Random Olympics Post ! Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony, etc ~~!
February 28, 2010, 11:26 pm
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In the process of watching the closing ceremony right now ! Avril Lavigne is performing right now (My Happy Ending) ~ I used to really love listening to her pre- “The Best Damn Thing”. After that … kinda stopped listening to her cuz she went all poppish and stuff… xP! Anyways!

Before her was Nickelback, and some people I know don’t really like them (may it be cuz of their songs or something that they did before(?)) but I personally don’t mind them and I actually really like some of their songs.

And lol @ Canadians making fun of stereotypes about Canada. I personally dunno where a lot of people come up with a bunch of their sterotypes about Canada xD! Some of them are kinda outrageous which just makes it all the more funnier. How aboot that Canada, eh? Moose, beavers, some kinda winter land that has snow all the time? =P Try to guess where I’m from? Eh? lol.

Anyways! Now it’s Alanis Morissette ! She really has a unique voice !~~ Ahh… been so wrapped up in KPOP recently that I’ve kinda lost touch with the english-speaking artists that I used to listen to so much >.< If I never really got into KPOP, I probably wouldn’t be so stressed right now, because before KPOP, I wouldn’t get SUPER attached to them cuz except for performances and some interviews, there wasn’t really much you would see of them, but in KPOP, they appear of variety shows like crazy and then you see them a lot and you get really attached…

Well! Enough of that … cuz if I continue it’s just gonna turn into a weird rant.

It’s SIMPLE PLAN NOW!  I actually used to listen to them A LOT. I even have their “Still Not Getting Any…” album. OMG. I’m getting all … like thinking back to my life a few years ago… AH! I actually really liked their bassist, David, the best out of the group. They’re actually all really kinda crazy people xD! Ah. Bringing back memories. I actually had a really big obsession/phase of Simple Plan for a really long time back then. Ah~ Good old Canadian artists :)

Oh~ now Hedley ! With “Cha-Ching”. I actually hadn’t heard this song from them before (I am so SERIOUSLY out of touch with artists that aren’t Korean lately xP) until a few days ago when someone in my class used this song for their presentation ~ And I actually remember Jake cuz of Canadian Idol (one of the few seasons that I actually watched) cuz he came in 3rd!

Oh~ my band love <33333

Now it’s Marie-Mai! O-o cuz I actually dunno her/them? Probably cuz they’re French … Yes. Although Canada is supposed to be English & French … They only make you take french until the first year of high school and then you don’t have to anymore, so! That is exactl what I did. And now I only remember like 10% of all the french I’ve learned from Gr.3 ~ Gr.9. So! Seven years of french down the drain xD! lol.

Now K-os ! I remember my brother used to listen to him — even owned one of his albums. All I remember from him is his song “Crabbuckit” which I didn’t really get at the time, but I also never tried to really get what it was about. From 5 years ago…! I kinda wish I could go back 5 years… Anyways! Cool glow-in-the-dark neon clothing wearing bboys. (uh-oh. guess what the word bboy just reminded me of? …)

Also, before all the performances started, there were also other actor guests or William Shatner, Catherine O’Hara & Michael J. Fox! Ah~ I remember seeing Mike in Spin City ~! Ai… so sad when I found out he had Parkinson’s Disease. Well anyways, they were doing an “I Am Canadian” segment, and were making fun of Canada in a friendly way of course, and they said how we say sorry a lot. I dunno if I do O_o? I feel like I don’t really, but I also feel like I randomly say it a lot during the day too =P

Oh yeah! Forgot that Michael Buble was also there! I like his music, the jazz-y music that I don’t really listen to, but somehow like his xD!

Awww…. they just announced that the closing ceremonies are over! The Olympics are officially over now! … I feel sad. Well at leas there’s also the World Cup this year! lol. But I don’t really have an interest in soccer …. I only usually watch when Korea is playing — so depending on how far they get, that will determine how much of it I actually watch xD!

And yay! Canada set the record of most Gold medals won during the Winter Olympics with 14 Gold! I kinda had my doubts during the beginning of the games as to whether Canada would be able to do well, cuz they didn’t win much at that time compared to like the U.S, and the fact that before these games, Canada had never won any Gold Medals during a home Olympics.

OH! And men’s hockey, Canada vs. USA !!!! CANADA WON ! HAHA. I don’t actually watch hockey much, and I actually missed this game =P, but I was really worried about the fact that they might lose since they already lost to the U.S once before… Guess it’s just in the nature of Canadians to want Canada to win in hockey!!! I remember watching the 2002 games where Canada won, and we even have a poster of the group photo after they won, somewhere in the house =P Go CANADA! Show ’em whose game it is ! hehe! If you’re a Canadian and you don’t want Canada to win in hockey, then what is wrong with you? lol. jkjk you can cheer for whoever you want ! I was actually cheering for Korea in the speedskating and figure skating events (which are the only events that they even got medals in) over the Canadians haha. Starting to create some Korean pride in myself? lol. AH~~~~ Sidney Crosby! The hockey hero scoring the deciding goal ~! Haha. People were even watching the hockey game in church. Woo~ Canadian pride all riding on the outcome of this one hockey game xD!

Well. It was a fun 17 days while it lasted. Now we gotta wait until 2012 for the next Olympics, this time summer, in London ^^ and for the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi ~! Oh geez… I feel like I’m gonna be so old then… O_O! Anyways! Hope you guys enjoyed ~~~!

Oh~ And a little disappointment on my part is that fact that 2008 Figure Skating World Champion, Jeffrey Buttle didn’t come to the Olympics cuz he retired from competitive skating .. >.<! I really liked him since like even before the 2006 Olympics. Just kinda wanted him to be here! But hey! Do what makes you happy! And if you don’t have the feel of competing anymore, don’t force yourself ! ^^ (hehe~ I always found him cute =P)

The last Olympics montage being shown on TV now to the Olympics theme song of Canada this year, “I Believe”. I actually like the song. I really like songs that give off this feeling of some kind of greatness like a climactic forceful song… (I really cannot find the word I’m looking for… but let’s just say a powerful song that can bring out your emotions, whatever it may be! ^^)

Ah~ so it’s finally over……! And yes. See you in London :)

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