[100407] Rain “Back to the Basic” Album
April 7, 2010, 8:36 pm
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1. 널 붙잡을 노래 (Love Song)
2. Hip Song
3. One
4. 똑같아 (Same)
5. Love Song (English Version)

Click more for audio!~

널 붙잡을 노래 (Love Song)



똑같아 (SAME)

LOVE SONG (eng vers.)

credits to sherry005L @ youtube

I think I like “똑같아 (Same)” the best =P

The others are good as well, but I kinda miss the old school Rain songs =P (although those were under JYPE and maybe he has taken a new style to his songs that he likes better and thinks suits him better) … or maybe I’m just getting sick of everyone kinda following the trends nowadays, the songs that come out now all kinda have this same vibe or sound to it … just looking for some originality (and I’m kinda just like “ah!!!” at the fact that he used autotune … I don’t hate a song for it,,, but I’m just tired of hearing it xP And I’m not saying he only used autotune to follow some kind of trend — I just prefer it if songs don’t have it…!). Such as Rainism! That song was catchy & powerful, but it was also kind of unique sounding for that time. I feel like I just really liked songs that came out before 2009 or the latter half of it at least… (possibly before the burst of groups coming into the scene — I was kinda content with the number of groups before that year… I honestly believe that the music scene in Korea is just so oversaturated with idol groups nowadays that I can’t even keep up with them anymore >.<). I just kinda wanna hear something like that again. 

I think I just miss the sound of kpop from a year ago… 2009 just had this autotune, follow the trend, random explosion.

And…. this post that is supposed to be about Rain’s new album is starting to get taken over by my ranting!… once again.

Can’t wait for Rain’s comeback stages ^^ Love Song is really a very lovely song! Although I’ve seen and heard that Hip Song is quite popular amongst the public — but I think it’s just an okay song not exceptional, not bad, just okay. (I still think that “Hip Song” is such a random name xD)

So yea… don’t mind my ramblings and just enjoy the music!

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