[100727] Coffee House Ep18 (Final Page)
July 27, 2010, 12:31 pm
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I feel empty now that it’s over… Coffee House has been my life (slight exaggeration xD) since it started airing !

BUT! I’m content with the ending ^^

I knew all along that Jinsoo and Eunyoung would end up together in the end ~!! Ah!~ They seem so happy together!

And as much as these two might have hurt some others in their journey towards each other, everyone seems really happy now :) Jiwon’s spending Christmas Eve with a lady, Seungyeon may or may not be with Dongwook (but they look really close now) and she’s going forward with her writing plans and is going to the Galapagos and is looking happy!

I just wish that EunSoo would’ve gotten together a little earlier so that we would get more than just a little snippet of their time together.. lol.

The 7 reasons why Jinsoo did what he did:
(#7 널 사랑해 eekk! xD)

Jinsoo’s propose to Eunyoung ^^

And the suggestive scene =P It didn’t show them doing anything, but, I think we all know what was going on there xD!
(does anyone know what song was playing during that scene? it sounds really nice ~)

Ah!!~ And we got our third EunSoo kiss!! The first was initiated by Eunyoung to show her feelings, the second was initiated by Jinsoo to show his feelings .. and the third (FINALLY) was initiated by the both of them! ^^
(it’s been edited so it keeps closing up on them =P)

Oh! And this is kinda irrelevant, but it was something that I wanted to see after seeing pictures of this online ~ keke =P
(haha ~ listen to my heartbeat ! crazy people ^^)

Just enjoying the drama’s aftermath ! I don’t think I was ever so into a drama before ! Coffee House was LOVE! Although there were some parts that didn’t seem to flow properly and some of the comedy was lost as it went along, I still REALLY enjoyed it! A drama never made me so crazy before!!! Waiting restlessly for the next episode to come; going crazy about the couple and so forth. I actually liked all the characters in the drama as well! Usually there’s like that one person that makes you really annoyed or whatever, but here, I liked them all ~ Jinsoo, Eunyoung, Seungyeon, Jiwon, Dongwook, EY’s grandpa, SY’s family, all the company and cafe employees, etc.. I liked them all (although at times you wanna strangle some of them =P)!


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