[100720] Coffee House Ep16
July 20, 2010, 11:16 am
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[will edit the post with the link to the video after I can find it somewhere.. lol]

I’m going crazy waiting for the the video to come out …… @_@

There’s usually a link out by now !! But none that I know of at the moment … xP

So now I’m just very patiently waiting for the episode to come out somewhere …

So here’s the link xp!

Geez.. I mean.. I was never one for downloading videos (since I tend not to rewatch things that often so what would be the point?) but… honestly I was going crazy for this episode so I’m just like “why not?”. So yea… right after it finishes downloading I find that the link for the episode has just appeared in front of my eyes …

lol whatever. I’m off to watching !

Anywho.. it seems as if the drama is becoming more Jinsoo&Seungyeon centric with less and less Jinsoo&Eunyoung interaction. BUT! I won’t lose hope that the EunSoo (?) pairing will stick!!! (I just hope that hte writers don’t try and flip the story all of a sudden with a Seungyeon/Jinsoo finish xP).

And skipping to the ending — I hope that one of the things that Jinsoo wants to protect is his love for Eunyoung! I don’t really want to have Jiwon’s heart broken or anything (I actually like his character with his cheesy-ness and all xD) but I really REALLY want Jinsoo and Eunyoung to get together .. or AT LEAST have a meaningful & truthful conversation about their feelings — THEY NEED TO GET IT ALL OUT IN THE OPEN! NO.MORE.LIES! or self-defense mechanisms or scraping around the real problem regarding their relationship!

On another note! GAH! IT’S ALMOST OVER !!!!

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