Coffee House FanFic — “Under The Moonlight”
August 9, 2010, 12:55 am
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Just to give a general sense of my writing skills…

I am not a writer. Writing is not my hobby. I don’t write stories for fun. I have never posted a piece of my writing before. And I have never written a fanfic before in my life. I only read a few fanfics here and there so I don’t really take a look at different fanfic writing styles.

I just got kinda bored so I had a thought about a fanfic I could maybe write about, and here I am now! I’m still going through my Coffee House withdrawal phase — aka I can’t let the drama go yet! lol.

Anyways. Just a brief description of the fic — Jinsoo & Eunyoung end up having a drink over at his place (Takes place after the phone booth kiss in episode 8 up until EY’s disappearance in episode 9, and then a week after that is when my story takes place). And when Eunyoung ends up falling asleep, Jinsoo has a chance to really take a good look at her and make sense of his feelings.

It kinda skips around from EY’s POV to JS’s POV (hopefully it flows well) but it’s mostly Jinsoo’s POV. It’s all just thoughts; nobody actually talks.


They sit together on the floor across from the open window. A slight breeze flows into the room.

JS and EY sit there silently, both taking a sip of their beer.

It’s been a week since his birthday. A week since the kiss. A week since their confrontation. A week since EY went missing. A week since anything made sense to him anymore.

They’ve both gone back to just acting as friends — just like he wanted. Right?

He takes a quick glance at her and then looks immediately down at the floor as to not get caught. Six cans of beer. Six empty cans of beer. They had hardly spoken to each other from the moment EY entered his house. Just the usual greetings — “What are you doing here?” “What do you want?” “Can’t I just come and see an old friend without having to have a reason?” “No. It’s late, so if it’s not important then…”.

It’s been so quiet that it seemed to him that neither of them was brave enough to break the silence now. In the silence he hadn’t noticed how much time had gone by. He looked down at the ground again and there was another empty can on the ground. Seven. Seven empty beer cans now. He finally looked over at the clock to see that it was now 12 o’clock. Midnight. It’s been an hour. He was about to let out a sigh but refrained as it might break the silence and start up an awkward atmosphere. Although they’ve already been sitting in silence for the past hour, it felt comfortable — like no words were needed between them.

He felt a sudden weight fall on his shoulders. On instinct he turns his head to take a look at what it could be. EY. She must’ve fallen asleep.

He checks to see if she’s asleep and when he’s sure, he moves her into a lying position with her head resting on his lap so that she would be more comfortable.

It was at that moment he started to look at her, and I mean REALLY look at her. He noticed how stunning she looked under the moonlight — not that she never looked beautiful to him before, but this was different. This time he could really look at her. Nobody else was around, it was only him. It was the first time that he looked at her with absolute truthfulness in his eyes.

In the past, he would always put up a wall, a barrier, whenever he looked at her so that she wouldn’t be able to see through to him — to his true feelings and by doing that, he was never able to honestly take her in. And now that he was really looking at her, she looked absolutely stunning and beautiful — more than he ever noticed before.

The moonlight glowed over her face. Her eyes. Her nose. Her mou– He takes a breath.  Her lips. Her lips… Her lips… All of a sudden the vivid images of their kiss comes up in his head. Her lips on his. The rain. The fizzling of the beer. The heavy breathing. Only the light from a small streetlamp glowing over the both of them. For that one moment in that booth he felt something that he had never felt before — like something was close to breaking free inside of him, something he had hidden away and never fully let out before. And for that split second after EY broke away from him, he had felt a kind of emptiness that he hadn’t ever felt. But right away, like the stupid idiot that he is, he had to go and put up a front and keep EY at an emotional distance by making thoughtless comments. He couldn’t let whatever he was feeling break free.

Sigh. Why was he such an idiot? Telling her that he had never thought of her as anything more than a friend. Telling her that he’s a man and it was just instinct. Why couldn’t he just say it as it was — “I kissed you back because you were you.” “I was actually glad that you kissed me because it was something that I didn’t have the confidence to do myself.” “You were able to be straight with me when I wasn’t.” “I… I love you. I have for a while now.” Why do I always feel the need to protect myself. To only think of myself. To only care about myself. Why couldn’t I open up to her and be 100% truthful for once? Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.

He lifted his head and put it against the wall. You beggar. You piece of trash. You son of a bitch.

He took a look at the clock once again and noticed that 30 minutes had passed. He was so immersed in his own thoughts that he hadn’t even noticed that EY had woken up and was looking up at him.

She had awoken all of  a sudden and it took her a moment to remember where she was. It was then that she noticed that she was lying on JS’s lap.

She looked up and saw that JS was leaning against the wall with his head partly tilted so that he was looking upwards at the ceiling. He looked so deep in thought that she didn’t bother to disturb him. She just lay there silently observing him.

There was a serious expression on his face that she had never seen — or hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Unconsciously, she let out a sigh. Realizing what she had just done, she shut her mouth and closed her eyes once again hoping that he hadn’t noticed or just thought that she was making noises in her sleep. When JS didn’t say anything, she thought it worked and just decided to keep her eyes closed to be on the safe side — if he knew that she had woken up, then she’d have to face the awkward aftermath. She’d probably have to play it cool, but even she knew how that concept always turned out around JS — it just made things even more awkward…

JS was deep in thought when all of a sudden he heard a noise. He glanced downwards and saw that EY still seemed to be asleep. He took the noise as a sign that he’s been sitting like this for too long.

He carefully lifted EY into his arms to carry her to his room so that she could sleep comfortably on his bed.

When JS picked her up, she immediately felt the warmth of his body. The warmth that she had been missing for a week now. Ever since that kiss, their relationship hadn’t been the same as it used to be. It felt as if they had drifted apart a bit and this made her a bit sad.

It had hurt her when he told her that he never thought of her as more than a friend. She was sure she felt something when they had shared their kiss a week earlier.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt herself being placed on the bed. The moment was shorter than she would have liked — she would have liked to be in his arms for a while longer. To feel him. To breathe in his scent. Just to have him close to her for just a little while longer.

JS pulls the blanket over her and hesitates for a moment before brushing a piece of her hair off her face; his hand lingering there for a moment too long. He immediately pulls back his hand as if she’d know what he was doing.

He walks out and cleans up the beer cans before letting out a long sigh. He stands there under the light of the moon looking out at the stars.

A yawn escapes his mouth and he finally realizes how tired he is. The alcohol was probably catching up to him now.

He takes a look at the clock. 2am.

He grabs an extra pillow and blanket before lying on the couch to get some sleep. He takes a glance in the direction of his room.

Seo Eunyoung… He lets out a small laugh and then closes his eyes.

The last image he saw before falling asleep was how beautiful she had looked under the moonlight.



Well there it is. I just kinda sat for an hour and wrote this without much revision/editing. I kinda got some of my ideas from things that had actually happened during the drama (ex. EY looking at JS in the hotel room) and changed it around a bit.

SO! If there are any comments/criticisms or anything. Feel free to leave me a message!

(PS. I also had thoughts about writing another fanfic about CH in the future — aka when EunSoo has a kid ! =P This one would be more happier and written in a different style, as in they’d actually be speaking in this one. I dunno if I should write it though. It’ll probably depend on if anyone thinks that my fanfic writing is okay… if anyone ends up reading this anyways xP haha.)

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I ended up reading this and your writing is fine :D So go ahead and write more fics if you wish :D

I enjoyed this, by the way.

Comment by CW

thanks !
and i’m glad you enjoyed it ^^

Comment by xitsyou

Just brilliant! You captured the emotions very well. and your description of the scenes makes my heart flutter X) it’s just so.. real. I really enjoyed it, definitely bookmark this ^^ Please continue writing! Eunsoo’s baby, love the idea already lol

Comment by Ran

thanks for the compliments, they really mean a lot !
i’m really glad that you enjoyed it ^^

and i’ve put up my next story, but instead of a baby it’s a sixteen year old girl xD
oh~ imagine JS as a father to a teenager =P haha.

Comment by xitsyou

Thanks for your sharing.

It is very nice interpretation. I feel touched & my heart beats slightly fast due to how sweet moments between EUNSOO. Please continue writing. I love also your plan to write the next part after CH. EUNSOO have baby. It is very cute.

It would be great if you also write the part how they met each other in the colleges…I am very greaey.

Comment by Thuc

hey ! ^^
thanks for the compliments ~
and i’m glad you enjoyed the fanfic!

haha ~ yes, it seems that we all want more CH stuff to feed our addiction xD!
i’ll think about it, but even if i do end up writing one about their college life.. it’ll probably be in the very distant future lol.
i already have ideas for more oneshots that i wanna write & i gotta finish my other story as well first!

Comment by xitsyou

love it!!! please continue writing…I can’t believe this is the first time you did this…I totally enjoy this…will expect more…

Comment by mizweng

aww thanks!
i’m glad that my first piece of writing seems to be well enjoyed ^^

Comment by xitsyou

minnie ^^ i love your fics! great job for a begginer! imagined how their face expressions & gestures when reading Under the Moonlight, got it. so touchy and break my heart into pieces T_T

Comment by chocolatoz

thanks for the nice comments ~
as a beginner, they mean a lot to me :)
i’m glad you enjoyed it !

Comment by xitsyou

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