[100319] 지붕뚫고 하이킥 (High Kick Through The Roof) Ep 126 (Final Episode)

(UmIISS1 @ youtube)

THIS IS HOW IT ALL ENDS ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

OMG…. This whole time I was just waiting and waiting for that Jungeum&Jihoon reunion … and THIS IS WHAT I GET???

VERY SLIGHT SPOILERS! (since I kinda only reveal what happens at the very end and the rest is just me ranting about stuff =P) Don’t read if you don’t wanna know.

Ah… the ending was kinda … eh… but I guess I get what they might’ve been trying to do. At the end in the car, Sekyung said that she wishes time would stop at that moment and I guess it did since they apparently had a car accident (Sekyung & Jihoon) at that exact moment… right before they arrived at the airport & right before she made it to her family >.> Do the writers not want people to be happy? …

Aw well… at least Junhyuk and Jungeum stayed friends. (And since the other two are gone, they can end up going out =P ~ lol.)

But seriously, NOT the ending I was hoping for. AHHH!!! I’m gonna go crazy… I wish they had like an hour special or something since it is the finale… Oh, but seriously. I wish they decided to end it in some other way. It’s a sitcom for goodness sakes! Shouldn’t it end with something happy or funny?

I just imagined it ending with like something that happened in the beginning as like a cycle and everything went full circle and there would be some random funny thing happening (I imagine Jungeum chasing Junhyuk for some reason xD) and they’d end with that theme song thing that they used to play during the earlier episodes and at that moment the credits or whatever would roll and there’d be like behind the scenes stuff with the production crew and the actors.

ANYWAYS…! THE END for High Kick Through The Roof! It was good while it lasted and now I’m kinda sad it’s over… ^^;;

Maybe they’ll come out with a third High Kick sitcom ~

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the ending is the car accident and they are died? i meann that really?? oh my god i think this will be happy ending.. but high through the roof is a good sitcom :D

Comment by dhan

yea, i thought it would end happily as well.. lol xP
but anyways yea, the sitcom was really enjoyable to watch ~~! :)

Comment by xitsyou

i liked the ending. totally blew me away. take it from a different perspective, and you might grow to understand it a little bit more.

Comment by kay rye-yu

but this is what you get when you have high hopes for something to happen and it doesn’t…
the disappointment overshadows everything else in the beginning lol.
but you know, everyone wants/likes different things and everyone sees things with a different perspective and understanding =P

Comment by xitsyou

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