[Music Videos] F.Cuz “No One” + K.Will “Gift/Present” + 8Eight “Term of Validity/Availability Period”
March 10, 2010, 5:58 pm
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Just a random post with random new MVs! :)

F.Cuz – 노원 (No One)

credit: TYPICALpocky9 @ youtube

Umm… I’m not really into F.Cuz, but this song is like really catchy — after one listen I have the *no one no one no one….* stuck in my head already. lol.


K.Will (ft. Eun Ji Won) – 선물 (Gift/Present)

credit: koreanpride2 @ youtube

YAY! K.WILL !!! <3333 This song and music video just makes me feel all happy :)

And AHH!!! Dongho’s so adorable with that bear!!~~~ SO CUTE XD!


8Eight – 유효기간 (Term of Validity/Availability Period)

credit: TYPICALpocky9 @ youtube

Hmm! Interesting MV concept! People say it looks like GD’s “A Boy” MV … not that I’d know since I haven’t actually seen that MV … (*points at self* bad fan xD). ANYWAYS. Different concept, but I think the song is pretty ok. But if you’ve been reading my blog … you’d know how I feel about autotuning … I could do without it, but hey, the song still sounds nice. (Just as long as there isn’t another big autotune thing this year as there was last year … ahh!)

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