[100712] Coffee House Ep13
July 12, 2010, 12:35 pm
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This drama is making me go crazy now >.<!

Why did she get back together with him?!?!?! WHYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I thought she had no thought of ever getting back together with him…!! *cries*

The ending… the ending…. I was just like please don’t let it be her wedding … please don’t let it be her wedding .. and then BAM! It is… Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I know she still likes him and is probably only marrying the other guy cuz she thought that he would never come back.

*sighs* I mean… AHH!! I’m going crazy right now…. @_@!!! HE HAD A FRICKIN’ RING… Oh man… My post is getting spazzy now…

I feel soo bad for him now.. He must feel lousy.. He had her in his heart the whole time he was gone but to him, it looks like she got over him.. especially since SHE’S GETTING MARRIED to that guy that both of them were hating on before he left…

*deep breaths* I’ll just stop writing and dwell with my craziness by myself now… !#%&^@$&!#@

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love your spazzi-ness – coz it’s exactly how I feeeeeeel even when i’ve only seen the preview of 14….RING?!a RING!!!! he got a RINGGGGGG and TOO LATEEEEE :(:(:(

Comment by amanda

lol thanks, i tend to spazz out a lot over many things xD
i’m still going crazy over this episode now!!!! (i become way too attached to certain couples really easily xP)
i can’t even express it in words — coherently, anyways. lol
i honestly want to see the next episode like NOW! (i have little patience for these things xD keke)

Comment by xitsyou

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