Super Junior “미인아 (Bonamana)” Full Song
May 9, 2010, 10:00 pm
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Wee~! 20000 views =P Never expected that this many views would be given to my little blog xD! lol.

credit: kaboomzaYO @ youtube


My love for suju <3333

I see a bunch of people say that this song sounds like Sorryx2 … but to me,,, it has a completely different type of sound to me ~

It’s really catchy ~~~ Getting stuck in my head!! I feel another hit coming from SJ with this song!

Can’t wait for the full MV to come out and to see their performances !! YEAH! SUJU’s Coming BACK!

(Just a bit sad that it’s only 10 members, but I guess that’s better than nothing? Hope that they can all be 13 again one day! Although there’s that thought lingering around in my head that Kangin’s gonna be gone for 2 years at the army, then by the time he comes back, it’ll probably be time for like Leeteuk & Heechul to go to the army as well, and by the time they come back then like Yesung will probably have to go and then Shindong and the group of ’86ers then after them, Ryeowook and Kibum and Kyuhyun …. it’s like a chain reaction — when one comes back another has to go …. so I dunno what’s gonna happen, but I won’t give up hope ! ^^ *wow that was one long run-on sentence xD*)