’ll just have no choice but to ground you so that you can’t go out with unknown people to unknown places for the next month.”

JE: “A month?!?!”

JS: “#3 You can just answer my questions now and leave knowing that your dad only does this kind of stuff out of love for his little girl.”

JE: “Little girl? I’m sixteen now, dad!”

<She says with a groan>

JS: “Yes. The age when you should start learning about responsibility.”

<He now turns away from her and with his fingers on his chin, he puts on an inspired face.>

JS: “Maybe I should get you a job at some factory so that you can learn about responsibility around old people who possibly have criminal records or something.”

<She sighs.>

JE: “Fiiiinnee….. You win. I don’t know why you can’t just act like a normal dad. I can actually imagine you enjoying yourself after sending me to some intense heavy labour camp — laughing as I return all weak and brittle and scarred for life.”


JE: “I’m gonna go out with Soojin, Jooyeon, Minjung–

<Speaking slightly faster now.>

JE: –Ahreum, Yoonji, and–

<Slightly mumbling now.>

JE: –Jaemin.”

<Speaking quickly and raising her voice a little now.>

JE: “We’re just gonna go–

JS: “Hold on.”

JE: –bowling at that place down the street and have dinner at that Chinese place that we went to last week.”

<JS’s becoming impatient now.>

JS: “Ji Eun-ah…”

JE: “I’ll make sure to be back by 10 ‘o clock right on the dot!! So don’t worry–

JS: “YAH!!!”

JE: –too much.”

<Uh-oh… NOT a good sign.>

JS: “Who’s this ‘Jaemin’? I’ve never heard of her before.”

JE: “Well.. Uh.. She’s new.. Umm.. To the school aaanndd so a bunch of us thought it would be nice if we invited her with us.”

<JS stares at her with his serious face on.>

JE: “…… so that .. she could make some new friends faster..”

<Now she’s starting to sweat a bit.>

JS: “Ahem. Jaemin sounds like a guy’s name..”

JE: “Well.. Ummm… COME ON DAD!! PLEASE!!! It’s just one guy and all my friend’s are gonna be there too. Even if you don’t trust me, you trust all of them, right? Especially Jooyeon. You’re always saying how she’s the model student and how you’d trust her with anything if you were her dad!! So you’d trust me not to do anything if she was there, right?!?!”

JS: “Hmm.. You do have a point there — Jooyeon is very trustworthy.”

JE: “Come on dad!!”

<Just then someone walks into the room.>

EY: “What’s going on in here?? And why does our daughter have that puppy dog face that she only ever uses when she wants something from us?”

<She looks over at JS and raises her eyebrow at him as to say “what’s going on?”>

JS: “Well.. you see here.. Our beloved only daughter here wants to go out with her friends.”

EY: “Well what’s wrong with that? You can’t force her to stay at home 24/7.”

<And she jokes.>

EY: “She can call the police for that.”

<While mumbling under her breath.>

EY: “It wouldn’t be the first time you would’ve ended up in jail.”

JS: “You didn’t let me finish. She wants to go out with her friends … one of them being…

<He then starts his fake crying act and pretends to choke on his tears. He then sputters out..>

JS: .. a boy!!”

<From which he then goes on a full out fake crying mode.>

JE: “Geez dad. Could you get any more weirder..”

<He immediately stops his act.>

JS: “Actually.. I can.”

EY: “Actually, he can. Did I ever tell you about the birthday present he gave me when an unwanted visitor from my past kept bugging me? Or the time I walked into his place to see a surprising sight where he could’ve almost gotten sued by his assistant’s family? Or the time he interrupted my almost wedding to someone else?”

JE: “Uh.. On second thought, yes. He can get weirder.”

<And under her breath>

JE: “or crazier. Maybe borderlining insanity.”

<And out loud.>

JE: “So. Why’d you marry him?”

JS: “Hey! Are you saying that she deserves better than a guy like me?”

JE: “Precisely.”

JS: “Eun Young-ah~~~”

<He says with a pout.>

EY: “Oh stop it. And just let her go. If anything happens, her other friends are there. So don’t worry so much. You think one sixteen year old boy is gonna be able to fight off five fiesty and one not-so-well-mannered girl?”

<She says as she turns to look at JE.>

JE: “Hey, mom!!”

JS: “Well I did write that one story where a guy walked into a cafe to see a group of girls and the next day they were all found in a box underwater all chopped up into pieces.”

JE: “Come on dad. You do know your books are all under the fiction section of the bookstore.”

JS: “Hey! It can happen. You know how I always do my research before writing any of my books!”

JE: “Yeah Yeah Yeah..”

<She says while ignoring JS.>

JE: “So can I go mom?”

EY: “Sure. Just call us if you need anything.”

JE: “Thanks mom! You’re the best!”

JS: “Just be careful. We all know what runs through a boy’s head at his age! I should know — I used to be a teenage boy myself!”

<He says as if it’s something to be proud of.>

JE: “Ew dad.. Just… Ew. I’m just gonna go get changed and then I’m heading out.”

<Away from you.>


<10 minutes later.>

JE: “Alright! I’m leaving now.”

EY: “Okay. Have fun.”

JS: “WAIT! Wait! waitwaitwait!”

JE: “What now?”

JS:What are you wearing? It’s too revealing. Go change. Now.” (At this remark, picture something like what Seungyeon in the drama would wear — indicating what a nut JS is at the moment =P.)

JE: “Daaaddd!! I’m gonna be late.. And besides! You never say anything when mom dresses way more revealing than this!”

JS: “Well that’s cuz she’s older, more mature and … for my eyes only.”

<He says suggestively while looking EY up and down.>

JE: “Oh my god! Ew. Forget I even said anything.”

JS: “I’ll give you a suggestion so that you can get changed quickly — jeans and a sweater, preferably a turtleneck.”

<And then he starts to ramble on and on about teenage boys and how they only have one thing on their minds. And in the midst of his rambling, doesn’t notice that EY is speaking to JE in a hushed tone.>

EY: “I’ll distract him and you just leave the house quietly.”

<JE smiles at her mom and nods.>

<EY then walks towards JS and pretends to trip on her way.>

EY: “Woah!”

<JS of course runs towards her to catch her before she falls.>

JS: “Are you okay???”

<After seeing that she doesn’t seem hurt, he can’t help but start to smile as if he were her hero from the fact that he actually caught her on time.>

EY: “Yeah, fine.”

<She says once she sees that JE had left.>

<Seeing his smile, she knew exactly what was going through his head and thinks that maybe he’s spent too much time around Jiwon over the years. She laughs quietly while shaking her head.>

EY: “So what do you wanna do? We’ve got the whole house to ourselves.”

<Breaking out of his daze.>

JS: “We’re still not finished our talk with JE– hey! Where did she go??”

EY: “I let her leave.”

JS: “WHAT?!?! So that whole tripping and falling thing was all an act to trick me? I feel so betrayed.”

<He says while showing her his ‘I’m so hurt’ face.>

EY: “Will this make you return your trust in me?”

<She says with a smile as she walks towards JS and gives him a kiss.>

JS: “Hmmm… Not yet. Maybe about 10%? So you’re gonna have to give me 9 more of those if you ever want me to fully trust you again.”

<He says with a a smirk on his face. And with that, he suddenly picks her up.>

EY: “Ahhh!~~~~”

<She giggles like a little schoolgirl as she gives him another kiss.>

EY: “I feel like we’re teenagers or something! Haha”

<She gives him a wink while sticking her tongue out at him.>

JS: “Well if I’m a teenage boy… we both know what thoughts are running through my head!”

<He raises his eyebrows suggestively before carrying her to their bedroom where they continued their night doing what apparently all teenage boys think about.>



So there you go! Chapter 1. You’ll realize that Jinsoo’s “one of those dads” but with more … eccentricity! xD


The day after Ji Eun’s night out. With Eun Young busy with a meeting at work, Jin Soo is forced to go to the parent/teacher interviews at Ji Eun’s school. A place full of people, unknown people. Which means Jin Soo’s gonna have to get ready for a night of extreme politeness and fake smiles until his mouth aches. And Ji Eun, on the other hand, is gonna have to brace herself for the awkward car ride with her dad as he drills her with questions about Jaemin and her night out. Yipee!

I ended up making CH2 more of a filler type of chapter and decided to move the preview from above to CH3. This all comes as a result of a sudden rush of new ideas cramming into my head at once and me not knowing what scenario to go with now xP haha.
I just wanted to get something up before I end up taking forever finishing the next portion of the fanfic.
Expect a new update by either tomorrow or the day after!

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Thanks again.

It is very cute conversation. Love them!

Please keep updating.

Comment by Thuc

glad you enjoyed this one as well ^^
an update of CH2 will be brought to you shortly, but different than what was written in the preview — i ended up pushing that one to CH3 xP lol.

Comment by xitsyou

My 1st reaction was ‘how could they only have one kid?!’ they should have at least idk 3 or 4 loll Anyway I love it, can totally imagine this ‘crazy’ family haha cool mama EY wins!

Comment by Ran

ahahaha!! i totally laughed at that comment xD!
but you’re right — they really should have had more than one kid =P

and thanks!
glad you enjoyed it ! :)

Comment by xitsyou


Comment by mizweng

thank you !
i’m glad you found it fun ! ^^

Comment by xitsyou

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