7급 공무원/7th Level Civil Servant/My Girlfriend Is An Agent
July 16, 2010, 1:37 pm
Filed under: Kang Ji Hwan, My Girlfriend Is An Agent

This scene was one of the funniest in the movie, and this picture cannot capture the full hilarity of that moment!
(Not the best screencap I could’ve taken though..)

(levig090 @ youtube)

I’m totally in love with Kang Ji Hwan now, after watching his performance in Coffee House (a drama that I’m totally obsessed with at the moment), so I decided to go and check out Hong Gil Dong (down to the last 2 episodes now) and while I normally do not prefer to watch historical dramas (this one was a fusion drama, so it incorporated factors from modern times which made it more interesting, for me anyways) I loved him in the drama so I continued to watch with interest towards his character (but I liked the take on the drama and that there are some comedical elements — for me, the more serious a drama gets, the more I turn away from it. No matter how much I like the actors, the plot or whatever, I just trail off from watching it — it’s not that the storyline all of a sudden became unbearable, it’s that the actual seriousness of a drama becomes unbearable and starts to somewhat frustrate me xP).

I think Kang Ji Hwan is a really great actor with the fact that you can see the emotions of his character from that one glance and all the little details he includes. He’s great as a dramatic actor, but plays a comedic role just as well.


I started watching this movie at like 11pm yesterday and so I was trying to cut back on making any kinds of loud-ish noises, but — Kang Ji Hwan’s girlish screams got me every time xD Made me laugh so much. LOL.

I love his “fumbly” character =P And some aspects of his character here remind me of him in Coffee House — such as: when he’s driving the taxi and finally the bad guys get in front of him, he does that “laugh” and right away I thought of the Lee Jinsoo character he plays in Coffee House xD

But my favourite scene has got to be that scene with him and the Russian guy in that place full of guns! So. hilarious. especially cuz of his girlish screaming! HAHA! Still makes me laugh no matter how many times I replay that scene. *sighs* Honestly, everything he does seems to kinda backfire in him! (Prime example, that part where he’s trying to discreetly take a photo with his cell phone — well look how nicely that turned out xD kekeke. I feel like my thoughts are starting to become disorganized as I type xP lol). OH! And that scene with him riding that horse… OH. MY. GOD. I died laughing — seriously! xDxDxD! H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!

And I know that this was supposed to be a sad scene but I can’t help it — He looked so adorable in that party hat xD!

I know it seems like I’m totally ignoring Kim Ha Neul’s character and acting (I tend to just go on about my biases xD) but she did a good job too. Maybe it’s cuz I haven’t really watched her in anything to really figure out her acting style or whatever — I just watched her in this one movie a while ago, so I don’t remember much (I don’t really watch much movies anyways nor do I know much about actors in general — I tend to stick more towards the musical side of the K-entertainment industry. that is unless I find an actor/actress that really sticks out for me, such as how Kang Ji Hwan has).

I totally loved this movie cuz it made me laugh so much! I love comedies ! :)

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