Infinite — 당신은 나의 오빠 (You’re My Oppa) Ep 1
April 20, 2010, 6:25 pm
Filed under: Infinite, You're My Oppa

(n0limitinfinite @ youtube)

-Ah~ they seem like a fun group of boys xD!

– I love how Tablo ends up doing the dishes and everything =P

– Tablo & Mithra seem like really cool sunbaes/bosses — gives off a very comfortable feeling :)

– 결국 한방에 … LOL!

– Uh oh! Here comes Mithra’s rage!!! (lol jk)

Aw man…. way too lazy to organize my thoughts into nice and neat little paragraphs …. So for now… they will stay as random choppy notes xD!

But the show seems pretty interesting and anything to do with Epik High is all good for me xD! But yea, getting increasingly curious about Infinite! And since this show’s out, that probably means that they’ll make their debut some time soon =P

I’ll be keeping an eye out for them ^^

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